CrossFit Gym Nutrition Seminar Testimonial

nutrition seminar

“We learned who Justin and Stephany were from one of our coaches, Sabrina, who was using Justin to help her with her nutrition. So I decided to check out their pages and was instantly fascinated with the interaction they actually had with people that would comment on videos, and posts.

Justin posted a little Q&A on his insta-stories one night asking about our sleep, and how many hours a night we were getting. I told him how bad mine was and he began asking questions. He told me what I needed to do with my Dr. and it actually led to me finding out I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. I would’ve never asked my Dr. to check it. So I told Sabrina I really wanted to get him and Stephany to come to our box and talk to our members.

We didn’t know what to expect, knowing Justin had been an actual CF games athlete and here we are regular joes who just want to live a healthier life and love Crossfit. But as soon as they walked in both Stephany and Justin were very humble and approachable. They addressed the group and had us ask questions we may want them to address. No question was out of the question, from sex to sleep to alcohol to carbs to supplements to fad dieting and so on. They addressed it all.

Our members enjoyed their feedback and they helped so many to look at nutrition in a different way. If you want to enhance your member experience at your gym and give them the knowledge to be better physically, and mentally because let’s be honest we beat ourselves up mentally when we have a “bad” eating day, Justin and Stephany can help with that. I would recommend them to anyone who asked me. They have truly been a blessing to us and our members.”

-Jennifer Martinez

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