Nutritionist Helps Clients Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss In Their 60’s

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Coach Justin: “Alrighty guys, welcome back to I coach nutrition radio today. I have two special guests with me clients of mine that have the pleasure of working with for, for six months. They graduated from my coach University and I’m following up with them here a few months later and they’re still, they’re still crushing it. So all is good, but I’m excited to bring them, I want to be able to kind of share their journey of the last six months of us working together there and really just be able to kind of share their wins and share their takeaways and hopefully for the listeners here, you’ll be able to get a lot out of hearing their story and be inspired by it. So without further ado Patrick Sharon what’s going on? How are you, my friends?”

Patrick & Sharon: “Good to see you all as well. Good to see you as well.”

Coach Justin: “So for the, for the listeners here kind of give me a little bit of giving them a little bit of background in terms of like why y’all reach out to me in the first place like kind of what was going on in the process there you know, in terms of, y’all’s life and where y’all are at with your nutrition and fitness before we got going.”

Patrick & Sharon: “well, we were kind of tired of being overweight and we had tried, you know what we thought we were we were eating healthy and, once we, we met with you, we figured out we really weren’t eating as healthy as we thought we were, but we just couldn’t seem to lose the weight. It just wasn’t going away, no matter what we did. We were, we were walking and we were, you know what we thought was healthy and, it just wasn’t making an impact and we were just frustrated. So we were looking for a way to, to get healthier and until, you know, take some pounds off and just to feel better. We had tried to, you know skip meals, we tried sharing meals whenever we would go out. Our schedules tend to overlap a lot and we’re on the road a bit. So we tended to be eating out quite a bit. So we tried to, you know, order salads and different things, but it just, nothing was really working. And I just, I kept ballooning up and wait and it just, there was no end and we found out about you from one of our doctors who had been with you for a couple of years. and I think she had the opposite problem, she wasn’t eating enough, right? But she told us about you and we finally bit the bullet and said okay, well everything we’ve tried isn’t working. So let’s see if we can figure something else out.”

Coach Justin: “Well, yeah, I mean, it was awesome to be able to have that connection, obviously working with Deanna there and and and having that, you know, I think like it’s it’s it’s really where so many people come to me with right? Like they they there’s a million different 2021 2022 right? There’s a million different people saying a million different things still to this day, and it’s been that way since I can ever remember when it comes to new fashion and fitness and supplements and all of this stuff and so, you know, a lot of, a lot of people are confused right, rightfully so, and so a lot of this is, is really trying to kind of filter out the Bs if you will and and start to, you know get the education and and and develop the skills done and ultimately, like increase your confidence and that you know what you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing. So where it’s just a matter of like do or do or not, right? Like it’s it’s still hard to stay consistent with living a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life, but at least now like, you know what to do right, you have the tools to, to help you to continue to be successful there and you’re proving that, I mean months, you know, months after you’ve graduated the program there. So, maybe we just go through kind of individually here, like what were, you know what were some of the winds that you had over the course of that six months? and, and also, you know, what were some of those things that you felt were, you know, struggles like when you first started that you were really the kind you really able to overcome or maybe maybe there’s still struggles now that you’re, you’re still working to overcome.”

Patrick & Sharon: “One of the things was, you know, we’d never done the whole scale thing, like weighing your food and weighing ourselves. and for me, the way myself was very frustrating and we, we had a big deal with that. I never, sorry I never did go out and blow my, my old one up but we got rid of it and got a new one.”

Coach Justin: “So yeah, for the listeners out there, if you ever have an issue with the scale, take that thing out to some field and the gun range or whatever there and blow that thing up and it will, it will be the most freeing thing. I’ve had clients do that and I mean it really is like one of the most freeing things you could possibly do. So anyway, sorry I digress, that’s okay.”

