Leading From The Front In Order To Be The Example For Your Kids with Carter Rose, iCoach Nutrition Coaching Client

In this weeks episode, I sit down with a former client to discuss our time working together. Carter is a husband, father, and wedding photographer in Dallas, TX. ⁣⁣


What’s your biggest takeaway?⁣

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2:00 – Who is Carter Rose?⁣⁣
3:15 – What was life like growing up?⁣⁣
5:45 – Gaining 50 pounds…⁣⁣
6:30 – CrossFit⁣⁣
7:40 – What made you hire a nutrition coach?⁣⁣
11:30 – Individualized application ⁣⁣
18:30 – Building awareness and being held accountable⁣⁣
24:30 – What do you still struggle with?⁣⁣
25:35 – What were your biggest takeaways? ⁣⁣
28:30 – “Muscle Food” for kids⁣

What’s your biggest takeaway?⁣

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