Top 5 Tips For The 40+ Crowd

Fitness and Nutrition for the 40+ crowd

The 40+ crowd has the ultimate paradox to deal with. If you’ve been a lifelong exerciser, in your favor is your training age. That’s right! As a result of your experience, you’re able to generate intensity in the gym far beyond what the new trainee can come up with. However, this training age thing can also work to your detriment. Because you train harder and sooner, you also burn out and injure more easily. So with that said, here are my 5 tips of advice for all of my sisters and brothers in the 40+ crowd!

1.) What worked for you at 21 will not work for you now…

“I used to run 3 miles every day and I was skinny.”

Sometimes you made it despite your methods back then, not because of them. Consider It. You see, we only know what we know. Nutrition and exercise science is an evolving field that has changed a lot over the years. That’s why you have to find what works for you continuously throughout your life.

2.) Fix your sleep!

I can’t stress this enough. Sleep has been argued by some to be the most important component of someone’s health and longevity. The crazy thing is that sleep is FREE, but yet most people don’t prioritize sleep.

If you are someone that has issues falling asleep at night, do your research and consider supplementing with melatonin.

If you are someone that wakes up throughout the night, do your research on adrenal health and consider supplementing with cortisone, licorice cream, and/or Phosphatidylserine.

As always, talk to your doctor 1st before proceeding. Consider getting bloodwork done to check your thyroid (TSH, T3, T4, rT3) and adrenal health (DHEA, cortisol, pregnenolone).

This testing might help to paint a picture as to what is going on…

3.) Consider digestion…


Water retention?

Digestive issues tend to happen more in your later years. Consider rotating your foods and prioritizing variety in your diet. If you are someone that is experiencing constant digestive issues then food allergy testing might be necessary. You may also benefit from supplementing with a digestive enzyme complex (vegetable source multi-zyme).

4.) Prioritize your recovery!

Your body has been through a lot over the years. It’s important to make sure you are prioritizing recovery so that you can prevent injury and continue to do the things that you love to do.

Here are some examples of recovery aids: sleeping in an ultra dark room, contrast showers, meditation, power naps, massage, foam rolling, chiropractor, PT, etc.

5.) Stop counting calories.

Do calories matter? Absolutely.

But for most of you, there are so many different variables that affect energy balance…

For example:

  • Appetite
  • Food consumed
  • Calories absorbed
  • Psychological factors
  • Energy burned at rest
  • Energy burned through exercise
  • The energy burned by non-exercise activity
  • The energy burned by metabolizing food

I hope this helps!

Coach Justin