Nutritionist Helps Client Learn How To Live A Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle At 62 Years Old

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Coach Justin: “Alrighty guys, welcome back to I coach nutrition radio guys. Today, I have a very special guest, somebody that I’ve had the pleasure of working one on one with as a client now over the last two years or so, just just over two years. and excited to be able to bring him onto the show today to be able to chat with all of you listeners for him to be able to share his journey of us of us working together. So without further ado steve, what’s going on, my man, How are you?”

Steve: “Good, good morning. yeah, so my name is steve johnson, I run my own software company called Spindle Media and we write software for collecting local property taxes So if you get a tax bill in from Tarrant County or or Denton or Colin or johnson. It’s from our software so that’s what I do have a business that does, that I’m 62 years old and I grew up in England and I moved to texas, I’ve been here for quite a while and I was I like to think of myself as a redneck Texan even though the accident isn’t quite there. and I was quite active when I was younger, I played football or soccer and I was a very good cricket player and no americans don’t know anything about cricket, but it’s a very interesting game and I grew up doing that but I’ve lived here a long time and and I’ve tried to feel like I’m quite active, but over over time, you know, you get less active and you you put you put weight on and you know, you just generally you kind of get into a different, different mode but I met Justin at another gym, probably quite a few years ago now probably five years ago maybe, when he was a trainer at the gym. and and I when I worked out that that particular gym for quite a while, but I also realized over time I need to do something else at one point in my life, I was kind of close to £340 I’m five ft 10, so you can imagine that’s a way too much weight so but I, over time I did a little bit better, but I realized that I needed help with nutrition and I think when I contacted Justin, I think that was the gist of my conversation, I believe.”

Coach Justin: “Justin was I was saying I know nutrition is a journey, you know, I think we all, when we’re younger go through the fat diet Fads the diet things, you know, diet, this diet that and you try that. I think everybody at some point who struggles a little bit with weight has always tried diet and then you realize you kind of, it’s not so much you give up, it’s just it’s not just not part of the life you live is not part of your lifestyle if you like.”

Steve: “So I do, I think I called Justin up about two years ago and said I know it’s a journey and I need help on nutrition and I think that’s how it started, didn’t it? Justin? Yeah, yeah, that was it, it’s it’s it’s crazy to think how, how time flies and, and, and I was already gone by as quick as it has, but but yeah, I mean, that was it right. We I had seen you, we, we first met at a gym that I was, that I was coaching at there and you know, we we that’s how we initially met in terms of like the exercise side of it, right?”

Coach Justin: “I was coaching you in classes and and doing things like that. but yeah, you know the missing link, as we’ve figured out for so many people is is nutrition right? It’s as, as we always hear, you know, the goal for the gym owners is to make it the best hour of your day, right? And so what I always challenge people with is ok, well what are you doing the other 23 hours of the day, right, because the workout is great and all, but if you’re not prioritizing your sleep or your nutrition or you know, your hydration or your stress management, I mean these all like everything affects everything and these things are extremely important as well.”

Steve: “Yeah, yeah, so, so, so initially I think my conversation with Justin was I need help with nutrition and I kind of think, I even said, I know it’s a journey, but what I didn’t realize about the journey I was about to set on with Justin is, it’s more than just nutrition, it’s a whole, it’s a whole way of living and, and, and, and, and it’s kind of one thing, one thing links to another links to another, I’ve never I’ve always been a good sleeper and so that’s great but one of one of the first things Justin said was how do you sleep? How much sleep are you getting? And it’s like, he was really reinforcing it and I’ve been well aware over the last, you know, this is working with Justin that sleep is something that is just amazingly important and very rarely talked about anywhere, even in the popular media, you know, people don’t talk about it. So I soon realized that it wasn’t just nutrition and it was sleep, it was nutrition, it was how much water you’re drinking you know, it was very kind of getting very fundamental as well as well our active value and when and when we were talking we just, we weren’t talking initially about workouts, we were talking about you know, how active you are, how much how many steps do you do, how much walking do you do? So so it was quite it was quite interesting, it was quite an interesting start to our relationship that it was opening up my eyes to a whole set of things which when you put them all together, it kind of links into your you know, for like a better word lifestyle, it’s like what what do you what do you do? And and during this journey, I’ve also been reading books and I listened to books, so part of what I did was started walking and then I started Justin suggested that I listen to audiobooks while I’m on my walks and so I started doing that and and you pick up some interesting books like atomic habits, which I’ve talked to Justin about and I know he’s read it and how you put little have this time, they call them atomic habits because they’re tiny little habits, but there are things you do consistently and then you put you put another habit that links to that habit and you link them together and suddenly you’re doing things every day that are linked together that are making you live a healthy lifestyle and when they become habits, they’re not, they don’t, they don’t appear something that you’re doing out of the ordinary I mean the one thing that’s obviously crazy about dieting is it’s it’s just, it’s just alien to how you live That’s the problem with quote being on a diet. So, so that’s the kind of journey I’ve been on with Justin and and it’s it’s just not like I said, I, my conversation started with, I know I’m I think I’m on a journey about nutrition, but that’s, I would say that’s the least part of it, It’s just been one component of this whole picture and and we spend time on one on one talking about the books that I’ve read, the books he’s read because their their impact in how I feel about myself and how I feel about the life I’m living and stuff.”

Coach Justin: “So I love that, I think it’s I think it’s so important to realize that it’s it’s never just one thing, right It’s it’s really gonna be kind of a holistic approach with all of this because everything affects everything right? You can’t just focus on the workouts, right We’ve always heard you can’t out train a bad diet, right? There’s plenty of people out there that only focus on the workouts, they don’t focus on any of the other stuff and they want, you know, they wonder why they don’t feel look and perform the way that they that they want to there. But it’s really interesting with you steve is that, you know, when we, we always joke about this now, but we think about, you know, when we first started working together, one of the things you said is, you’re like, I don’t travel that much and then immediately we realized that you travel a lot, right? And what was happening is that even though you would work out when you were home, right? When you were traveling, that was, that was a big struggle right? And so what would happen is that the busier you were in terms of travel schedule, the less active you’d be right, the less work out you do, the less you hit your steps. And so the, one of the first things from an activity standpoint was, hey, I mean ideally steve, yeah, I would love for you to be working out 3 to 5 days a week, but like right now your steps are like, I don’t even remember what they were, what they’re at, they were really, really low, right? They were like, what, 23, 4000 steps?”

