Accomplishing Fat Loss and Learning How To Live A Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle With A Nutritionist As A Wife, Mom of 2, and Busy Professional

Coach Justin: “Alrighty guys, welcome back to I coach nutrition radio today. I have a very special guest, a friend, a client something that I’ve had the pleasure of working with for quite some time now. recently she graduated from the program and, and, and has just been able to well we haven’t, I guess caught up until now but we’ll get to catch up and see how everything’s going since then but before we do that, Kayleigh, what is going on? How are you?”

Kayleigh: “I am fantastic. How are you Justin?”

Coach Justin: “I’m doing well, I’m doing well, we’re talking before this it’s a beautiful sunny day here in Dallas after a few days of rain. So and same here in New Orleans, so we’re loving it and same in New Orleans, so there we go, there we go, Yes, sunny weather is the best weather as, as we were talking about, I’m not a fan of the rain, it’s very, it can be very de motivating. I love it. That’s awesome. Well let’s, I guess before we dive into kind of your, your whole story and journey here let’s I guess start it off update me, so we we stopped working together a few months ago now kind of update me on on life like I always like hearing you know after something like graduate from the program, just like everything is going and you know how they’re feeling and just everything since we’ve we’ve kind of graduates of the program so yeah, how are we doing?”

Kayleigh: “Yeah, pretty good. You know it’s one of those things that life always throws you something crazy, right? like the day that we got off of the our call you know graduation call my whole family came down with a stomach bug and which totally you know that is terrible in and of itself but it can really just sort of in the past like just direct you right? but you know sort of having you know the foundation that we’ve we’ve had, it’s it’s like you know recognize where you are and Get better, feel better and then you know go back to you know sort of normal routine and and so that’s really kind of what I was able to do, so you know good, good 48 hours of not eating much and eating crackers and saltines and you know laying around being a little bit miserable but then after that you know I’ve really tried to you know my my thing is is I want to have half of my plate be vegetables every meal and and I typically and for breakfast have like a smoothie which has vegetables and fruit in there, so just kind of getting was able to really kind of get back to that and and you know keeping my activity up you know as much as I as much as I can, you know, I’m gosh, 20 almost 24 weeks pregnant and so you know trying to to stay active as much as I can in, you know knowing sort of where I am in my season of life it’s it’s given me sort of a grace period as well as understanding of where I am in my life and the priorities that I have. so so yeah, I mean it’s been it’s been really good, I was able like I said, life throws you something, but then you get right back at it. Yeah, good old life, right? Life always happens.”

Coach Justin: “Always put life in quotation marks there, right? And it’s just like it hits you Well I’m glad to hear that and I’m always, it always just makes me happy, like just you know catching up with clients after we haven’t been working together for a few months and just checking in and see how things are going and just, you know, as we always talk about from the very beginning is like we we want to be able to live this this lifestyle that we’re trying to build here for the rest of our life, you know, and so regardless of what season of life that we’re in, we want to just have those tools to allow us to, you know, continue to move forward and some seasons of life, we’re gonna be able to really crush our goals and and really stay dialed in consistent and being able to like do all these things and make all these progressions, but there’s also gonna be seasons of life, seasons of life where we’ll have to kind of fall back on our, our foundation if you will. Right? And so it sounds like for you, like one of those foundational items is, you know, kind of prioritizing the vegetable and fruit intake and kind of shooting for that, that 800 grand challenge if you will? And you know, that’s a, that’s a phenomenal like foundational habit that has stuck with you. So I love it, I love it. cool, well I want to dive into kind of just give people, you know, the listeners here a little bit of context. So what was like nutrition and fitness and like just like health for you? Like growing up, like we can start like through like elementary school, middle school, high school college, like what did, what did the whole, like, what did like nutrition and fitness and like living a healthy lifestyle look look like for you then?”

