Dealing with Food Sensitivities

Back story: Shortly before signing up with Justin, I went to see a hormone specialist regarding headaches. I had been having daily headaches for a while at this point and no one could tell me why. The specialist ordered blood work and a stomach test for me (since my family has an history of stomach related illness). Blood work came back with low vitamin levels and my stomach test showed that my gut lining was irritated, which I didn’t understand since I wasn’t having stomach issues. It was recommended that I had food sensitivity testing done and to do an elimination diet.

At this point, I reached out to Justin for help. If you know me, you know that I basically work out so that I can eat whatever I want and cutting out everything that I loved seemed impossible. Let me elaborate: when I say “everything that I loved” I mean that literally…we’re talking steak, black beans, all gluten, all types of sugar, garlic and even avocado…that’s right…AVOCADO (plus many others). My whole Chipotle order was eliminated. And do you know what has garlic in it?…EVERYTHING.

Justin was a huge encouragement during this time. He helped me plan out meals (since I had to eat at home about 99% of the time) and explained to me why all of this was related. Its so interesting how all of it is related. Since doing my elimination diet, I have found out what my irritant is…its garlic…which is pretty much the worst thing that it could have been…but its manageable because I feel so much better without it. Since finding this out, my headaches have gone away and my body went from tired and sluggish to having much more energy. Who knew that a food sensitivity could cause so many problems: headaches, no energy, and gut irritation that let to vitamin absorption issues and difficulty losing weight. On top of getting healthy, I was even able to tone up thanks to Justin’s calorie and macro breakdowns.

I had no clue that I would find out so much about my body and how nutrition played a huge part in every aspect of how I was feeling. Thanks for all of your help!”

-Monica James