Steve: “Yeah, I think they were, I think, I think, yeah, on average, I think they were less than 4000 a day. and that was to a certain extent, that was when I was home, and then when I was away, it was almost when I was traveling, it was almost negligent. I mean, obviously not negligent, but very little, and I mean, one of the first things was to get, I think you said the goal of around about 10,000 steps and and and then, and then, and then, so I, I did started I obviously, one of the house, I started making a habit of getting up in the morning and doing it. and then it lent itself that when I did, when I was doing my travels, which was a lot, I would look for ways to get some walks in and stuff, so, but you’re right, what Justin’s first approach with me was, you’ve got to, you know, essentially in a nice way, you’ve got to be more active, you know, you’ve just got to be more active. I mean, even even to the point that I think at first you were saying, you know what, the office, you know, at lunchtime, just just get up and go out and, you know, and I think almost, I think any step that I would take at that point in time was was a positive step, literally literally above the did step. Yeah, and, and now I’m at the point where, I mean, I just, I just did a five mile walk this morning so that’s that’s, that’s 12,000 steps today already.”

Coach Justin: “So well and that, that was one thing I was gonna highlight there is that, you know, when, when he, when steve first started right, just just getting into a consistent walk every single day, right? That was crucial. You know, if he was getting 4000 steps a day, we slowly started working that number up and got up to the 789 10,000 steps a day mark, right? Where we knew that the need, that non exercise activity, thermogenesis was being maximized, right? And what’s really interesting about that is it has led into now this, this, this point where he’s set a goal for himself to hike up to base camp Everest, right? He set goals to go to the Grand Canyon and do these hikes in the Grand Canyon So the point of this is like, wow, you look at this two year, 2.5 year period of time when we start first started working together, there is no way in hell you could have gone and walked the Grand Canyon or or had a goal of going to walk, you know, to hike up to base camp Everest, right? But like what’s happened because we met you where you were in your journey walking might not have seemed like a big deal in the beginning but that, that was that first step, right? And that got us into a consistent routine which then developed into building a morning routine, right with kind of having the walk with the podcast or audiobook there So you’re getting personal development time and you’re getting fresh air, sunlight, nature, like it’s perspectives everything right. I mean one person could look at, you know, prioritizing going for a walk in the morning as a waste of time and other people could see the value and what it could develop for them as you know, in terms of a morning routine and that morning routine what that does for you for the rest of your day, right Like your mood, your productivity, your energy levels like all of that, right? Is is affected through that morning routine. So it’s, it’s just so powerful to remind ourselves that hey, we don’t have to start with like the most complex, you know, program or, or strategy or whatever in the world. It’s like you have to truly meet yourself where you are in this journey of living a healthy lifestyle and you’ve got to just like the book with atomic habits. You’ve got to slowly but surely start to build these habits into your life so that you can build out what a healthy lifestyle is for for you specifically as an individual.”

Steve: “Yeah. Yeah. And and I think that’s, that’s been kind of the revelation about the journey that done. And, and I think I’ve mentioned quite a few times just in that I feel, so much, I mean mentally, I feel so much better, I mean I’m clearly fitter than I was, but mentally I just feel so much better, I feel like I can take on anything and you know, and it just overall my well being is good and I think you, I think you’ve probably detected that when we’ve had our conversations, you know, our one on ones how I feel and I’ve expressed it quite a few times. so, but but I think it’s all part of feeling that I’m on the right path. I don’t, you know, I don’t spend hours and I don’t spend minutes, two minutes thinking about it. I’m just getting up in the morning, I’ve got my shoes on and off I go do my walk and and for the most part there’s, you know, even with this being, it’s been cold this week, you know, just get up and go put some extra layers on and get my five miles and, and and sometimes, you know, most of the times I am listening to a book that always just so it’s just become a habit and it’s a habit that now so it’s almost like second nature now and and that’s that’s part of what I’ve in a sense learned, but it’s kind of learned in the sense of just just just doing these, these small things and and if it wasn’t for you just then, I mean, I when I, when I first came to you, it was to me it was nutrition. I just need to sort out nutrition. Now. I didn’t, I didn’t just say, oh, well, Justin I just need help on nutrition I may have said that, but I wasn’t necessarily closed enough. And he us and you know, like I said, you said well, okay, let’s let’s talk about, let’s talk about the water input, you know, how much drink, how much water you drink. And then let’s talk about activity level and let’s talk about sleep. I mean, you’re very I think very important. Just so it turns out that I don’t think I personally have not had a sleep problem I mean, I’m sure a lot of customers, a lot of potential clients or clients that you meet have that. and it’s kind of interesting. My wife’s a dentist that specializes in sleep. She’s a TMJ and sleep center. And she sees it and she, she says it’s, it’s the not getting sleep It’s just, you know, dealing with it just, it really kind of affects your life negatively in a big, big way. So, yeah, absolutely. I mean, it’s, it’s, I would argue sleep is the most important, out of, out of everything It’s more important, nutrition more important fitness I mean, it’s, you know, work out like it’s it’s extremely extremely important there. So Yeah, and, and and the thing that’s very interesting is like, you know what you said there is it’s it’s like the walking piece now, it’s just like a habit for you, right? It’s second nature, but in the beginning you to walk 4000 steps a day was like pulling teeth, it was like the hardest thing in the world. Yeah, I never thought, I know, well I never thought about getting up in the morning I’m walking, I I spent I spent you know 60 60 years I spent my adult life from 20 to 60 without really thinking about going for a walk in the morning. And of course when you’re young you think walking is a complete waste of time. I can tell you that you probably you know that you know, you think that running you gotta be jogging and jogging and and I mentioned to Justin I do a few five K jobs, not many. but I used to think when you know, four years ago that five Ks was what everybody had to do, you have to do five Ks. You have to do five Ks. And I like doing them but I just Sprinkle them in but but I realized you can’t you can’t make a habit out of doing five Ks, but you can make a habit out of going for a walk every morning.”

Coach Justin: So it’s the consistency piece, right It’s like what, you know, what are the consistent habits that I can do for the rest of my life, right? I mean, that’s that’s what’s so important and so, you know, going back to see like one of the big things that we noticed, which was like, pretty much, you know it was pretty eye opening there, which was like just from the walking, like us getting you from the 3 to 4000 steps up to the 789, 10,000 steps, you lost like about £15 just from incorporating those, those walks in. So if somebody’s out there and they check in their Fitbit or whatever and they’re they’re walking 3, 4000 steps a day and they increase that up, you know, they double that, they triple that on a consistent basis over time, it’s not gonna happen in a week, but like over months You lost £15 just from walking.”