Kayleigh: “Yeah, you know, it’s funny, I remember like my grandparents saying that even as like a young kid you know, they would they would say you know, if we gave you an option for ice cream and broccoli, you would take both and run away. So I’ve I’ve always been a fan of food, I would say and and yeah and and and not very discriminatory whenever it comes to the types of food that are that are out there so but you know, I don’t really have a whole lot of like stand out memories whenever it comes to nutrition as a young child. I do know that one of the things that I even still struggle with today is that all of my family eats really really fast and and it’s something that I still can, you know, struggle with just in general and and as a mom to you know, you’re like, oh I have a hot meal, I’m gonna eat this whilst but and and I do have the those memories of, you know either kind of go on man, you know, my dad’s eating this really fast, I better keep up or even like different comments you know from friends or family, you know, sort of sort of making a comment about how quickly you know, we ate or I ate and but as I was always into sports, my my my parents are divorced and at a really young age and and so I spent all of my summers in Oklahoma with my, with my dad and but he always made sure that I was in softball since that was my first sport and they went into middle school I have expanded that played basketball ball back still played softball in the summers and I’ve always been a very competitive person you know, coming from sort of that sports background and volleyball was my sport So as I went into the high school in middle school goal, I played club volleyball is the travel ball and you know made it onto my high school team. And and that was really where you know, my my athletic or fitness sort of came into my life, right? but it was, it was all sports driven, it was never about, you know, living healthy lifestyle or anything anything like that as I got into middle school you know, my mom would you know go on these different diets and you know the longest. And the thing that she almost still kind of goes back to is the low carb like South Beach was like a big deal and like you know, middle school for me and like the early high school, so that’s what she did to to be able to lose weight and and so that’s sort of what I would sort of fall back to as well if I was like, and this was, this was like middle school well in early, early high school for me is whenever I started to sort of go in real life and and have sort of that like, I guess I’m I am sort of bigger than everybody else around me. by no means was I I felt like I was a fat kid or I was ever getting like fat shamed, but always been on the like, you know maybe more quote unquote athletic size. and to my peers So, I I remember this was probably the summer between middle school and high school. I was in Oklahoma and didn’t have a lot of friends. I mean this is kind of an odd time for you to be disconnected from your friends in the summer in a place that you don’t have you know anybody that you can hang around with. And so I was going to the gym for just to have something to do and I knew that I was going into, you know, high school sports for volleyball and but I had no knowledge anything when I’m a kid and I like, just didn’t eat and went to the, you know, went to the gym and kinda did workouts that I thought that that sort of looked right and you know, I got got really, really skinny and for you know for me and came back into high school and everybody was like what? And I even remember my step mom at the time like was like something’s wrong here, are you okay? You know kind of thing because I was just dropping weight like crazy and and so I think that that sort of kind of started this process with me or this kind of relationship relationship with with food and and working out that would always go up and down like it was always that yo yo if you and again and then I always ended up just, I like food and I lived in Houston texas which is the most diverse city and the United States and so there’s a lot of really great food all all around you and I had a really diverse group of friends growing up so you know we were always out at all the different restaurants all over the city Experience cuisines that you know didn’t necessarily grow up with so and as I went into you know into high school it was like I said it was very sort of yo yo we and then in college I wasn’t playing sports wasn’t working out and then I also had even more of the freedom of experiencing living in the city. So I went to the University of Houston and I lived downtown basically and so I’ve had access to a lot of really great friends and you know, that had a really great family food all the time or really great restaurants sort of at my fingertips and so definitely I would say ballooned throughout college and the stress of college, I worked full time and went to school full time, so that can be a stressful time for sure. And and then I would, you say that the day grade, which was just shortly after I graduated college, I was probably at the heaviest that I ever really was. I was upwards of like I never I don’t remember playing myself before I started kind of working out after I got married, But I was 200 plus and but after I got married, I was working, I had gotten a pretty, pretty good job at the company I’m still with and I found crossfit and that started my sort of thirst for you know, doing, I don’t wanna say necessary doing things right, but like what does this mean to be in a healthy lifestyle. I loved the crossfit gym, I was a part of in Houston covenant crossfit and it was a great community and and and we would do a lot of different challenges and such, like I kind of did the whole paleo thing for a while and and I enjoyed it, I loved all the food that I was able to eat and you know, but there was still that aspect of being, you know, you know, refusing food because it’s not quote unquote paleo you know and you know that that creates that that other sort of relationship that is maybe not as healthy as as other sort of ways of doing things right but it’s what, it’s what set me off on wanting to live a healthy lifestyle and wanting to, you know, eat the eat the right stuff and do the right things to be healthy and and sure part part of it was to to look good and to you know feel good in your in your body and and so I continued to do crossfit, I ended up getting to my level one certification coached while it was in Houston, we moved to Dallas texas for work for me and found another really great community in in frisco it’s there Crossett remedy but found a really great community and and in the in the meantime I was I had like even joined like weight watchers at some point which which worked in a lot of great ways and you know I sort of felt like I had a little bit more freedom in the foods that I was eating but I was doing it sort of for the wrong reasons we were going on a international trip to me in Rome, so we’re going for october professed and it’s going to spend two weeks in Rome. And so my thought process was, I’m gonna have all these pictures I wanna be the skinniest as possible in these pictures that I mean, I have for, you know, the rest of my life. And so I was kind of doing it for the wrong reasons and and when we got back it was like everything was out the window, you know, all you know, sort of tracking food, sort of what, you know, I didn’t have a goal or anything. and and so, you know, it went back to, you know, the the yo yo sort of thing. and so so yeah, so that’s really, and then, and then really you can kind of came into the picture while we were in Dallas, we, my husband and I, Michael, he worked with for a while it was our anniversary to each other and we said, let’s let’s figure, like, let’s learn about nutrition and what it means to of a balanced lifestyle. That’s when you kind of came in.”

