“I feel so good in my skin, I even scheduled a boudoir photoshoot!”

“I wrapped up my reverse diet phase a couple weeks ago and got an updated Dexascan. I was ASTOUNDED with the results.

Even in a reverse diet, I still lost more weight! 15lbs of fat down and 5lbs of muscle added.

8-month ago me wouldn’t believe the person I am today.

I have so much more confidence, much better habits, and can do so much more than I used to.

I’m even back down to my wedding weight (7 years next week!).

This wasn’t even a goal I set because, tbh, I didn’t think I’d be able to get back down to it.

After we got married, my weight went up so fast.

And wow, I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten.

The couple months before I started this dieting phase I finally got over my picture shyness and started taking more pictures bc I wanted to remember memories.

But now when I look at them, I think, oh my gosh, it was so bad.

I used to brush it off like, oh at least I can still bend down easily, or I CAN lift weights when I go, but it’s SO much easier now.

I feel so good in my skin, I even schedule a boudoir photoshoot!

I’m nervous, but I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made and want to document it.

Thank you Justin for your continued support and guidance!”

Helping you live your best life!

Coach Justin


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