Stronger Together

There may only be a 13-15 pound difference in these pictures but what you don’t see is all of the personal growth and knowledge gained. My husband and I partnered with Justin to kickstart our nutrition and to experience that journey with him was invaluable. We both now have a foundation of healthy eating and are on the same page in our health and fitness journey. Justin’s guidance and advice helped changed my relationship with food, create a new mindset of healthy, and form a new and better understanding of nutrition. During this time Justin was there to guide me through ups and downs and twists and turns (aka LIFE) I experienced the extreme stress of a job promotion and juggling multiple job titles at 1 time, a move to a new state and city (not to mention that new city being New Orleans) as well as lots of travel for work. I can honestly say that through Justin’s help I can say I have the knowledge, experience, and skill to live a healthy lifestyle.

-Kayleigh Bumbarger

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