Patrick & Sharon: “But, but the whole way in your food, that really helped us to see portions and how much and the calorie count was real important too because before we weren’t really looking at that we we were going to chili’s and eating a salad and and having the salad and and thinking that we were eating healthy but it was really like over 1000 calories just for that one salad and we hadn’t really been looking at that kind of thing. so so I think one of the big wins was was learning how much things, you know, cost as far as calorie count goes That was that was a big when and a big eye opener for both of us I think because we, you know before we thought we weren’t eating that that much over what we should be eating and that really helped us to see kind of opened our eyes and and the whole I coach plate, you know, before we, you know we thought if we had a little bit of green and a little bit of meeting a little bit of, you know, carbs that we were doing good, but to to really focus on making sure that all of those were equal or close to it. It was, was a big, I open her and win for us as well. I think that really changed the way we look at, the way we eat now, especially all the fruits and vegetables too. I mean we, it’s the way it changed the way we buy our groceries too, because now we shop a whole lot more in the produce department than we do and all the rest of it.”

Coach Justin: “Well, I love that. Yeah I mean, I think that, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s definitely one of those things where like it’s almost like finances in a sense, right? You mentioned kind of like a calorie budget if you will, right? Like starting to really understand how many calories are in the foods that you’re eating once you kind of understand that equation as to like, hey, if I want to lose weight, eating in a calorie deficit, right? Yes, there’s a million other things that kind of go into this and influences as well. But ultimately you’ve got to understand how many calories you’re eating and you’ve got to create a calorie deficit and stick to that if you want to lose weight right? You do that for a period of time and then you bring those calories back to maintenance calories so that you can maintain that that weight there. So, but it’s, it’s, it’s something that a lot of people don’t do or are willing to do or don’t see the value in doing right? And, and that would be like, imagine if you never attract your finances probably like would be struggling with your finances, I’m, I’m guessing Right? So it’s, it’s the same thing with this. I mean if you’re trying to lose weight or if you’re trying to maintain your weight or if you’re trying to gain weight, if you’re trying to, you know, like Deanna’s situation there, then knowing your numbers is really important. And it’s not to say that, hey, you’re gonna have to sit here and wait and measure and log your food for the rest of your life because you, you learn a lot, you build a lot of self awareness through, through doing it right? But you, You’ve got to, you’ve got to have a period of time that you do it. Whether it’s three months, six months, nine months a year, however long it’s just that awareness that you build during that time, you then take that with you right? Because right now, currently we’re, I don’t remember, what is it 2-3 or four months, something like that since we stopped working together. So like currently right now, I mean you aren’t weighing and measuring and logging every single thing that you put into your mouth, right But You learned a lot, you built a lot of awareness and you’ve allowed to be able to kind of make that transition to be more intuitive with your nutrition it’s not to say you’ll never have to use the tool again right? But at least for right now that’s that’s kind of the goal is to be intuitive based off the awareness that you built during that six months.”

