The Art of Transformation

lifestyle transformation

“I’ve had enough. Something has got to change!”


How many times have you heard this?


Maybe you’ve said it yourself…


You’re fed up with two roads ahead of you: GIVE UP or TRANSFORM


The ART OF TRANSFORMATION is quite an interesting occurrence. You see, motivation is something that comes into our lives and then out of our lives. But, we get less and less motivated every single time we don’t accomplish our GOAL. We become discouraged and then eventually fall back into this NEGATIVE FEEDBACK LOOP once again.


Transforming your body isn’t just about nutrition and exercise, that’s just the FOUNDATION. You also have to transform your MIND and your ENVIRONMENT, which often times is combatting 30, 40, 50, 60+ years of HABITS and BELIEFS.


As i’ve evolved in my studies and application over the last 10 YEARS, i’ve come to realize that the people that come to me that are TRULY READY TO CHANGE are the ones that feel like they have tried it all and nothing is working for them anymore. They’re tired of feeling like crap. They’re tired of being tired.


These people are DESPERATE FOR A CHANGE!


The MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, and PHYSICAL burden has taken its toll.


I also realized something that changed my life as well. I realized that the way to influence others is to LEAD FROM THE FRONT.


ACTIONS speak so much louder than WORDS. You see, when I first started in the field I wanted to help everyone including my own family members. But, I did it the wrong way in the beginning.


They were INSULTED by the fact that I said their food was unhealthy even though that wasn’t my intent. What they heard was that I said their food wasn’t good enough when that’s all they knew and could afford at the time.


I didn’t know that was how they were PERCEIVING my words… but then I realized my mistake.


So instead, I had to let the conversation rest. I had to focus on leading by example and introduce them to healthier styles of cooking and restaurants to open their eyes to what I had discovered in my own life.


It’s still not perfect, but it’s a LIFELONG JOURNEY.


So if that initial statement pulled you in, I ask you the question…


Are you ready to change your life?


Remember, YOU have to be ready to change your life if you really want to change your life!


You don’t have to be perfect.


You don’t have to workout 2-3 hours per day.


Starvation is NOT necessary.


BALANCE my friend, that is the key. Balance looks different for everyone. That’s ok. We shouldn’t judge ourselves or compare ourselves to others.


Your journey is your JOURNEY. Your wins are your WINS and your losses are your LOSSES.


So…if this is you: “I’ve had enough. Something has got to change!”


The time is NOW. Tomorrow is not guaranteed!


1 day at a time, for the rest of your LIFE


Don’t get caught up in the end goal, instead convince yourself to fall in love with the JOURNEY.


I’m ALL IN!!!