Nutritionist Helps Client Lose 20 Pounds And 8% Body Fat


I started working with Justin at the end of May. I was 213 LBs, working out 3x per week, walking 6,000-10,000 steps and eating whatever I wanted (which included healthy foods but quantity too high) and I was not losing weight. I was someone who once did a 30-day strict paleo challenge at my CrossFit gym and went from 188 to 162 pounds without tracking anything. Certainly I lost muscle during that time. but because of this I knew I could reach my current goal of 190 LBs and not lose muscle if I listened to Justin’s plan.

I’ve learned that if you change your mindset and set your mind to your goals, making small changes is easier than it may sound. Justin set me up for success. Even during the maintenance phase I began losing weight.

On July 27 I took a much needed break from alcohol. It didn’t fit my calories and macros and it will never help body composition. 119 days. Sure, I’ll have a drink here and there but not like I used to or I’ll quit all together, forever. This was my decision. Justin never told me to do it. He told me he did it and what it did for him. He recommended the book.

The dieting phase started at the end of August for me. The first 2 months of 3 month went very well and it wasn’t too difficult to be successful since I was seeing results both on the scale and in the mirror. People are saying “did you lose weight? Your face looks thinner. You’re wasting away to nothing over there! Are you eating?” But my biggest takeaways are not how I thought I looked or how much I weighed or what people said. It’s how I feel about myself. It’s how my confidence has surged to new levels. It’s how energetic I am and how I look forward EVERY DAY to waking up more rested, enjoying healthy foods more than ever and making noise at the gym and craving walks in the sunshine with my rucksack and self improvement books or podcasts (including early every episode of the iCoach Nutrition podcast)

The last month was much more difficult. A wrench in the plan with COVID isolation and limited to walks each day and less control over the eating. 5 days. Another illness of flu/fever where I called out of work for the first time in 12 years (no kidding). I was in bed for 2 days straight. I missed a week of the gym and quite a few days of logging food.

What I learned from the dieting phase is that I now truly believe in the 80/20 lifestyle. My results have been fantastic and my adherence WAS NEVER GOING TO BE PERFECT!

For me, the number on the scale no longer matters. I’ve lost 20 pounds, 19 of which were body fat. I went from 28% to 20% body fat. Now it’s time to reverse out and gain 5 pounds of muscle while not gaining body fat. I’ll diet again in 4 months and crush another new goal of 15% body fat. This is a fact and I will do it.

Below are the Dexascan numbers at the start of my journey, beginning of dieting phase and today.

I should mention that Tony from Dexascan said that all of Justin’s clients get the best results and that he truly cares about his clients. Facts. No one cares more. No one knows how to get it done like he does.

Bonus: food for thought from todays call:
With a sustainable approach, perfection is the enemy. What can you be consistent with for the rest of your life?

That’s what I intend to learn about myself next.”