Patrick & Sharon: “I think the other thing that helped was the whole consistency with all the different areas that the spreadsheet that you know, we we did every week a lot of yes, I brought a whole lot of awareness to us as far as, you know drinking enough water and how much are you walking and are you getting enough sleep? You know, I didn’t you know, I know sleep is important to me anyway, it’s an important thing, but didn’t really think about how much we were sleeping, we were just you know, and so now, I mean especially with my husband he has trouble with Patrick has trouble with sleep in any way. And so it’s it’s really brought a a new awareness of that as well. Mhm. I know, so one of the things when we first met was I think I told you that the two things I didn’t want to do was way food and count calories and you were like, yeah, that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing and I really hated that idea, I’ve never had to do it my whole life, I never had a weight problem my whole life until, you know fairly recently and so that was a big challenge for me and just the idea of not being able to eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted was it was a tough, tough acceptance thing. I had a lot of challenges coming into this too because of some medical things going on with me that I wasn’t able to do a whole lot of things. I was very lethargic as far as my work and as far as exercise goes and you were able to teach us about, you know, the calories and and what they were and how to portion your plate and, and you know, when I look back now, I think weighing the food and seeing how much, you know, 800 g of fruit and vegetable is and how much a piece of chicken weighs and what you’re getting for it. that made a world of difference just being able to see that. And now I really feel like we’re at a point where we can pretty much eyeball that now and, and know without necessarily putting it on the scale to to know about what the calorie count is going to be and you know, just our portion sizes as necessary there.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah. And that’s, I mean that’s such a valuable takeaway here. I mean, for the listeners, it’s like, man, like imagine investing six months of your life, six months right to gain the awareness that then can help you to be successful for the rest of your life, right? I mean, that’s, that’s like, that’s like, invaluable there, right? And and and going back to Sharon’s point with the habit tracker. I mean, the habit tracker is definitely easier to use than my fitness pal. It, right? And are easier than like waiting your food and using my fitness pal, I mean, it takes 6, 60 seconds or less to fill out there every day, but but being able to have, like the 10,000 ft view of how consistent you’re being with all of these habits because, I mean, it’s not, it probably wasn’t new to y’all to hear that sleep was important for your health or that eating fruits and vegetables was important for your health or anything, but it’s like, most of us we tell ourselves, we tell ourselves a false narrative instance, right? Sometimes. And so when you start to track that on something like a habit tracker and you have the 10,000 ft view now, you’re like, oh wow, like I’m, I’m not as consistent with this as I thought I was, right, and now you can start building that awareness you can start taking action and then before you know it, now, this is something that’s starting to become a habit, starting to become part of your lifestyle and once you get to that place now it’s, you know, the sky’s the limit there, right? Because that’s, that’s the foundation for success and so many different areas of life because of the confidence that it brings you there. So, I love that. I think there’s a huge takeaways from a from a, like a body transformation or maybe maybe let’s do this if y’all come back into like, y’all’s initial goals that you’ll have when you first came to me. And then the results results from a, you know from a weight loss standpoint, body fat percentage standpoint, muscle gain standpoint, you know, body composition change standpoint. They’re what were some of the accomplishments that you both made Their.”

Patrick & Sharon: “I think both of us had a problem in the middle section and wanted to, to reduce our our abdominal area. and, you know, Patrick’s went down really fast and and I noticed a big difference in mind too, but just kind of all over the body, I could see that we were losing inches. and you know, I know I struggled with the whole exercise thing, you know, because I love to walk, but really working with with weights and things was a real struggle for me because I’ve never really done that, except with my faith and fitness group that I meet with every week we use weights while we’re walking, but it’s not the same as as what you were encouraging me to do. I was I was really frustrated, I have to be honest with, with a lot of the trying to work through the the weekly thing, but once we started with the machines at the, at our gym that has made it so much easier because I don’t have to think through every little thing that we’re doing. I can have something I know I know the different areas I want to work on and, and I’m getting some guns, my shoulders, I love that in the core area too. So which, you know, I’ve noticed that that’s, that’s, it’s all a whole lot stronger than it was before and, and I can, I can press a lot with my legs, which I never knew I could, you know that that comes from, you know, also the walking, you know, strengthening those muscles.”