Steve: “Yeah, well yeah, because what had happened is my activity level at that point had been so low that the, my body kind of think responded to the fact that I was being active I was going from 3000 day to 10,000 day every day, and the body is going in a second, what’s going on here, We, we’ve got to burn some calories, we got to do something. So yeah, so I went from a very sedentary even though it’s kind of funny, even though I did some workouts. I I think it’s the, it’s like you said, it’s the consistency, you, you know, I think one of the challenges is to me later on here is building the workouts into my lifestyle, that’s been more of a challenge but some of these things, these steps that you introduced me to from the beginning are the things that I’ve been able to keep going, they’ve been they’ve been the foundation of what I’m doing and and and and but getting the the workouts in is kind of like our next level we’re working on and I’m working on as well But without that foundation that those workouts wouldn’t wouldn’t work and wouldn’t I mean the workouts are going to add to what I’m doing and what I could even argue that even if I don’t do the work out, I’ve got a great foundation for living a healthy lifestyle.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, absolutely, well, and it just goes to show it’s like, I mean, you know, when we first started, you know, if if I remember, I mean there might have been some weeks where you got more in, but like really, it was like if we got our one workout in a week on that saturday or whatever, like that was kind of like what we were doing, right? So it was like one workout a week steps super low outside of that, right? But but now where you’re at right, I mean it’s I mean, look, we’re not, we’re not there yet 100% or whatever, but we’re still working towards it. But like if we see the progress now, it’s like you’re you’re going and you’re working out at home right? Like not all the time, but like you’re doing group workouts, other places and things too, but like you’re you’re working out like you’ve done work out at home by yourself, you like you never did that before now, I never ever did that before. Yeah, so that’s I mean that confidence, right? I mean that’s that confidence in working out, right? We hear it all the time. People they go into the gym, you know, they’re they’re scared to be in, I think people are looking at them and all this stuff, right? And it’s perfectly normal. I mean everybody experiences this, but the confidence that’s built through nutrition and the confidence that are built from from working out, that confidence translates into every other aspect of life, right? And so we talk about mindset, right? And you talk about how much your mindsets changed here over the last year, and it’s like, well it makes sense because when we get our our body we get our fizz, we make those physical changes it starts to affect our our our mental, right? Our mindset, right? And I think what’s important is that these changes you make are become become second nature They they have it forming their second nature and they become a part of you and they’re not external, like a diet is and it’s not external to and that’s why that’s why it’s been, I think it would be fair to say it’s been a little bit of a challenge for me personally to get the workouts in and to get the, you know, but I’m getting better. Like you said like we we all know it’s a journey. It’s it’s it’s it’s it’s doing things every day that that make you, you know, make you feel better, feel better, you know that that are helping you and and I feel like the workouts are going to be another level that are going to help me and and you’re right the confidence to do on your own. And and and and I think my challenge now is to get these workouts into a habit, completely habit forming truly habit forming, schedule, you know what I mean, discipline, so. Exactly Well and that’s, you know, now it’s like getting you into, we got the walks established right? So now being able to be in that consistent 3 to 5 workouts a week right? And then once the world goes back to normal at some point and there’s normal travel again, then it’s gonna be, you know, making sure staying consistent with those 3 to 5 workouts, even when we’re traveling right and hitting those in hotel gyms. So yeah, I mean that’s the beauty of it though, right? I mean you’re a young cat, like you got so much time to build this I mean if I can get the last 40 years of your life dialed in right with nutrition and fitness, like Just remember that that Lady Susan I shared with you from 55 to 60 what she did with her body age Ain’t nothing but a number. And you know, this is coming from a guy that’s 29. So people listen to this podcast probably like, yeah, sure buddy. But you know, he said it’s like, you can do like you, you have more power than what you think. Like, you know, you can change your life at any moment in any aspect. It’s just are you willing to, you know, do it. Are you willing to put in the work, are you willing to make the sacrifices in order to, to, to meet that goal that you have for yourself? And that’s, that’s the question, right?”

Steve: “Yeah yeah. I’m 62 years old. And, and you’re right, it really is a number. Okay. I am 60 years old. I’m not 22 years old, but I can be the best 62 year old person that I want to be. I don’t have to be, I don’t have to be overweight. I don’t have to be, you know sitting down all day, I can live an active lifestyle and you have to have an active lifestyle, I think to be healthy. The definition of the definition of how we live, you get up, you have breakfast or men or men out of breakfast, you jump in the car, you drive to your location, you sit down all day, you then come back and watch tv and you repeat that for 365 days a year, that is not healthy lifestyle whatsoever. So whether you’re 22 years old or 60 to 22 you don’t, you don’t see it as much in, in how you feel at 62 though, you definitely do and maybe even at 60 maybe if you’ve got 22 to 62 living like that, maybe you don’t, but I tell you what, if you start doing these small things and live in a kind of active lifestyle You will definitely feel, I think mentally you’ll feel the difference. I mean I felt the difference and I didn’t think I was that you know, living that such as sedentary lifestyle, but I clearly was. but but I feel so much, you know, I feel mentally so much better so much more alive and you’re right, I feel like I could take on anything and yeah, I do have that base camp Everest thing booked for April of 2022. So and I’m gonna do a few more things before man. So And then just just just the last, not this Sunday, but the Sunday before I walk 10 miles on the Sunday, I walked 10 miles So Nice. I love it, man, that’s awesome. I mean, it’s it’s just it’s you know, I say it all the time, most people do not know how good they can fill until they feel that way to your point. If you’ve gone for the last 40 years filling, however you’ve been feeling you don’t you don’t think that you can feel better than that, right? But like the way that, like, if I would have asked you three years ago, if you think you could feel like how you feel right now, you’d be like, what are you talking about? No. Yeah, yeah, yeah What is that? Yeah, exactly, yeah. And and of course when you’re, when you’re younger, you you also think you know, you think you’re invincible and you can do anything and to a certain extent, maybe you can, maybe you can’t if you get older though, you know, you’re not invincible, you know, you can’t do everything. But having said that though, why not do everything that you’re capable of doing well, you don’t give yourself a chance if you don’t live an active lifestyle.”

