Nutrition Tips


Fiber isn’t technically a macronutrient, but we thought it was important to discuss fiber in [...]

Food Quantity

Protein One question I get asked so frequently is ‘How much protein should you eat [...]

Food Quality

Are all calories created equal? Is chicken from Walmart the same as chicken from Whole [...]

0 to $100,000 in 8 months (IMPACT > income)

8 months ago I decided to go all in on my passion to build a [...]


Do calories even matter? Are all calories created equal? What does calories in vs calories [...]

Building Habits

The intention of changing or forming new habits should stem from and support the goals [...]

State of Nutrition: 2018

Keto, Intermittent Fasting, carnivore diet, weight loss surgery, weight loss pills, paleo, supplements, etc. Fats [...]

Our Story…

Hi, my name is Justin Murphy. 8 months ago, I finally took action on a [...]

How NOT To Get A Dad Bod!

As most of you know, i’m about to be a dad! CRAZY, I know… As [...]

“Coconut Oil Is Pure Poison,” But Is It Really…?

Coconut oil has become somewhat of a health fad. So much that people are even [...]