Coach Justin: “I love that. I mean those are all huge for the listeners, how how old are you and Patrick, I’m 66, 60 so you know, not, you know strength training, right? Not really being like a big thing in your life and, and you know, maybe not thinking especially, you know, now would be like the perfect time for you to start this journey, but here you are and you’ve, you’ve found a place where you’re able to, you know, go into a gym, which is a place that so many people are scared to go into, especially with you know, being a being a female going, especially into the weight section, right? So these are all like fears that you had to overcome their and and so late in life there. And so it’s like, that’s such a huge accomplishment. You know, I’d shared those, those two ladies with you Susan and, and blinking on the other one, but you know, those were kind of like very inspirational type stories. But I mean to, to chat with you now and now know that hey once we’re able to get into a more simplified strength program with just being able to do machines and machines only now you’re consistently doing strength training 2 to 3 days a week, most weeks. and now that’s something that not only is influencing your weight loss and you know, losing belly fat and your aesthetic goals, but it’s also something about now, long term, I mean, this is helping to prevent osteoporosis, this is helping to prevent you from, you know, like this is, this is helping you to be able to, like I always say, get off the toilet by yourself when you’re 90 years old, right So, you know, this is muscle tendon, bone ligament health that without doing strength training or resistance training is, is really, really hard to get those benefits You know, walking is great and all, but it’s like, you’re not, you’re not getting those benefits necessarily like you would there. So I think being able to incorporate that interior routine and you know, love it or not just knowing like how beneficial it is for you, right and what it can do for you kind of like eating vegetables I mean, let’s be honest, most people aren’t like, they don’t love love, love love vegetables, but like it’s like when you become an adult, it’s like you eat them because you know, they’re healthy for you need to eat them, you know, So it’s kind of the same thing with with staying active and and you know, just living, living a healthy lifestyle, right? It’s it’s it’s it’s definitely definitely kind of part of that there. So I love that. I mean let that be an encouragement for anybody that’s listening to the podcast right now in terms of like it’s never too late to start shrink training You know, no different than when Susan came on the podcast and her her kind of monitor there was you know it’s never too late to start. Right? So it’s something that is really important. It’s it’s no different than you know, I would honestly give the equivalent of like string training would be the equivalent if you think brushing your teeth is important every day, right? Because you don’t want to go to the dentist. And I mean imagine not doing strength training for a year right? The dystrophy that comes from that. And then imagine like not brushing your teeth for a year. Like what what would your dentist if you came to the dentist and brush your teeth in a year. Probably not be a good good spot for you, right? So same thing with string training, maybe it’s a bit of an exaggeration, but this is our muscles and bones and tendons, the ligaments and everything, just kind of breaking down there with not prioritizing doing that string training teeth. So I’m excited if you can’t tell, I’m more excited than ever for you to be able to be on this journey and consistently be able to to prioritize that in your life because, you know, five years from now, like, I mean, you’re gonna be, I mean, you think you got some guns now, just just wait. I think they’re a little pistols right now, but you know, maybe there will be a really big guns later.”

Patrick & Sharon: “So, with me, you know, I I deal with the chronic pain I have back issues, hip and knee issues and I’m on medication for all that. So for me, exercise was like not gonna happen really. And when we switched over to the machines, I found that there was enough support from my back with the back rest and whatnot that I was able to do some with my arms and my chest too get get something out of it besides, you know, £5 here and there and that’s that’s made a big difference. in my life now, I’m not gonna say that the pain levels are going down because I’m still talking with doctors for all that, but, you know, I lost £25 during our time together just without exercising because I didn’t really start exercising until we started going over those machines. The only thing I was really doing while we were together was walking and and that became a struggle with my knees at that point. So, you know to be able to go to the gym three times a week mostly. and not only lift those weights on the machines but increase the weight over time. I I can feel it in in my body. And like Sharon said, my gut kind of went down as I was losing weight But now I see, you know, I almost have a six or eight pack like you got Justin it’s just a little buried right. It’s still hidden some. But Patrick, I’m hiring a new coach. I need that that that rapid transformation there.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah. Yeah. I mean, man, that’s it’s it’s just so great to hear. I mean, obviously, like, you know it’s it’s something that, you know, we got into there but to see y’all continuing doing it and making it a priority. I mean, now it’s just a it’s a time thing right? I mean, the more consistent that you can be we with your string training and with mean cardiovascular stuff is very important to him and y’all walking and all that’s very important to you all doing the pool thing that that’s very important to write. But being able to have the string training in 23 days a week there when it’s not been in there for, for such a long period. I mean, y’all are, y’all are just getting started with that. I mean, all the benefits that I talked about all the time that come from it, I could probably list off 30 50 things like those are all gonna start to come over the next 5, 10 years of of you doing that Right? So remember, I mean, I started spring training when I was in seventh grade, seventh grade football So that means that I’ve been doing string training for more than half of my life. and because of that I, you know, there’s probably the biggest added benefits to it is it makes it so much easier to maintain a healthy body composition because you have more lean muscle mass and you’re also able to have way more wiggle room with your nutrition because you’re able to eat more because you have more lean muscle mass. So, I mean, the benefits that come from just finding two days a week to do string training at least. I mean it’s, it’s, it starts to become a no brainer kind of once you start to realize all of those things. So I’m proud of you all for, for sticking with it and prioritizing it. I mean, I know that it might not be, you know the most exciting thing or like the, you know most favorite fun thing that you want to go do there, but again, it’s like, it’s probably one of those things that the benefits that come from it, you know, it makes it worth it, you know.”