Coach Justin: “Exactly I mean, the base camp Everest is a perfect example of that, You could sit there and say you wanted to do that a million times, but if you’re not putting in the work, right? The consistent work leading up to this, this, this height, then you’re not gonna be able to do it, right? And so like there’s tons of people out there that say I wish I could lose weight or I wish I wish I could be fit or whatever, but but they’re not doing the stuff that they need to do on a consistent basis to live that that that type of way or to accomplish that goal that they want to accomplish. So that’s that’s what bridges the gap though, right? That’s what gets you from Point A to Point B is, it’s like what connecting what connects the knowing to the doing is accountability right? If you didn’t have the one on one accountability that you’ve had over the last two years, you probably wouldn’t have made the changes that you’ve made over these last few years. Like accountability is everything Yeah, yeah, you’re right. and the accountability is absolutely what you have to have to start with because just just getting up in the morning and going for a walk, okay, it’s second nature to me, but when I started with, you just did it was completely alien to me. And if I if I’d done it for two weeks and never saw you again, that would be the amount of walking I would have done in the morning. I mean if you remember right I had you literally in the beginning to get things started, you had some I had to keep up in the accountability I was like steve I need a selfie of you taking your walk every single morning.”

Steve: “You did and I did. And, it’s kind of funny because I, I, I got up and I was quite happy to walk, but I had my shoes, I had everything ready. and then I go, okay, I gotta take a quick picture for Justin click and off I go and, and I just kept doing that every morning. and then like I said, over time, it just becomes second nature and now I literally could be anywhere. And if I want to go for a walk, I’ll go for a walk and I can gauge whether I want to go one mile. I want to go three miles or five miles. Now. I tend to like to do the five miles because I’ve got a, I’ve got a, I’ve got a root here where I get up and I, I go to Brooke, I live near Brookhaven. So I go to Brookhaven College, I go around the college down to victory in over into that veterinarian back and it’s around about five miles. So that’s, that’s the reason for the five miles. It’s just like a perfect loop for me. So yeah not a bad view over there. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Like you said that, you know, besides the squirrels, I mean there was, there was a possum the other day and now last summer I came face to face with a couple of coyotes on the trail. Yeah. I don’t know, I wasn’t particularly scared. But they looked at me and I looked at them and they decided to I’m sure they were scared of me But you know, so that’s getting back to nature type thing. So of course early in the morning. That’s that’s the kind of things you’re gonna see. So right, well and nature, I mean we have tons of research supporting what what nature does to us in terms of relieving stress and and and increasing happiness and things like that One thing I was gonna I was gonna highlight here. So going back to the to the to the walks right that then turned into the audio books. I I asked you at one point before I said I said see how many books did you read last year? And I think if I’m not mistaken, you said like a very low amount or zero. Right? I said zero But what’s interesting because I do some other I think we’ve talked about this. I do some other kind of entry I had made. I think I told you, I said, well, I think we talked about it. You’d asked me all right I can’t remember it happened. I said I’ve done zero And I said, but I want to read 12 this year and you said, great, great, we’ll make, let’s just just that’s one a month. That’s great and january came by and how we doing. Well I just can’t get myself to the point of reading. And then you simply said, well, have you thought about doing the audiobook while you walk in and You know, simple, simple little change and then suddenly I’m listening to books and I don’t think I I think I got nine books in last year and I but I feel like I wanna listen to more. I’m listening to one right now. We just talked about 10 actual but you got nine in, you got nine not you don’t have a full 12 months to do that. You got nine in in the last few months of the year there. So yeah, probably the last seven or eight months. Yeah. Yeah. So I mean you’re on pace this year. Like definitely, definitely get those 12. I mean like are In January right here is the 10 access at that first. Yeah, I’m halfway through that. So yeah, I’m gonna do that and that and that’s why I we were just on our meeting, I asked you to give me some books. So yeah, I think you’re getting psychological side the psychology of money. I think I’m gonna get that. So I’m like, so now I look forward to picking my book because it complements my walk, which which so this now longer no longer is something I feel like I have to do, it’s something I want to do and it’s part of my routine in the morning.”

Coach Justin: “I love that, I mean and it translates over into, you know you as a leader, right? It translates you like into the professional life there as well. So it’s just it’s so it’s it’s the definition of habit stacking. We got you into the habit of a walk that led into now personal development time. Now you’re doing two things that you weren’t doing at all consistent. I mean, so it’s like that’s that’s habit stacking, right? I mean at some point we got into a habit of brushing our teeth every day. If you can do that, you can form any other habit. It’s just it’s just it takes time to do it, you know? And yeah, listen to that atomic habits book is about is about picking up doing the habits and then stacking like you do habit stacking so that the whole thing is that the idea has become second nature but you have to you have to make some steps and then you like you say you have to be accountable.”

Steve: “I’m sure if I didn’t do those selfies every morning that when we started all that I don’t know that I’d be that I’d be walking like I’m doing right now. Yeah, absolutely I mean what connects the knowing to the doing is accountability accountability is absolutely everything. So steve you set up one point there, you were at £340.05 10 £340 Right, And that was at how old were you then, That’s probably only about five, maybe six years ago. So I would have been about 56 probably. And then now you’re sitting, what’s current weight out now to 45 to 45 you’ve you’ve maintained so we like you’ve maintained kind of like that starting weight or below now, like you’ve maintained this like 15 £20 lost now for for some time. Right? And so especially comparing yourself to at that 3 40 I mean, you’ve you’ve now you’ve kept this weight off this £100 off for the most part over these last few years here. Right. Yes, I have and I will say that I’ve done it without being overly Well okay without thinking about quote dieting, I’ve not think about dieting now, we you know, we do the nutrition and I do the athletes plate and all this stuff, so I’m making much smarter choices about my nutrition But I through this time period, I mean, I’ll be I mean Justin you’ve never mentioned the word diet, you don’t mention that there is that kind of it’s not what it’s about, it’s about making all the right, right choices and picking. Yeah, there is some nutrition guidance and you have to make some changes in nutrition and we that’s still and that still is a little bit of a challenge, but you’re right, whatever I’m doing every day for the last, especially the last year, there’s no, there have not been putting weight on and, and I’ve not been my weight, my weight just fletcher a little bit, but it doesn’t fletcher wildly. I mean I’m not putting weight on, taking weight off, putting weight on, taking off and I think in the past I would do that, I would go on diets, I would lose weight, it’s a classic thing, but, but eventually you kind of give up everything and you just put a pound and pound on pound and pound and suddenly your £340 and it’s like, wow, I bet there’s a lot of people, my eggs at some point in their life, you know, from 40 to 60 or, you know, 42 fifties, the panels just seem to go on and they never seem to go off, you know, they just go on and on and you just don’t realize it and then but I, but I made some changes by going when I saw you at the gym, I’d already lost a little bit there and I think I was making some positive changes, I just felt like I wasn’t, I wasn’t making necessarily good progress and that’s why I kind of came to kind of called you up because I, I needed some guidance, I I realized I need some guidance, but what I, what I didn’t realize is that it wasn’t just guidance on nutrition, I really needed to guidance on literally all these aspects that we’ve talked about and I think that’s what’s made to change. It’s not just nutrition, it’s everything else so now I feel not only do I feel great, I feel you know, I feel that I eat plenty. We’ve we’ve talked about the fact that you have to eat plenty of calories You can’t starve yourself with calories. Your body is going to react in all kinds of negative ways. You’ve told me about some of the young younger people that you, that you, that you coach and and and and mentor that that are trying to be that there are very active but they’re not eating enough food, they’re not eating enough new, they’re not they’re not giving their body enough nutrition and they’re not received their consequently having all kinds of negative consequences to their to their life so well, and that was one thing that we that we realized.”

