Why are athletes susceptible to B-vitamin deficiencies?

B vitamins are essential for metabolic pathways in the body, i.e you need them to produce energy!

⚡️ Since athletes are constantly utilizing these metabolic pathways during training, they require even more of these essential nutrients.

B- vitamins are found in synergy (which is ) in plenty of leafy green vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, avocado, eggs, berries, organ meats, etc. .

Several athletes might not see the value in consuming an abundance of vegetables because they’re not calorie dense. However, you cannot put a caloric value on vegetables when weighing the benefits provided such as phytonutrients, anthocyanins, prebiotic fiber, anthoxanthins, B-vitamins and so many more health enhancing nutrients we probably haven’t discovered yet! .

Shoot to consume 5-8 servings of fruits/vegetables per day. If you want to be a rockstar, shoot for 8-10! ⭐