Changing My Mindset and My Future!

Nutrition Journey

“Hey Justin!

Below is my testimonial. Sorry I did not get it to you sooner. Let me know if there is anything else you need. I am hoping to get you a good after picture from my wedding day, I am continuing to lose weight and just want to feel great on the day. Thanks again for everything!

I was gifted iCoach Nutrition, and honestly did not know what was going to come from it. I have struggled with my weight for most of my life, and had almost given up. Every diet or thing that I tried would always have an end date to it. Justin helped me make a lifestyle change.

I now am continuously listening, and giving my body what it needs. Paying attention to the food that I eat, and getting to the gym on a regular basis. I am proud to say that I have continued to lose weight, and stay on track doing it on my own. This is all due to Justin, he helped me change my mindset and therefore my future.

I believe that I am on the right path now, and will always be able to use the tools that Justin gave me to get back on track even if I veer off. Justin has not only helped with weight and eating habits, he has helped me with my sleep, organization, and just overall lifestyle. I am more active, and feel that I am so much happier then before because I have learned to prioritize things. Since starting with Justin I have lost a total of 38 pounds and am continuing to lose!

Thanks Justin!”