Coach Justin: “You know, with you steve, right is that if we think back to it right here, you were at this body weight, you know, struggling with losing weight, you know, despite the workout, right? And we figured out that well when we started looking into calories right, we were like, wow, you are really on a kind of a calorie roller coaster right there. I mean at £250 there were plenty of days that, that you clocked in 1200 calories, 1400 calories, right rear low amounts of calories. And so yeah, you’re right over the last like 22 years here. I mean, we haven’t even necessarily like, you know, tried to eat in a calorie deficit to lose weight. You you’ve, you know, been eating at maintenance So like right now, knowing that there was some times that were 1214 100 calorie days, like, like, like last time we were tracking you were you were consistently eating at much closer to maintenance calories. Like where are your calories at now compared to back then.”

Steve: “Yeah. Yeah. My goal is, is around about 2,000 2500 a day, 2600 a day. And and the problem I think you’re right is that, I mean, now I cannot go, I cannot start my day without breakfast. It’s just, I cannot do it I have to have breakfast. Well in the past I would go without breakfast and what I wasn’t realizing 11 30 12, I was, you know, starving. I was literally starving And then, so I’d go have, you know, maybe chicken fried steak and and and and and and and and and and maybe have a, you know, 1500 calorie lunch. And so the, so my calorie intake, it was low high, low high, low high and not consistent at all. So now I based my day on three, you know, three meals I have, I have, I have I am what I think is a big breakfast. So you know three eggs with egg whites and then mini peppers and tomatoes and to me, if you had told me two years ago this is what your your standard breakfast was gonna look like. You got to be kidding me, that’s huge. And so but I go from, you know, I have breakfast at about seven o’clock, but I go through to, I go through to lunch time and I am fine, I don’t need snacks, I don’t need anything. And that’s the other thing I used to snack on peanuts and all councilors don’t do that and now and now I’m ready for lunch and you know in the lunch I try to pick salad, like a like a salmon salad and then I’ve got the evening meal and to some extent I’ve cut down on carbohydrates but I haven’t eliminated them, but what I do is I take my I look at my protein first and then my vegetables and fruits second and then my carbohydrates third. And it’s kind of Justin has this concept of athletes plate is kind of half protein and then a quarter vegetables and fruit and then a quarter carbohydrates. And so so that’s the concept we have it’s for me it’s still a work in progress and I think maybe for a while, but but I’m very conscious about how I’m doing things and certainly breakfast is completely different to what it, what it used to be. when I when I when I obviously we have the pandemic when I was traveling, I was very cautious, very conscious about what I was eating for breakfast there too after we started this program.”

Coach Justin: “So yeah, I mean, I think if we think about it from a habit perspective, right? I mean when we first started working together, I mean you were eating out like other people were cooking the majority of your food, right Like you are eating out fast food, restaurant food like way more than your cooking your own. Now these days you cook the majority of your food, which is phenomenal We also notice that in the beginning, not only were you on that calorie roller coaster and a lot of times under eating, which would make sense why you’re not seeing the results in the gym, right? But you were also significantly under eating protein. Right? When we first started working together, you were clocking in protein numbers like 50 g a day, sometimes 60 g a day, like really, really low., and then and then also the vegetable and fruit intake was really low So what happened was, is from a habit standpoint with the athletes plate going back to what you said, right So quarter plate protein, quarter plate carb, half plate color. Right? And so with that you you with the athletes plate from standpoint, you slowly started getting more vegetables and fruits into the diet, right You slowly started eating more consistent amounts of calories in terms of getting a breakfast, lunch and dinner, focusing on those major meals and building out an athletes plate with them, Right? So that portion sizes are there. So it’s like, it’s it’s you can look at it from a numbers standpoint, right? With my fitness pal where you can look at it from like a food picture log or a habit tracker standpoint with with just the habits that we’re doing there. And ultimately what happened is, is like now now these days you’re eating consistently at maintenance calories, you’re getting enough protein, you’re getting enough vegetables and fruits into the day. And that’s really what’s allowing you to to to to feel this way, look this way and perform this way and and we’re in the phase now of like going through this maintenance calorie phase here right? So that we can go to diet again, right? Because we know that we saw some some body fat to lose and things like that, but we’re setting yourself up to be in a very successful place to diet Because if we were eating 1200 calories a day, $1,500 a day or whatever trying you come to me eating that and you try to diet it ain’t gonna work, right? You’ve got to you’ve got to kind of let your body to recover and get it ready to be able to diet before you try to do that. Yeah Yeah, I mean I think I’ve I’ve been surprised that how these these nutrition, you know these plates that we put together I put together for breakfast for lunch and for dinner, how they’re they’re overflowing with food, I mean you’re not you’re not you’re not dieting you’re not limiting yourself. you know, you know obviously you’re going to get the protein sorted out but you can put vegetables and fruits on as much as you want and stuff and I find that they’re they’re big plates you know and and in that in combination with my with my activity level has got me at this kind of level that I’m at and and and you know, and we’re trying to with the with the workout schedule, getting that more consistent and and get get more, you know, kind of get more into that that I think I think I’m also thinking personally that over over time, even if I keep my calorie count than it is right now, I’ll probably start losing weight anyway, you know? Well yeah, and that’s and that’s the place, you know that, you know if you were still, you know, clocking in 3000 steps a day and not working out at all, you want to be in 2500 calories a day, you know? But now you’re much more active, you get in your steps everyday, right were much more consistent with workouts and so yeah really, the goal now is it’s like when you’re fueling your body properly and you’re building muscle and losing body fat and and doing in a way, I’m and that’s the beautiful part about maintenance calories, right, is when you’re eating at maintenance level calories, you should feel like you’re fueling yourself properly, right? And you shouldn’t feel like you’re on a diet starving yourself or eating in a calorie deficit, right Like maintenance level calories, that’s what’s that’s what’s required to maintain your weight and make you feel your best when we come up here in a few months and we and we bring you back into a calorie deficit and we lose more weight, we lose more body fat. Like you’re you’re gonna notice eating in a calorie deficit versus maintenance right? From a hunger perspective and that’s good, like you you have to have that awareness like for you, you know what a deficit is now and maintenance and and eating in a surpluses, whereas most people don’t even know what those words mean.”