Patrick & Sharon: “so, you know, the biggest challenge is getting up and getting our gym clothes on and getting down there once we’re there, it’s great. But I think the biggest struggle is probably just getting out of the house to go down there. Once we get out of the house and we’re down there, we’re fine.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, I hear you on that. The best hack I ever got from that, I think I stole this from atomic habits with James clear but if you basically think about all the tasks that you have from the time that you wake up to the time that you get to the gym, like how many tasks are in that, like I gotta address, I gotta drive there, so now reduce those number of tasks down as much as possible The biggest example I give is like, you know, basically get being your your workout clothes ready to go right like sleep in your workout girls right? Where it’s literally like wake up, put your shoes on, go right basically just limit the number of steps that you have essentially right to make it to make it easier, right Because the more steps that you have between getting from place a to be, the harder it is.”

Patrick & Sharon: “Yeah, so for us it works better to do it in the evening and everybody is different and I think that’s important too to do what’s best for for your routine and and to make it a routine because for us early in the morning just doesn’t work. so we go in the evenings and after everybody else is kind of, the gym is kind of closed out a little bit so we can get to the machines that we want to work on because if we go like right at five o’clock everybody is there. so we go after dinner and it just works for us, so we just have to figure out what works best for you to to be consistent and I think that’s one of the, the words that kept coming up during the whole process when we were working with you Justin is, is consistency. you know, at least 80% of the time be consistent with all the things that that you’re working on and and that, I think it’s it’s really that’s that’s helped us two to be more ready to do with the things that we need to do. Yeah, to be intentional right, It’s it’s definitely the it’s the hardest, the hardest part of the whole, the whole journey, right It’s the part that matters most is consistency. Yeah I think if you did a word on it, on all the words that come out of my mouth or a six month coaching program, consistency is probably the word I say more than any other word, right? Probably. Well, She, she does remember the 8020 rule because when we go off the diet thing, not really, it’s not really a diet That’s, that’s not a fair statement or calorie, monitoring program when we go off of that, she reminds me that it’s okay. You know, we can be 8020 is fine.”

Coach Justin: “I mean, look, you gotta have, you gotta have a balance with it, right? Because I think like, I mean really the transition there, like we talked about before is like, I mean when you, when you’re, when you make that shift from being in a calorie deficit, trying to lose weight back to maintenance calories and trying to maintain weight, then you essentially now think about all those habits that come in line with eating at maintenance calories, right? The I coach plate could be like the best example of that, right? And if you’re trying to be intentional about building I coach plates at the majority of meals that you’re eating, not skipping meals, not, you know, going crazy and overeating. Like then you’re gonna be able to pretty much maintain and eat, you know, eat intuitively and eat at maintenance calories there. If you’re, if you’re doing that. So yeah, I mean, I think that’s, that’s where a lot of the intuitiveness comes in, right? Even once you remove weighing measuring and logging, you have the intuitiveness of all of the habits that have been instilled and put into place. And then you have the awareness from, you know, weighing food and be able to see kind of like what portion sizes look like and so on and so forth there. But yeah, I mean look past £25 lost, you know with, with not really even being able to work out and having all those limitations, like essentially just doing and and having all this sleep issues. So mainly just doing it through nutrition and hydration mainly Right? I mean that’s, that’s honestly pretty, pretty insane and six month time period. There you go, cheers I tell you what water was a big thing because I wasn’t drinking near enough water and now still consistently drinking half of my weight now ounces of water every day. I mean it plays a huge role in your hunger, right And in society, right? I mean, I can’t tell you how many times myself or others think that they’re hungry and really they’re just dehydrated thirst. Right?”

