Justin Taught me to Prioritize Sleep So I Could Recover And Feel Amazing Without Chronic Pain

“I only worked with Justin for a few months, but he made a great impact with me!! The biggest thing he taught me was to prioritize sleep. I never realized that all of my chronic body pains and overuse injuries were just because I wasn’t allowing my body substantial time to recover. When I met Justin, I was getting 4-6 hours per night. Now I average 7-8 hours!

He helped keep me accountable to changing my habits and to get real results. My body feels amazing and my sports performance has never been better. I fall asleep at work wayyyy less often. I don’t nap during the day. I don’t struggle with getting up for work. My energy feels great. I was even able to hike 35 miles in a week in the Grand Canyon, something I didn’t think I’d be able to do with my finicky knee.

Justin also helped me with my attitude toward myself and my food. I have been logging food for ages, and have gotten pretty controlling of myself when it comes to sticking to my plan. Justin helped to reassure me that IT’S OKAY to not be perfectly on your plan 100% of the time. Having that flexibility with myself has limited my binge eating/drinking and has made for a much more stable lifestyle.

Thanks, Justin!”

-Kaycee Morganto