Steve: “Yeah. But yeah but what I say is that the maintenance place that I’m at right now, it’s making it’s making me feel like great every day, I feel I I plenty, I’m not feeling hungry, don’t have cravings. and in a way, in fact part of the how I how I look at my breakfast, I did first considering how I thought the place was so big? I thought to myself, I’m fueling my body for my workouts. but I just feel good about it and and I think as long as my activity level is like it is, then I’m eating the kind of levels that I need to be eating. Like you said, my weight is being too, to be fair, it’s being fairly consistent, it’s not it’s not going up and down and and I think as I as my workouts, I think get a little bit strong, I’m lifting more weights than I used to, I’m getting stronger, stronger. I think I’ll my I think as I get put put more muscle on my body will kind of burn calories more while I’m just sitting. I think I mentioned to you that I I met somebody not too long ago who is a nutritionist and I forget the terminology, but he was talking about essentially what you can do is fit and got muscle, it’s resting metabolic rate, I think is what he talked about is what your body can do while it’s resting when it has that muscle there, it’s it’s working for you to burn calories while you’re while you’re at rest. And he said, and he said, that’s the most, wherever people talk about fitness and all this kind of stuff, he says you ultimately need to focus on what your resting metabolic rate that is when, you know, you’re going to be your your fit or you’re, you’re in a fit shape is when that resting metabolic rate. Is it a good place? And it’s only in a good place when you, when you’re, when you’re you know, you’ve got muscle on and stuff.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, no you’re absolutely right. I mean, the more lean muscle mass that you have, right, the more the more calories you’re gonna burn there at rest. And so, you know, that’s, that’s, again, that’s it. Just reiterate eyes is the point of why it’s so important to live an active healthy lifestyle, right? So that you can, you can get the rewards of having a fit body and and and and living a fit life, right? And it definitely makes, it definitely makes, you know, the more active that you can be and, and the better that you can eat and the better you can prioritize sleep and, and all of these habits, like at the end of the day, the better you’re gonna feel, the better you’re gonna look better you’re gonna, you’re gonna perform and inside the gym and outside the gym, you know, and so it’s, I think a lot of people, they just, they have to realize that sometimes they got to just meet themselves where they all are in their own personal journey and they can’t try to go fit themselves into this cookie cutter box of a diet. They don’t need to jump on keto or carnivore whatever the latest greatest thing is like, why don’t you just simply assess, get a 10,000 ft view of your life and assess right and ask yourself what is the worst thing that I’m doing? What’s the number one thing that I’m doing to self sabotage myself, right? And and then start with that, right? And, and also realize that hey, you’ve got to have some type of accountability where you were working one along with the coach or you’re using a habit tracker or my fitness pal or calendar whatever, whatever you’re using, you have to have accountability so that you can build awareness and that awareness proceeds change.”

Steve: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely And that, and I think that’s the revelation of working with you Justin is, I didn’t know, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Hey, we all, we all walk through life with, there’s plenty of things you don’t know. There’s plenty of things I don’t know. I’m probably 99% of the things we don’t know. We don’t need, we don’t need to know. We don’t need to care about it. But things that things like nutrition, sleep drink enough water, walking exercise. I mean, we, we all need to know about it, but we also need to be able to, you know, work where I think, I think work with somebody like yourself on one on one and start making the changes. like I said two years ago, if you just said I’d be eating this large breakfast and I’d be walking five miles in the morning every day. I said Justin you’re talking about somebody else, you’re reading somebody else’s diary, It is my diary.”

Coach Justin: “Hey, wasn’t that amazing? I mean, I think if we, if we reflect back on our lives through, you know, even even me, I mean, I think about it all the time, I’m like I’ve been in the nutrition fitness industry now for 12 years. If you would’ve asked me 12 years ago if I would be running my whole entire business virtually I would have said you were crazy, right? And and here it is like the first eight years I did everything in person and now the last four years coming up in February I’ve done everything online. and so it just goes to show it’s like, you know, you never know, you never know what’s gonna happen in life, right? You never know what you can do. And at the end of the day like it, it really boils down to your belief in yourself and sometimes we have to, we have to get belief built into us from coaches or mentors or whatever it may be, we’re talking about the mastermind situation mentorship you know, before we we, we started this podcast and you know putting your yourself into an environment of like minded individuals that believe that that that you can accomplish things and you believe things are possible, right, having that abundance see mindset towards life is so powerful and I think there’s a lot of people living with a scarcity mindset in, you know with their nutrition, with their fitness maybe with other areas of their life as well and when you can kind of start to challenge yourself and make that shift that’s that’s when you can really change your life.”

Steve: “Yeah, yeah and then listening to that 10 X rule book you know, he says make big goals, make huge big goals just just think outside the box, you know, just get up and just make big goals and and and and then you’ll find ways to make it happen, so be open to change, be open to abundance as well. Yeah, I mean one of the things that I mastermind, one of the first things that mastermind on the financial things is to be open to abundance, money attracts money attracts money, money attracts success, I mean there’s all kinds of and and and and people, you know people kind of very negative and I think especially young people can very negative but you know it’s just it’s all part of a philosophy a part of way of living and and like I said you don’t know what, you don’t know, you know you need to give some things a chance and I certainly didn’t know what I know now on this two year journey we’ve been on and how different it is and how how much better I feel about everything. I mean, all these all these things I’m doing at up to a day, you know, a month a year where I feel great and I feel like I can take I feel like I can take on anything. and you know I think it’s all part of the deal and this is why the atomic habits, All these things are all about making tiny little changes, essentially. but you you do you take you do the chinese changes together. Sometimes you stack them together. They become then second nature I mean that the atomic habit guy tells you that after you’ve created a habit and you’ve done it. Don’t let if you if you if you break the habit once, don’t let don’t let it happen the second time. Very interesting Very interesting because if you do that, you’re going to break your habit. So so but but but but but the the counter side of that is you make the habits. So part of your life, they become second nature. So you’re not really breaking the habit because it’s there, I get up, I go walk, what’s there to break?”

