iCoach Made So Many Positive Changes In My Life That Benefited Both Me and My Family

“I decided to contact Justin after working with another nutrition coach I found online. With the previous coach, I was given macros and communicated with him via email a few times a month. I thought it should be enough, but it wasn’t. I decided to stop working with the previous coach and sent Justin a message to hear more about what his nutrition program offered.

I knew within the first few minutes after talking on the phone that Justin was exactly the type of person I needed in my corner. He had an innate ability to connect with me, my personal struggles, and he encouraged me to think forward about goals and the possibilities of my future.

I had always considered myself to be a “healthy-ish” person, but after having my daughter a year prior, everything in my life changed. I forgot how to prioritize myself and my needs. I had become so accustomed to not sleeping enough, not preparing meals, and just cramming food in my face the second I had time during my busy day. I was struggling and it wasn’t until I started working with Justin that I realized the extent of it.

After my calls with Justin, I noticed so many positive changes in my life including not only weight loss and being able to wear my pre-baby clothes again, but I also emphasized self-care and made difficult changes in my life that benefited myself and my family. I changed my work schedule, I changed my daycare, I changed the way I prepared food and the way I spent time with family and friends. I decided that I was worth spending time and money on, and what a difference it has made in my life!

Justin meets his clients where they’re at and works with them to achieve goals – both big and small. He makes a big, BIG difference.”

-Mackenzie Stodola, DC