Coach Justin: “That’s awesome. I think that’s like such a like you presented that in such a great way, like I think it gives people so much context into, into what we’re gonna go into now, but I love that. So as we, as we met, or like once we met, like, obviously, y’all y’all gave that gift to each other, like, that’s awesome I was like the first and, I think the only couple that I’ve ever I do that, so I have a lot of couples that obviously, you know, they’ll, they’ll do coaching together, but never necessarily that they gave it to each other for like, their anniversary. So I love that I mean, it’s, it’s just like, yeah, I don’t know, I mean, just thinking that you’re gonna, that y’all are gonna do that versus like doing something else. It just, it just shows that like, you want to prioritize you know, your, your own health and like, is a priority in your life, so that’s awesome. So what we’re like the, I mean, obviously that was something that you all wanted to do, but what were maybe like, what did you think working with the nutrition coach was gonna be like before we started? Like, what did, what did you think it was gonna be like?”

Kayleigh: “Yeah, gosh, I feel like that was so long ago, I don’t even remember. I think that it was, it was accountability you know, I sort of had a little bit of that accountability with weight watchers like, I wouldn’t make myself every week go and weigh in, I never saw any of the, like, meetings or anything like that, But so I think that that was part of it and I think that I sort of hoped. and that, you know, did get, was just general guidance on what, you know, in my mind and in so many people’s, people’s mind in general. It’s like, what’s good food would add food, What am I supposed to avoid What am I supposed to be eating? And, and so I think that that was sort of what I had in my head as far as what, what I was going to get from you. and of course it’s sort of flipped a little bit. It’s not, it was, it was never really like, you know, this is, these are bad foods, or good foods. We just need to look at what your activities are and how in your goals and, what should did you be, you know, fueling your, the majority of the time. Right and, and so, so that, so that’s, that’s sort of, I think going into it. How, how I was thinking about and it got it.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, that makes sense. So maybe just for the listeners so that they can, you know, just so that they know to like, what about, I mean, this is a question I always ask is like, what about like the, it’s one thing to like, want to go and work with a coach or do a program. There’s a lot of different things out there. You know, there’s like, there are like meal plans that you can get for 50 bucks or, you know, different things like that you can hire, you can get your macros or whatever, but like from, from like the investment side of the equation, like, and again, this was something that y’all are doing for y’all’s anniversary, so totally makes sense. But for I think for a lot of people, it’s really hard for them to like pull that trigger and to invest in themselves whether it’s a nutrition coach or really anything that serves like their health, you know, a lot of the times it’s more of like a reactive thing that happens after they get a scare right after they’ve gained too much way or they go to the doctor and they have high blood pressure, you know, whatever they have, they have like a scare that happens to them and it makes them have to do it. But can you kinda talk about just like, I guess where y’all’s mindset was at, around kind of the, the investment part of it and, and just knowing that, hey, I mean, y’all, y’all did make a big investment in, in this coaching, but ultimately all made a big investment in yourself.”