Coach Justin: “Absolutely yeah, I mean, it’s it’s, y’all heard us mention this book so many times on this podcast guys. So if you have not listened to it, go read it. It’s one of the most powerful books that you’ll ever that you’ll ever read in terms of helping you to build you know, the habits in your life that you want to build. Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah. well steve, so I probably chat with you all day. I want to respect your time here, but I do have one more question for this is what I always ask clients. If you thought to yourself before we started working together, you probably didn’t have in your head that we would still be working together, you know two years later or whatever. Right. and so I always ask the question, you know, for those people that are listening to this podcast and are on the fence about hiring a coach, whether it’s me or anybody else, like how do you justify investing in your own health and fitness? Like how do you justify investing and working with one on one with a coach and you know after doing it now for over two years, like, you know, for people asking if the value is there, if it’s, if it’s worth it, what would you say? Well, it?”

Steve: “Well, first of all accountability is very important. secondly, it is a journey and if I was to not have the one on one I’d be in a way, I’d be breaking the journey, I’d be stopping the journey now, I could stop, it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be going in a certain direction, I mean, but I’d be stopping the journey with you and I’d be breaking it and I need, I think number one is accountability, the number two is if I was truly my goal, let’s say I’ve got muscles and I I’m 100 and £90 and everything’s fine and I say Justin I’m done maybe we say we are done and he said that I don’t think I’d be done because I would still need the accountability to keep me on the track. But I think the but the revelation is is that when I started I said I needed nutrition but I needed much more than that and now I get the accountability with it and and we’re still going, I still need, I still need some work with nutrition, we’ve talked about that and I still need work on this workout and this kind of getting to another level. And as long as I think we’re always kind of growing internally individually in our minds and this is just a part of it and I think if I was to cut it off right now, if I said to Justin this is the last time we’re going to do it, I would I’d be just understand, I could, I just wouldn’t feel right, but I feel like I was I was I was cutting off a point where my life being going in the right direction in terms of all this stuff and this is a part of it, it’s a component, it’s just in a way, it’s a part of the component that makes it the whole thing. So if I was to cancel it, I’m canceling a critical piece that’s making this work. So, you know theoretically I could say I’ve, I’ve learned a lot okay for two years here Justin I’ve learned a lot. I could say to just so I could say to you, I’m done now and I probably would live my life doing the things that I’m doing right now. I’m sure that if I didn’t, if I didn’t have you as a coach tomorrow, I’d still be walking five miles a day, okay. And I’d still be doing, I’d still be looking at nutrition away. and I’d still be doing some workouts, but I don’t know that I’m gonna get, I’m certainly not going to get the workouts to the level I want to be and, and, and if I feel like I don’t want to do something, I’m not gonna have that accountability of talking to you and saying, you know, oh, you know, cause we’ve, and then I think I should have mentioned that in life, we go through times. I think we’ve had one or two weeks that we’re really very, in fact, I’ll probably have them again in the september october temporary where my workload at the office, there’s some things that go on for external things, They are very challenging and, and, and I was not able to quite keep keep the thing going. And I think I still, we talked about it until it was, but I was not feeling good about where I was. And you were saying, okay, just, you know, take a step back. You’ve got a lot of things going on here. It’s ok, Okay. But within two weeks, I think maybe a two week period back week three, I was back on and I was talking to you how much better I felt I’m back on the program. It’s not that I fell off the program, particularly just I had a lot of external pressure from work and, and and, and, and, and maybe this year when we come up to the september october time frame, I can talk about it. And I’m gonna say, hey, we’re from that time period and you, and this time you’ll be, will be more proactive and you’ll probably be most likely to give me hints kings, you’ll be saying, well, let’s do this. Let’s make sure we don’t do to make sure we don’t drop this you know, that kind of stuff. All that I don’t get if I don’t have a mentor or a coach. and it, And if I felt like I could do it on my own then, then you know, I can be I can be £340 again And I don’t and I don’t want that. So, so what, so what are we doing this? I must admit, I didn’t know quite what to expect, but I did have this philosophy in my head is a journey. So now I think I’m on a journey, so Justin I may be doing this with you 10 years from now maybe.”

Coach Justin: “Well I think, I think that mindset going into it is so important, right? Knowing that hey, like this is a journey because ultimately I’m trying to build the lifestyle that I want to live for the rest of my life and for so many people that are listening to this that have tried everything under the sun, every diet under the sun, right? They’ve, they’ve started and stopped and died a million different times. Like they’re so sick of doing that right? What that does to you psychologically is terrible. And so nutrition no different than finances or any of these other things, it’s a skill set that every human being should, should have developed in order to help them live their best life, right? And I, and I think that’s what it is. You know, we talked about with like the software development piece that I was like, steve if you hired me right now to start, I would probably be a really terrible employee for you because I wouldn’t know how to do anything, right, just like nutrition or whatever or any of this, you know, nutrition fitness or whatever, living a healthy lifestyle is for some people, it’s like we got to meet them where they are on this journey and slowly but surely they’re going to develop and get better and, and all of these things I mean, I’m sure I could learn things from you and other people and, and slowly start getting better and better and better, but it’s just, it takes time my education and nutrition and training and all that has developed so much over the last 12 years, right? So for you and your journey, two years might seem like a long time to some people, but like there’s still so much for you to learn and so much you want to accomplish with your, with your health and fitness there. and so, you know, the timeline is different for everybody, right? It doesn’t have to be, you know this amount of time, it just depends on what are the goals that you want to accomplish and, you know, knowing that we’re playing the long game, right?”

Steve: “Yeah, yeah yeah, and I’m older and I said 62 years old and I do have a financial business mentor coach mentor as well and I’m into year three or four of that as well and I pay money, for that I paid money, for you I paid money for that and and I I see the value is the deal, I see, I see the, I guess in one sense, I see a negative impact if I don’t have the coach mentor relationship with you and with my business financial coach, I feel like if I was, it was, it was to go away tomorrow, it would be negatively impact, Okay, because I feel like I, I do feel like I get a lot out of it So with the, with the financial business coach, I signed up once a year that I just, I just pay one fee once a year and just in December 28, I signed up for 2021 and and I get a lot out of it now, I think you probably agree with this. you also have to, I have to be a participant willing to listen to change, to do these things. and it’s true in the financial business world, you have to be willing to listen and change if you go in kind of not wanting to do that, you may not get it a lot out of it and maybe you don’t want the one on one coaching, maybe you don’t want the financial coach, so, I think you have to have a proper mindset that you wanted to change. And then I think you also, I think, I think this is probably where my mindset was really good. It’s a journey, I think, I think in the very first email to you, I said I need help in nutrition weight. and I said something I realize it’s a journey. and so my head head space has always been that, I’m on a journey. So if I’m on a journey and I’m getting the results I’m getting, I see no point in not going down to keep, not keeping going down this road. Like I said, maybe 10 years from now I’m still doing, we’re still doing this thing. I mean, if I’m getting the results, I’m getting now feeling the way I’m feeling and doing what I’m doing and I feel as active as I see, no reason why we wouldn’t be doing it.”