Patrick & Sharon: “You know, that, that brings up another point to Justin with the whole, I coach plate and the fruits and vegetables being, I mean we have them at every meal now and I’m a carnival where I meat, potatoes man, I’m good to go. But, you know, I found that when I had the fruits and vegetables with all that, I was not hungry between meals because I was terrible with snacking. I was always snacking on something and now when I the right amount of stuff, the snacking just doesn’t need to be there The word you use, associated, I feel full and comfortable with the amount of food that I’m eating Oh, that’s a great point. I mean there’s, there’s so many people that struggle with, you know, snacking too much late night snacking, you know, cravings junk food, sugar or whatever it may be there. And a lot of the times the culprit of that if you will is the fact that there, excuse me, thank you. I know right? Allergy season just hit me I’ll tell you what I know, but but but going back to that point, so many people think that they struggle with snacking or these late night craving sweets, whatever it may be, but the reality of it is is that they’re not eating mills, like balanced mills. Right? And I coach play, it’s a perfect example of that quarter of your plate being protein, quarter grew play being carbohydrates, half of your plate being vegetables or fruits or a combination of both. And so that balance of proteins and fats and carbohydrates that allows that helps you to get enough protein that helps you to get enough fiber to be satiated in between middles and yeah, that’s what you see so often is that now all of a sudden you’re, you’re snacking a whole lot less because you’re eating adult mills and of course you know, the snacks we were having was one of my favorites like chips and salsa, which is probably one of the worst snacks you can have. So I don’t, I don’t hardly eat that anymore.”

Coach Justin: “So I mean chips and salsa chips and queso chips and guac on your, I’m a die hard mexican fan. So I, I love that food just as much as anybody else. But yeah, I mean if you’re, if you really think about the breakdown there with chips and salsa, right I mean it’s, it’s carbohydrates right? And sugars and so you know, yeah, taste good. But is that ever gonna really make you satiated? Probably not. I mean you can eat the whole bag with salsa and still maybe not be satiated yet, right. Because the fiber intake is so low, the protein intake is so low. Yeah. So, I love it. Well, cool. Well I guess I always like to ask this question because I don’t know, it obviously plays a big role and, and people’s decision making process. So when you, when we first did our discovery call together, right? And you were like, okay, this was, you know, here’s the coaching program, Here’s the investment. Like talk me through a little bit in terms of the headspace in terms of like why y’all chose to invest. you know, a decent amount of money they’re into your health, right? This definitely wasn’t like a $99 meal plan or anything like this. I mean, this was, this was definitely a big investment in yourself So how, how did y’all justify like that? Like why, why, why did y’all pull the trigger on that?”

Patrick & Sharon: “Why why was that a decision that, y’all that y’all made together I think, I think we made it simply because we had tried everything we could possibly think of. We had, you know, researched all kinds of different things and everything we were trying to do wasn’t working. And and it got to a point where we were just ballooning in weight and it was like, no end in sight. I mean a six ft person With my stature shouldn’t be weighing 250 lb at all. And in my opinion anyway, but when you when you’re trying everything and nothing, nothing is helping. You gotta find somebody that knows more than you. And so when we found out about you, we made the decision that we need to get educated on what we need to be doing for our health so that we can be around for a while, we don’t want to, you know, we don’t wanna hit the retirement button and die in two years, Like a lot of people do, you know, we want to be around for our grandkids and kids and we want to be able to travel and do things still. So I mean that was important and it was a big driving force in us wanting to get healthy and knowing that we just didn’t have the answers. Well, a lot of programs out there, you know, are so focused on diet and we were looking more for nutrition and how that could change in our lives because we, you know, and and our doctor recommended it. So I mean we we thought that this would be something better than just trying to go on on another diet. And one of the things about your program is that it’s it’s not really a diet because you, you tell us right from the beginning you can eat whatever you want, eat all your favorite foods, just, you know, this is how many calories you have a day and, you know, work it from there and then if you just portion it the right way, then you’ll be able to eat anything that you want. And honestly, we’ve we’ve been eaten everything that we like to eat. We’ve never had to switch off to, you know, like diet programs where, you know, you can lose £30 in a month or whatever but like you always say that way to come back and more later, right? So we’re learning, we learned the right way to eat so that we could eat the stuff that we like and still maintain our house, man.”

