Media Appearances

University of Texas at Arlington Business & Nutrition Seminar

Click the link below to watch the 2 hour Q & A! ...
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Living a Life of Sustainability

In this episode I interview Justin Murphy who is the founder of iCoach Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching. Justin has a ...
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performance nutrition

Crossfit and Performance Nutrition

This week the GymWits interview Nutrition Coach Justin Murphy. They have a great chat about the evolution of crossfit as ...
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nutrition coaching

Identity Mapping: Personal Nutrition

Why do you need to know your past to move into the future? Justin Murphy joins Jason to discuss that ...
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wellness journey

Episode 26: Leading with Empathy with Justin Murphy

Dear Listener, Today's episode features a guest with one of the most interesting backstories I think I've ever heard... Justin ...
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Lifestyle transformation

Ep. 229: Justin Murphy – “Redefining Yourself”

My good friend Justin Murphy, owner of iCoach Nutrition, stops by to talk shop with me and share his story ...
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