Holiday Nutrition: 4th of July Edition

Happy almost Independence Day!

I hope you’re having an awesome holiday week! I wanted to drop in with some thoughts about the upcoming holiday. If you’re planning on going to a pool party, BBQ, the lake etc. for the fourth, I listed out some tips below on how to maximize your nutrition while still enjoying some good food!

1. First off, don’t freak out! If you have the day off from work, enjoy it! If that means relaxing with a couple drinks, go for it. However, be aware of how many drinks you’ve had and maybe put a reasonable limit on yourself like 2-3 to disperse throughout the day.

2. EAT A QUALITY BREAKFAST. Even if you plan on eating “unhealthy food” for the day, do not “save your calories” for this. Regardless, start your day off on the right foot and have a breakfast filled with protein and healthy fat!

3. If you know there will only be soda or alcohol offered where you’re going, bring your own case of La Croix or Zevia to the party in order to not get bored with water and share with your family/friends. Bubbles in this heat always serve the body right!

4. Offer to bring a side dish! As a mindful guest, your host will always appreciate it if you bring some food. Get creative and come up with a healthy dish everyone will enjoy. I hosted a BBQ this past weekend with some friends and served this gorgeous summer salad pictured.

1.5 bags of arugula
2 mangos
1 lb of strawberries
1 cup of pecans
2 avocados
Goat cheese.
(Serves roughly 6 guests)

I offered a salad dressing, but no one had it because they said the salad didn’t need it! (WIN!)

5. HAVE FUN! Relax and enjoy the day off. Don’t stress too much about nutrition, but also don’t destroy your body in one day!