Fueling a CrossFit Athlete

“When viewing my eating and performance habits before consulting with Justin, I fell victim to the same fallacies and misinformation that most Americans do (i.e. high protein, low carb, low fat diet, strict caloric deficits despite high output, and trend diets). Despite being (fairly) well educated and having access to the internet of things, the mass information presented posed difficult and overwhelming to cull through, especially while balancing training, social and familial relationships, and oh, a full time job as an attorney.

Justin, having years of nutrition education, practical work experience, and involvement in multiple sports that require proper fueling, has become an invaluable resource and guide in my journey to increased performance and health (read as “six pack”). Taking a holistic approach to my current and previous lifestyle, sleep and recovery patterns, and present dietary metrics, Justin was able to identify deficiencies and provide realistic and attainable benchmarks. Periodic and impromptu check ins allowed for adjustments based on physical and mental feedback.

Training twice a day with goals to qualify as a regional athlete cannot be supported on a diet consisting of 2,000 calories with fluctuating macro compositions, just as a sports car doesn’t run optimally on regular gasoline. And while I view myself as a Volkswagen Beetle from the 80s, Justin successfully taught me the importance in properly fueling my body to fit my specific sport goals. Going from 170 pounds and 12% body fat to 180 pounds and 6.6% body fat has been an easy and enjoyable experience under Justin’s tutelage. Not only has my performance increased, but my injuries have decreased, and sleep has become a literal dream.

While templates and one-size-fits-all meal plans are abundant and a dime a dozen, one thing that is not is working with Justin. Not only do you receive a motivator, educator, and accountability partner, you receive a true friend. One that is not interested simply in physical goals, but invests in your happiness and relationships. My selfish intentions of consulting Justin merely to look and perform at a higher level came with such unexpected results that I could not be more thankful and appreciative for.”

– Collin Mock

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