Nutritionist Helps Client Lose 35 Pounds and 10% Body Fat

2/22/22 👉 8/15/22
Weight: 255 👉 219
BF%: 32% 👉 21.4%
Lean muscle: 101.4 👉 100.8
“When I look back at the areas where I’ve struggled the most, they’re always the areas where I’ve had the lowest accountability. And it doesn’t always feel great to be held accountable, but the results you get with accountability far surpass the results you get without it. The time is going to pass either way whether we want to make the difficult choice or not. But the price is easy if the promise is clear.
Mentors are the real shortcut. They’re the ultimate life hack. You can pay someone who has “been there, done that.” They can show you where to go and the steps to take. They’ll even take the steps with you because that’s what accountability looks like.
I wanna shout out Justin Murphy If you’re looking for someone Justin is your guy. Everything he has you do is practical. He’ll hold your to your goals but encourage you along the way.
I’m not at all embarrassed by that picture on the left. We’re all out here just trying to do our thing. I’m cheering you on too 😘