Kaleigh: “Yeah. you know, I think for for me was, you know, part of it was, I’m the type of person that I seek expert advice on things or opinions on things so that I can form my my own opinion or, or my own plan because I recognize that I’m I’m not the expert or I’m not the subject matter expert on on this, that or the other and and I shouldn’t just go to our, you know, a random website or not have sort of that one on one interaction because it’s not gonna serve me in the long run and so for me, I think that and that’s and I still do that for all all kinds of things in my life just in general I it’s just kind of how I am. So for me it was I recognize that I have a lack of knowledge and and I’m what I’m doing is not serving my overall health or the goals that I have. and so who is it that I can partner with two to have to have that better understanding, I’m never, you know, I’m never gonna maybe be the expert on this. I’ll have a way better foundation on on something, I’ll really have, you know the tools at hand to be able to make the best decisions But then a big part of also just in in how I my personality is I do need that accountability you know, like I said, I don’t discriminate when it comes to food, I love it also I if I have certain goals I also need the accountability and the guidance to be able to make those goals. So it was for me I knew that I was going to have to make some kind of investment into it to be able to get there. And and so that to me was why I was willing two make that investment. And the short and long run.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah I love that, I love that. You know it’s it’s funny I always joke, I’m like we when we go to when we get sick we go to a doctor, when we need to get dental work done, we go to a dentist when we, you know financial advisor, you know whatever right? Like we go to the experts and so for some reason with nutrition it’s not always looked at it in that way, you know instead of going to well and and and rightfully so right, there’s so much information out there and like there’s so much marketing and everything but it’s just like a lot of us go to the diet or the pill or like you know whatever other thing is out there rather than going and working one on one with you know the nutrition expert and there’s a lot of different like coaches out there and there’s and there’s a lot of confusion around it too. But I think ultimately like especially in 2019 we’ve established that you know the the information it truly is out there everywhere It’s very you got to like decipher through the B. S And and find what’s like accurate but like all of us have access to this research you know but it’s I think I think a big big component of it is like you said like we all need account accountability. Most of us are not good at holding ourselves accountable. and I would argue you know obviously there’s the education there’s the individualized application and probably the biggest component of it all is the accountability right? We realized if we were gonna do it on our own we would already done it by now or if we would have if we wanted to study this we would have gone to school for it or or you know started like just just how you got a crossfit certification. Like you could have gotten a nutrition certification and like really dove into that. But yeah I I think that’s a great example or really just like mindset around is like if if this is a skill that we never really learned growing up the comparison is always with like money as well right Most people don’t ever really learn about money growing up, right? So it’s like if we want to we know that this is extremely important. We know that the food we put into our body affects every last aspect of our lives so we really do need to learn what works best for us.”