Coach Justin: “I love that those are some, those are some, some huge, huge wins, some huge, huge takeaways that, yeah I’m just super proud of both of y’all and, and, and everything that y’all you have been able to do here through, through that, through that time and what you are continuing to do if you think about, you know, as you are moving forward to the, to the rest of your life and you think about, you know, I mentioned it kind of, is that mason jar example of, like the big rocks, right? And the things that really matter most could, y’all kind of define for the listeners here Like what are, what are those big rocks for, y’all and what are, what are those, what are those things that you all plan to, you know, you’ve been doing obviously but one of the things that you continue to plan to prioritize as far as habits for the rest of your life there.”

Patrick & Sharon: “Mhm, I think, you know, the consistency thing is very important, and just being aware of, of what you’re, what you’re putting into your body, how many how many calories that is and, you know, what, what your goal is, you know, your goal is to, to feed your body with the strength, it needs to be able to do, the things that you want to do and not to overdo it and, to be able to continue to, to hydrate ourselves you know, the way we should with, with water and, and exercise and, just just to be consistent with all those things and what’s been so important, I think to us is is the things that you’ve taught us to, and, and it took us weighing our food and, and looking at how many calories it was to begin with to figure all that out and so we can take that with us now. I mean we don’t, we don’t have to be consistently weighing anymore, until we get to the point where we want to lose more weight, you know? and, and that’s gonna be another goal for me because I’ve still got some of the belly I want to get rid of, but, you know, I, I think some of that’s gonna come with with as we continue to exercise and, and do the strength training and, and things. So I think the biggest takeaway is just to be consistent with what you do. I think as far as specific things, I think the coach plate is on our radar now and we look at that even when we’re eating out so we can be consistent that way. And the water intake. I mean that’s, that’s been very consistent now for the whole time. So that’s been a really good thing., and the exercise program, I think now that now that we kind of have a routine with that and we’re doing it and we feel the difference in our body, I think that that’ll be something that just sticks with us I love it.”

Coach Justin: “I love it. If you all think back, I probably should’ve asked this before my last question but if you think I’ll circle back here. So we talked about a lot about the look, right? But in terms of the feel aspect, and you might take a second to think about this, but if y’all, y’all both kind of reflect back to, like, before we started working together in terms of how you, you felt, right, that could be confident that could be energy levels, that could be, you know pain and discomfort, knee pain, all that type of stuff Just like how, how you felt when you wake up in the morning on a day to day basis throughout your day, in comparison to how you feel now. Because I think that’s a really, I mean, obviously like, you know, a lot of people that come to me, they have a weight loss goal, which, you know, we kind of talked a lot about the aesthetic side of of your goals here already, but if you think about, like, how you feel, right, that’s obviously a huge part of this as well, right? I mean, nobody, Even if I sat here and lost 30 lb, if you feel like crap, then you’re not gonna maintain that weight loss, right? So, if you think about all the changes in terms of how you all feel when it comes to energy levels and all those things I mentioned there, what were, what were some of the most like to seek changes that, that you noticed?”

Patrick & Sharon: “So for me, I was always in a lot of pain, no matter what kind of movement I was making. And, I was always exhausted, like consistently, utterly exhausted. And, now, especially since the workouts have become much more consistent, I feel more energy now. I I still have problems with sleep and I still, my medications put me to sleep sometimes during the day, but, I do have more energy to do things. I’m I’m ready to go and I’m able to do more as long as I’m careful and not increasing my pain levels. I don’t know if that answers your question fully, but I, we, one of the things we also did during our time was we went and we bought a new bed, which, you know, our bed was about eight or nine years old when we joined you in because of the pain levels that I have in my back and whatnot we went and we bought one of those beds that, you know you can lift the head and the feet up and kind of reposition and it’s kind of foam insulation in there And that made a big difference in my sleep so that I could sleep and you know, when I do get to sleep I sleep through the night,, because when I was waking up, I would stand up from the bed and I could just feel everything just kind of settling and compressing and I could feel every joint just hurting. And now I’m not feeling that, wow when I wake up, I don’t have that compression sensation anymore., that’s made a huge difference. Just getting a new bed made a huge difference. I mean, anything you can do to, to get better quality and quantity sleep, right Because we know that sleep affects all of all the things that we’re trying to work on that while we’re awake right?”

