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Nutritionist Helps Client Lose 20 Pounds & 5% Body Fat

“So I just finished the dieting phase and I feel like a brand new person. [...]

Nutritionist Helps Client Lose 40 Pounds and 10% Body Fat

“I have been working with Justin for a little over a year now! It has [...]

Nutritionist Helps Clients Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss In Their 60’s

Watch Here: https://youtu.be/2T8xa20mZOs Listen Here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/180-achieving-sustainable-weight-loss-in-their-60s/id1451459928?i=1000546447129   Coach Justin: “Alrighty guys, welcome back to I coach nutrition [...]

“This is the lowest weight i’ve been in almost 10 years!”

36.8% body fat 👉 28.2% body fat 236 👉 209 “Dieting phase 2 complete starting [...]

243 pounds 👉 216 pounds

“I have been working with Justin for over a year. But Only seriously for the [...]

“I turn 50 next year and I feel better than I did in my 30’s.”

“It has been almost 5 years since working with Justin Murphy and i’m still doing [...]