Nutritionist Helps Client See Her Abs Again

“I’m really happy with my results. I feel like the fat loss stage was a rollercoaster with my cycle being intense and then all the digestive issues. But with all of that I’m happy with the results. I have always been in tune with my body, but this phase gave me concrete evidence on things I always had a hunch about. For example I always thought that low fat gave me issues but never committed to really finding out. This phase we were able to do that. With my cycle I am very knowledgeable on what my body is doing but never really focused on how to help my symptoms with food. Giving myself extra carbs has made a difference which is helpful. I am grateful to be able to use this method in the future (after I have my first earth side baby🤞). I would have never been able to loss the weight and lean out without you as a coach. I would have never kept my self accountable for this long. Thank you Coach!”