Kayleigh: “Yeah absolutely. I mean we we’ve talked about this because we are our kids are very close in age so I have a nine month old and and so as I you know sort of don’t use you as a new parent, you sort of have these realizations different things that you’re like now in charge of and and so I sort of one day as you know, she was kind of getting like 45 old, you’re realizing that you know, she could start you know eating real food soon and you know, how do you manage that like what’s all sort of out there? And I had sort of heard about you know the baby led weaning and I was really sort of up in the air about it, but as I sort of thought more and more about it, you know what I what I want to do is be better for kid than maybe you know that that I am for myself almost, right So I recognize that I may not necessarily have the best, I didn’t have the best foundational relationship with food which sort of has led me down these rules, right? And I don’t want that for my kid, right? So for instance the whole gotta eat everything on your plate which was a part of you know, a little bit of childhood eating super fast, was kind of a part of my childhood you know dessert after every you know, not every meal but you know sort of having that expectations or having like that. The bribing sort of scenarios like well if you’re good then you can have a donut, if you’re good then you can have some ice etcetera etcetera. And the more I thought about that the more I didn’t want to do that for my kids ed and and so it was one of those things that I came to the realization that I want to set up a good foundation for my my kids have a good relationship food And and what are the best sort of practices to help with that part of it is has absolutely been what we what we have done just for for me and and for my husband and and as I’ve you know we did sort of skip over puree, so we did that at daycare just because she goes to daycare and you know that first you know they want to stay away from you know real food just as a choking hazard And so she kind of got a mixture of pure A’s at daycare and and then when she was at home she got what we ate and and so if you think about it that way you want to make sure that they’re getting the you know, wholesome ingredients you know that are higher quality and wide variety And then also dictate how much they’re going to eat you know and not not do the whole gotta gotta eat whatever things on your plate or you know we always incorporate fruit with her meal and that comes with the meal, it’s not a dessert sort of thing and so part of the the best practices that I’ve been able to to sort of research just in you know the little bit that I’ve done is as she gets older if we do offer a treat to dessert or something sweet or whatever it’ll be with the meal so she can choose when to eat it or not to eat it. And and that way there doesn’t develop an unhealthy relationship with food okay for her and then for our next baby. So it was it sort of clear between everything that we’ve done and then having a child kind of coming to these realizations of of how you can how you as a parent influence someone’s life and impact someone’s life for their entire life right? So so yeah I don’t know it’s kind of kind of I mean I I mean we’ve talked about this before but yeah I mean this is kind of like developed into my new like why right? And and the reason why I do everything that I do and it’s it’s a whole new level of responsibility when people say it changes your life it definitely changes your life, puts everything into perspective and I think what’s powerful about it is that it does give people a why, you know, there’s some people that don’t feel like they have a why and and sometimes that that gives them a why and so that can be powerful.”

Coach Justin: “You know, it was the same thing with me growing up, I was I was told a lot of those same exact things and you know, I think We are influenced by our our family growing up and and a lot of the times then we influence, you know, our kids. And so I think in 2019 there’s so much information out there now. I mean you can go take a baby led weaning course for very cheap online and like learn about it. And that was the same thing that we did with josiah as well. And you know, I just think that we’re a lot more educated and empowered to make our decisions these days. And so I think that, you know, it’s just, it’s the saying of kids don’t listen to what we say necessarily they watch what we do. I was talking to a client earlier today and she was talking to me about how ever since they started this process and like they’re eating a lot healthier, like their their kids are falling along and doing all the same things and she’s like, it’s just so awesome to see. And I was like, well, that’s such a big point to highlight, right, your kids are gonna do what you do, right? So, y’all started changing your habits and and living a healthy lifestyle and your kids are not doing the same exact thing, they’re just following suit. So, yeah, I think it’s I think it’s it’s definitely my my y as I know, it’s yours as well, and I think a lot of the parents out there you know, it’s their y as well, so it’s phenomenal So what were, what were some of, like, the biggest takeaways for you and our time working together? Like what we’re, you know, like for the listeners out here like, what are, what were some of the biggest takeaways for you? And and maybe some of the recommendations that that you would recommend, you know, for people to just start focusing on, because there’s so much out there, there’s so much confusion, there’s a million different things. But what are, like, the big rocks as I talk about in reference, like, what are those big rocks for you?”