Coach Justin: “So that’s awesome. Very cool. Well, man, I’m trying to think here. I think, I think I might have covered it all if y’all had any kind of final little nugget that you want to share with the listeners, maybe you do, maybe you don’t. But is there any kind of final words or final pieces of advice or, you know, we’re going into a New Year, We’re going into january here right? And there are so many people out there that are going to go get the detox, detox is cleanses the diet of the week, blah, blah, blah, blah. Maybe. What’s what’s y’all’s encouragement to, to everybody that might be thinking about doing something that is not going to be sustainable.”

Patrick & Sharon: “I’d say call Justin,, you know, it, we didn’t want to go to one of those places where it was focused just on, on being on a diet. We wanted to change our, our lifestyle and, and and to make an impact on our bodies. so, you know, I know it, it has, it’s, it’s changed the way we, that we think for one thing, it, it changes the way that that we, we eat and the way that we exercise and just the way that we do life. it’s, it’s really made a huge impact on, on, on our lifestyle and hopefully it’s a lifestyle that we can maintain for a long time until we’re not here anymore, until we get to go to heaven and not worry about our bodies anymore.”

Coach Justin: “Well, hey, I mean, I, you know, maybe this is the question for you. I mean, do you currently where you’re at right now? I mean, even after graduating the program, a few months out of the program, like I think I’ll probably ask you the question when I did graduate. That’s probably the reason why I graduated, right? But if you think about that question, can I do what I’m doing here for the rest of my life? Like can I live, you know, this definition of a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life, the majority of the time they’re right? So I think that’s maybe that’s the answer to the previous question, right? Like with anything that for the listeners anybody, anything that you’re thinking about doing right, that’s gotta be kind of the question that you ask yourself. Like, can I do this for the rest of my life, Right? And there might be little things like you know, filling out my fitness power habit tracker or whatever that yes, obviously you’re not gonna do for the rest of your life, but are the habits that you’re trying to build into your life? Are those things that are sustainable of those things that you’re going to want to do for the rest of your life? Because you know what those things do for you, right? And then they start to become like super powers. It’s like, you know, you start to think, I always say like most people don’t know how good they can feel until they start feeling that way and you start doing these things and you do these things consistently for long enough and you start reaping those benefits. Then it’s like why would I ever want to go back to being in pain or you know, having crappy energy or you know, feeling like I just have no control of my body, I keep gaining all this way. Like, you know, it’s like, you don’t know how good you can feel until you start feeling that way. So I feel so much better about my body. I mean, you know, it’s, it’s never gonna be perfect, but it feels so much better than it did before we started If I had the best thing to say to somebody, it would be, don’t worry about diet programs that are gonna help you lose a bunch of weight real quick act rather learn the importance of nutrition and the food you eat and the hydration your body needs and I get to sleep. They need, because that, that will last the other one.”

Coach Justin: “One 100%. I love it. Well guys, thank you so much for for taking the time to do this interview I, you know, I’m always proud of my, my, I coach, university graduates here, especially when I’m able to, you know follow up with y’all later and still see y’all doing really, really well. So I’m excited for the future I mean, this is just the beginning, right? I mean, you aren’t even a full year into your, into your new improved lifestyle if you will. Right? So I’m excited for y’all, you know, five, literally five years from now, five years of doing strength training, 2 to 3 days a week. I mean, just like with the nutrition and all that stuff coupled. Just wait. I mean, it’s literally just a matter of a matter of time. So there you go. There you go. I love it. Well, awesome Well guys, once again, thank you so much for, for taking the time and I really hope that the listeners here got a lot out of this interview and then they can kind of apply some of these things into their life as they’re entering the new year with, with all the things coming their way in terms of all the diet Fads and cleanses and whatever else. So again, thank you so much for taking the time and yeah, until until next time.”

Patrick & Sharon: “Thank you.”