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Eight months of working with Justin produced much more amazing results than years of training with trainers at a chain gym! When a friend convinced me to contact Justin I was worried if I was up to the challenge of his kind of workout regimen. And really, who isn’t a little intimidated by the mere mention of CrossFit?

And that’s exactly what it was… a challenge. At my first session Justin outlined a plan and set a weight goal. He made a promise to me that if I worked hard, stayed focused, and believed in myself the goal was achievable. (Imagine that, a trainer making a promise to the trainee.) Sure there were ups and downs but in less than a year – we did it! I not only reached my goal weight but lost a bit more for a total of 30+ pounds and 30+ inches! The bonus is I’m in some of the best shape of my life. How did we do it?

Thru Mobility…

A challenge to our workouts was a problem with chronic foot pain. The remedy? Mobility. With the workouts we put our body through we need to treat it right by helping our muscles heal. (I know Justin “walks the talk” because I’ve seen him push his body through a harsh work-out and then take the time to use the mobility methods he teaches to his clients.) I know this extra step at the end of a session enables me to recover more quickly from our workouts and I’ve had far fewer injuries.

Thru Nutrition…

I’ve read and heard it said that 80% of weight loss is about nutrition. I tried on my own and with other trainers to lose weight. But what I needed was to understand my body type and focus on macro-nutrients, portion control and what it really means to “eat clean”. That’s the knowledge Justin shared with me. And, he stayed engaged through the entire process. He coached me every step of the way and he held me accountable with continued reviews of my logs and making me weigh-in regularly. He was constantly reviewing and tweaking the program to ensure we got the desired results. I know that working hard, committing to a goal and believing in myself will bring amazing results!

Thanks Justin, for believing I could do it!

– Mechiel Lake

Weight: 196 to 166


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