Kayleigh: “Yeah, I would almost say that they’re sort of two separate things. So, of the sort of, you know, quote unquote season of my life right now versus maybe you know, the past times that we work together. So, you know, when we first very first started, you know, this, this journey, the sort of foundational relationship with food that I’ve, that I’ve sort of talked about that, you know, there’s it’s not, you know, good versus bad and placing a lot of restrictions on yourself, it’s it’s having a a real you know, just going back to reality on on what, what is it that you want, what are your goals, what’s reality for you and how how can we make, how can I myself, like, how do you make it work for what you want to do and then your life that you’re in? and and so, you know, when we first started, started working together, the goals that I had are very, very different from what my goals are right now, so you know, it really was about how do you have a balanced view on food and then you know what, how do you make that work for the goals that you have? you know, for me it was, you know, I do I want to lean out and and you know, and and not oh not ovary, right? which I have a tendency to do And so that was that for me, having the different kind of relationship would not, not restricting myself, but utilizing the food that I have available to, the goals that I want. but then as as we transitioned into, you know, sort of in my life right now, you know, I I have a nine month old and whenever gold was 4.5 months old, I found out I was pregnant again which wasn’t in the plans that I had but God had other plans, so and and so it I’ve switched from okay, you know want to lose the baby way and get back to you know where I was Okay how do I, my life is pretty now, I have a very young child baby, I have a pretty crazy job that has a lot of roles, responsibilities. and a large geography And and now I have another baby on the way and what what are the things that I can do to help minimize the craziness in my head and be sort of my best self for my my kids and my spouse. and and and have a healthy pregnancy Because the reality is is that I I wasn’t where I was before I had mary in terms of activity level. I had only really just started getting back and working out and then whenever I went back to work, it was really hard. I had super mom guilt about you know the time away from my kid and where you know, I just felt like I person me personally when my kid was awake, I didn’t want to be preoccupied doing something else, I wanted to be present in her life and interact with her. So I was doing like morning walks just to get the activity in before she woke up and and not necessarily focusing on you know working out every day or you know but I was at least getting some kind of activity in and and so the the side that I’m in now it’s maybe moral along the lines of balance and grace knowing again I think both of those similarities is just knowing where you are in life and what you need from yourself and from others. You know, I what I need is is you know routine and getting in things when I can but also sort of self care in a sense of helping me in sort of the craziness that is my life right now so the things that I do now I have I have a sort of a night routine in the morning routine and you know I’m not counting everything that I’m putting in my body and giving giving myself sort of the grace but still trying to get the fruit and the vegetable intake in as well as as lean protein and focusing my my my efforts on that and so that I can you know be the best, you know have have the presence in mind and whenever I’m interacting with my daughter Or my spouse or I have I have 10 reports that reported to me for my job to being president, whenever., being the best boss that I can be. So, so it’s, it’s kind of two separate things that I’ve gotten in the, the times that we’ve worked together just based on where I am in my life Yeah.”

Coach Justin: “And I think that, I mean that’s such a big takeaway for so many people. Hopefully here listening is that you have to know when to, you kind of have to like like it’s a lot of this is self awareness that’s built through working with a coach, right? And having somebody like have that 10,000 ft view of your life if you will right? And I think we really have to know what seasons of life, well one, what season of life are we in? And then what season some life do we need to give ourselves grace and what seasons of life do we need to kind of push ourselves and, and, and you know, like we have to know kind of when to push the gas pedal if you will. And so for you, like obviously, like we, you know, you, you found out you were pregnant and so all goals change at that point, right? And it’s a whole new season of life and all new goals, but that’s that’s life, right? That’s, I mean that’s that’s just how this game of life happens and it’s always navigating through these seasons of life. So I think being able to, again, just no one to give yourself grace and no one, no one you need a little kick in the butt and kind of that that happy balance through life a lot easier said than done, but just having that kind of overall overall mentality there. So so Kaley, I want to ask like for those people that are listening right now, and I always, I always ask clients that I bring back on this question, but you know, for those that are listening right now, who maybe they’ve been trying to work towards a goal on their own and maybe they’ve never worked with a nutrition coach before or maybe they have maybe they had a bad experience or or maybe just the experience didn’t seem like it was worth it for them. What like, what piece of advice would you give to somebody that’s listening that maybe is is on the on the fence if you will of of working with a with a coach, what would be that kind of advice for you to maybe I don’t know, just give them that that extra bit of of Yeah, yeah.”

