168. Learning How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle As A Busy Wife, Mom and Dentist with Parul Prabhakar

In this weeks episode, I sit down with a wife, mom and dentist to discuss her journey of working together over the last 6 months! 


Here’s what Parul had to say:


“As I finish my 6 month program, I can say my biggest win is building awareness about my eating habits with the habit-tracker and My Fitness Pal App. Learning how to build my meals to be more balanced in nutrition and keep doing it consistently. I don’t feel hungry all the time as I used to earlier and feel less of an urge to snack throughout the day as my meals are more nutrient-dense now. Need to work on: My strength work-outs. I realized I can only manage 3 work-outs consistently /week with work and kids so plan to keep doing that for now until I can figure out how to squeeze more workouts. Best Book I read this year on recommendation from Justin was “Atomic Habits”. Highly recommend it as well:)) Thanks Justin for being such a great Coach!”


Google review:


“I completed a 6 month coaching with Justin and it has been a game changer for me in the way I eat and work-out. I absolutely love my habit-tracker and plan to use it even after I finish the program. The program creates so much of awareness about your daily habits /nutrition that you get a clarity on what needs to change to get the results you want. Justin keeps you accountable every week by one-on-one coaching calls . Overall a very well-rounded program.”


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