Coach Justin: “Well, that’s the beautiful part It’s like, look at what you’ve accomplished in the last two years? Imagine four years from now, eight years from now, You know, 12 years. So it’s like, it’s just the beginning and that’s and that’s definitely what’s exciting. So, all right, so the last question I have for you here, if you were, if we were to go back in time right now, maybe there’s something to the podcast that’s listening to this, that, that that this resonated with them, right? But if you were to go back right now to steve at £340 who is on the fence about hiring Justin as One on one coach or any other coach, right? But maybe it’s not the right time you’re busy with work? You got stressors going on? Maybe it’s a financial, whatever, right? What would be your advice to £340 Steve who you know that needs to kind of start on this journey?”

Steve: “Well, I mean obviously, I would say just do it as soon as possible I would say I would say, you know, take a chance. Just if, I mean if you’re £340 and happy to be £340 then maybe you don’t need you don’t need to do it. But I was, I mean, I wasn’t happy at £300 I wasn’t happy at £310 so I wasn’t I wasn’t happy at £340 and and and and and when I when I was losing weight and stuff, I still wasn’t happy at £300 and I know that, okay, the problem is, is whatever whatever he’s got you at £340 You have to you really need to be wanting to change the way you’re thinking So, if you’re if you’re on the fence, I would say, what what would you what would you do today, if somebody could say that a year from now, you could be £240, what would you do today too? You know, if it was, if it’s if it takes amount of money this month, would would you do that? You know, the problem you get into I think Justin is that somebody has to be in the mindset of being ready to change, okay, many people are not happy, but my goodness, if you just make one step in this direction and go down this road, you can get there And the difficulty is they don’t know that they don’t know you from anybody else. You know, I’m just, you know, you’re just in okay. I just I mean, I I mean I in fact, the only way kind of partially the reason I knew it, because I met you at the gym but I would have no qualms at all, is saying somebody that came to me at 33 £40 what we recommend? I would say, you know what, you need to get a message to Justin and you need to talk to him and listen to him and go down that path. That’s what you need to do. That’s what I would certainly do. But if you’re not ready to make the change, you’re not gonna make that you’re gonna stay £3440 and you’re not going to do it, but if somebody is ready to make the change that they’re not happy about where they’re at, then I would say you know, get hold of you, like you said, it could be any nutritionist or any coach, but get hold of somebody who is going to help, you know, is going to help put you on the right track, you’ve got to be open and listen and be willing to make changes, but I mean, I clearly was willing to make changes, I was clear that I wasn’t £140 when I came to you. but I realized I wasn’t getting what I needed to go, so I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t, I mean I was, I was happy that I was, I mean probably I wasn’t under £40 because I had been started some workouts at the gym and various other things. I don’t know if you remember what I look like, I don’t think I was £1940 when I first met you, but I probably was quite, probably quite big though, I probably look quite big if you remember and probably, you know, I still got a ways to go, but you’ve got to be ready to make the change and and and somebody came to me, I’d say, you know, talk to Justin and I’d say it is a journey, it is a process. but if you’re willing to do it, The benefits, what’s amazing is the benefits far out, you know, the benefits just so much they put you in a different place than where you were, even though I wasn’t £240 and stuff and quite, you know I’ve got a successful business and I still have a successful business, I am feel so much better now, two years later than I did when I first met you and I came to you thinking, oh, I just need a little bit of help on nutrition. Well now that’s not what I need. Well that was a component of it. I mean, I mean I had some good things in my favor. I slept good. I mean you’re you’re right. If I was not sleeping good, that may have been the challenge right from day one Justin if I wasn’t sleeping good but and but I was but but all the other things needed work on and and like I said, getting One of the most important thing is getting the activity level up because that gets you moving and your body starts to react to it and if you’re £340 it’s only going to react in a positive way to that.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, absolutely. Well I couldn’t, I couldn’t agree more in that. You absolutely have to be ready to change right? Just going and simply paying somebody for something doesn’t mean you’re gonna get the results right. Like you have to put in the work and and and and and really the way I look at it is like when you, when you hire somebody, I mean you’re you’re you’re paying to play right? You’re paying the game like you still gotta, you still gotta to practice and play the games you still gotta work hard, you’re still gonna make sacrifices, but but you have the accountability, right You have the knowledge, you have the individualization and you have somebody most importantly that’s on your team that believes in you and and wants to see you make these improvements in your life and I think that’s really, really important. so steve, hey man, I really really appreciate the time today, man. I think this podcast is awesome. I think that we’re gonna be able to share it with so many people and a lot of people are gonna get a lot of value out of this for sure I’m excited for for the rest of our journey here as we, as we keep moving forward, any final thoughts that you want to share with the listeners here?”

Steve: “well, I would just say if you’re especially on the fence, I mean just just just kind of, you know, the whole Nike advert just do it. Just do it, just do it I kind of, I cannot think of any negative impact of me having this relationship with you whatsoever. It’s all been positive and and I’m feeling, you know fantastic and it’s a journey and and then like I said, there’s times, you know, when, when things, you know, like when the stress levels of my life was so bad, but you’re but that’s the thing, you’re there and you’re, you’re well aware, you know, things, things external things happen. and so ok, it’s okay, so let’s just take a step back, let’s focus on that this week and then when I, you know, and then, and then it was only like by week three, okay, I’m back to back now, these things are past that stress, so, and to have somebody there that I can, that’s gonna be there, you know, so you know, I knew that once I got out of this busy time and all this stuff, I was working very hard that Justin was gonna be there and he’s like okay, you know, let’s okay, so this for this week, let’s get back to doing this, so let’s go into that and for the most part, I think I’ve been successfully in, you know, my week my weeks ago, two months have been good so I just say do it, do it you know my life, I feel much healthier and fitter and enjoying it more than I ever did before so I just say just just do it, pick up the phone send, send the email, send a text.”

Coach Justin: “That’s awesome, that’s amazing! Well thank you so much for that steve, I really appreciate, appreciate those kind words and I just want to tell you, I mean I’m super proud of you and everything, you know, I can sit here and tell you what to do all day long, I can have these phone calls with you, but you’re the one that’s going out and making the changes in your life and making this impact in your life and so I just want to clap it up for you because I’m super proud of you and, and and really just super excited about everything for the future here. So again, thank you so much for taking the time today steve and yeah, I’m excited for this podcast to go out.”