Kayleigh: “You know, you, I think that you hear this more was like a new parent all the time. It’s like some of the advice that you always get like know that you can’t do everything on your own and maybe you hear this like, I feel like I hear this a lot as like a working mom for sure like it’s okay to ask for It’s it’s okay to say I don’t know everything it’s okay to say you know I I need the X. Extra push right? And And and I think that lot of times you know like I said as like a a working mom or someone who is kind of early on in their career, they sort of feel like they have to do everything on their own improve something Where you know this is this is necessarily that you don’t have to do that here. There’s so much information that’s out there. And you could easily find all of the information but there’s also a lot of really bad information that’s out there that you have to weed through. And it’s okay to just say what frankly I don’t have the time to do this. You know I was joking around with someone Even just yesterday like hey look I’m the type of person that I pay for convenience. If it if it if it you know helps me free up some time on on one side Or is you know I don’t have to weed through all of this extra stuff then I’ll pay a little bit extra for it. That’s just the you know Stevenson in my life that I’m in right now but you know I think that it’s one of those things that you just have to decide you know, sure you this on your own but a do you want to really and you know, can you, are you in the best state of your frame of mind or your life to do it alone and it’s okay if the answer is no. and and you’ll be so much better for afterwards when you say give yourself the grace to say I need help or I’m willing to, you know, take this extra step and ask for help and go to the expert. You’ll be so much better in the end afterwards once you make that first step.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, I love that. I think that’s great advice. I mean I, you know, it’s, if I, when I got our website bill and the multiple iterations of it, I did not try to do that myself. You know, when I started this business I hired a business coach my whole first year and you know, it’s just, it’s one of those things where it’s like twofold one, you realize like if I was gonna do this on my own, I would have already done it by now And for, I think for a lot of people that’s where they’re at, they feel like they’ve tried everything under the sun and, and just nothing’s working. and then I also think that when you work with a coach, it also, in a sense allows you to collapse time and and a big reason for that is because of the accountability, right? One you’re paying, right? So when you pay you pay attention right? And, and then to the accountability of it, it’s like, it just, it, you hold it when you have accountability it holds, you hold yourself to a higher standard. It’s no different than your boss at work, right? When you’re around your boss at work, you want to be on point, you wanna, you know, perform and all these different things and when you’re on your own and nobody’s around maybe you’re, you know, you’re, you’re not putting on the work in that you should be, I don’t know right it’s about example, but it just goes to show it’s like coaches can be powerful and you know, I think if nobody like, if anybody here is listening has never worked with a coach one on one, I would just, I think that you know, whether it’s now or at some point I would highly encourage it because I think that you will obtain a whole new level of self awareness in your life that will allow you to continue to be able to progress and continue to seek kind of that the highest version of yourself, like Kaylee mentioned, you know, I wanna be able to wake up every morning and show up for my wife and for my kid and for my all my clients, you know, I want to be my highest self for podcast like this and coaching calls and you know, I think a lot of the times when we get really crazy stressed and busy and all of these things, we kind of put our own health on the backburner there and you know, if we’re not prioritizing these things were not going to be able to have all the energy and productivity that we need for our career and we’re not gonna be able to show up and, and be the, the husband or wife or dad or you know, whatever for, for, for our people. So it’s, it’s, it’s almost in a sense, sometimes selfish like a lot of people, a lot of people think that it’s it’s selfish, but in my opinion, it’s, it’s a lot more selfless because by you doing this and prioritizing your own self, you’re able to show up as your highest self for everyone else, right? Yeah, boom, my job awesome. Well kaylee, I definitely want to respect your time. I know you are a super busy working mommy and, but thank you so much for, for taking the time today. I think we, we shared some, some good knowledge and some good little nuggets there for, for people to hopefully hopefully grasp and, and be able to, you know, take into their own life, but any last piece of advice that you would like to share either for, just just anybody in general, or maybe in in our new season here becoming parents, any, any, any last piece of advice that you’d like to share with listeners.”

