Nutrition Overload

nutrition coaching

“I have known Justin Murphy since my freshmen year at college. He was always the guy in the gym everyday while I did what was required and then played video games. Even after we both left college after a semester, we remained close and still talked. Even before he had iCoach, I would text him for advice concerning lifting and diet.

I started with his company back in September of 2018. At this point, I barely had an appetite and would sleep about 4-5 hours a night. We started out with more basic concepts such as getting more sleep and eating more food. It was amazing to me how simple he made all of it. Instead of this radical diet overhaul, we slowly implemented what I was missing from my diet i.e micronutrients or vegetables and focused on counting my calories.

We then started working toward my goal which was aesthetics. At the time I questioned eating a surplus of calories while still trying to get abs but I bought in to him and he was 100% right. It is amazing how easy it really is if you give it your all. He does a great job of finding ways to hold you accountable.

At first I looked at this as being a thing I would do for a few months then probably fade back into former eating habits. That is not the case at all. I have made a serious lifestyle change and I am always conscious of what I am putting into my body and I am always tracking my calories.

Justin has helped me become a conscious eater and in no way do I feel like I am on a diet but everyone assumes I am. If you are debating on using iCoach services, I promise you it is well worth the life long change that will come with it!”

-Max Morgan