Kayleigh: “Yeah. I guess I I mean, I think that really it goes goes back to nowhere knowing where you are in what you need in the season of your life at the time right now,, and and being honest with yourself with with what that is, this is going to help. And it’s it’s it’s a clarity. It’s gonna help clear your mind on on what it is that the next step is for you. And that could be so many different things in your life It could be, you know, making the first step one as far as coaching goes. it could be, you know, the next step in your career, a change in your career, you know parenting., I mean really it’s that I think that self awareness is a big part of being able to, to make that next step. So, I would say to to everyone is to, you know, have a child yourself and and see see where it is that you step really needs to be in the, in the goals in your life at this moment in time.”

Coach Justin: “I love that, I think that’s great advice. I think, I think at the end of the day from, for most of us, you know, in order to gain that clarity and to get into that headspace, sometimes we have to get out of our own head, you know, and I think again, it’s like talking to a coach or talking to a therapist or journaling or whatever it is, you know, I think just being able to walk into your bathroom and looking at yourself in the mirror and have a conversation with yourself, you know, just like getting out our own heads and, and be able to talk and, and, and think about what, like, what is it that you want? Like, you know like if you’re struggling with something or if you’re not happy, like what is it that you want and once you can start to, you know, build that awareness and figure it out what it is that you want, assuming that the timing is, is there then that’s when those things can kind of work together in tandem and be able to really move the needle forward in your life. So I love that Kaylee, that’s great advice and yeah, thank you so much for, for just dropping all the knowledge bombs today and everybody, I hope everybody enjoyed it and yeah, I’m super excited for you, You’re gonna be mommy of two here soon. Yeah. Yes, yeah, no, I appreciate it’s been really awesome working with you over the past couple of years now and, you know, to have graduated from the program, so to speak, you know, that doesn’t mean that everything sort of stops, right?, after, after this baby gets here, you know, february and March after you give yourself that time period to, you know soak in all the new baby and, and then you, you, you end up going back to reality too. So, you know, it’s it’s always a, evolution and, just being excited about it. That’s, that’s the game of Life, right? That’s it. Gotta gotta convince yourself to fall in love with the process, enjoy the journey, you know, and yeah that’s, I think, I think seasons of life and the self awareness around which season you’re in? Like, I think that right, there is probably the biggest takeaway from this, this podcast. So for those of you that are listening, I want you all to wanna take notes if y’all didn’t be sure to go back through and take notes on this. But that’s the question I want to leave you all with. And, and I, and I really challenge you all to you know, take some time after listening to this and think about, like, ask yourself the question, what is it that I want? Like, what, what, what is it that I want to get out of life, Like, what is it, what is the life that I want to live and, and having, you know, some of these hard conversations with ourselves is it’s scary but it’s, it’s definitely needed and and you’re gonna be, you’re gonna be happy and you’re gonna be grateful that you, you know, talked about and thought about these things now rather than a year from now or five years from now or you know, 20 years from now, the worst thing in the world, right? Is, is regret and so we don’t ever want to, I don’t want to have that. That’s why it’s empowering to be able to say, you know what, like I deserve this and, and prioritizing my own health is not a selfish thing. It’s, it’s what allows me to be selfless for others and ultimately what allows me to live my best life which I only get one of those while I’m on this earth So mm awesome. I love it. Well kaylee, thank you so much again, Have an amazing weekend my friend and yes we will chat soon.”

Kayleigh: “Yeah, awesome. Thanks Justin I appreciate it.”