Nutritionist Helps Client Transform Her Life For The Better

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Coach Justin: “I am super excited to, to interview somebody that I am still currently working with now as, as I one on one coaching client, but I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the last year or so here now a little over a year and I’m just super excited to, to bring her onto the podcast to be able to kind of share her journey. she has overcome so much and, and has has truly been just an amazing client to work with And so without further ado without, without sharing too much here, I’ll let her kind of be the one to share the journey but without further ado, I wanna welcome onto the podcast carol, how are you? What’s going on?”

Carole: “Hey, Justin, I’m fine, I’m doing great, everything is good.”

Coach Justin: “I love it, I love it. So carol give, give the listeners here kind of just a little bit of background info on you. You know, who, who, who are you, where you kind of from there. What do you kind of do? and what, what was kind of, your, your journey with nutrition and fitness and, and personal development kind of before before we started working together.”

Carole: “Okay, I’m gonna start, let’s say before 15 years, Okay. My journey with everything starts before 15 years. I always have, this, you know 10 to £15 extra bounds, always trying to lose them Okay, So I, I can remember, I start maybe maybe when I was 25. Okay, I start my journey with dating. So I, first of all, I joined gems. Okay. And they’re in the gems, you know, I met a lot of cautious. Unfortunately the most of them have the, you know, the old myth about dating, about exercising about everything. So most of them advised me to, I, if I want to lose weight okay. They said I have to, you know, somehow to start myself okay? And to do a lot of exercises and to, of course just kept cards. They said, if I will take cars I will not lose any bounds. So I just, I, I have to focus only on a protein. Okay, so yeah, I, unfortunately I, I started this diet. Okay. and I start myself most of the time I had a bad mood. I always, you know frustrated and tired. So and it always sends me to you know, bench. Okay. So I okay, I lost a lot of of my way, but after a few months again this week and more than this way. So after that I decided to try another diet. So I started to check and cross during in Youtube and you social media. So I I tried every kind of diet you heard about it? I tried keto. I tried intermittent fasting. I tried value diet, vegan everything Okay. So, okay. I lost a lot of weight in in in a stage in my life. I I can’t remember that. I I I I’ve been skinny for two years, but I didn’t like my shape. I all the time looked like, you know, a sick person. I hated my shape. I hate myself. I was desperate And after that I stopped dieting and start to eat normally And when I start to eat normally, I get a lot of work. So at some point I felt that all the diet that I did in my, through my life was my idea was wrong. So I started to check in the internet. Okay. So by by chance I found your website. I check your facebook, veg. So I, I I saw the, you know, I saw the pictures of your food when you log your food. Okay. So I saw that you you eat fruits, you eat many things okay, because in the bus also they told me I shouldn’t eat any kind of fruit because the fruit fruits at it’s the cause of fat game. So when I saw your facebook page, I was surprised that you you always encourage people to eat fruit and vegetables and carbs and something like this So then I decided to give it a try. So yeah, I give it a try. And I’m so happy. I’m so lucky. I know that I’m lucky because I, you know, I I found you,”

Coach Justin: “Wow. Well, I’m I’m lucky to have you as a client. It’s it’s been it’s been so amazing 2-1, you know, be able to coach you. But also just, you know, it’s a it’s a it’s a celebration of you and that, you know, I can sit here and give you all of the the education and tools that you need. But ultimately like you’re the one that has to has to do it, you know, especially with you being, you know, halfway across the world there, right?, so, you know, it sounds like to me, you know, kind of in in in your country, in terms of like the nutrition and fitness space, it’s very similar to in the U. S. Where, you know, we have a lot of people still saying, you know, you need to you need to work out more and eat less, you know, more and more and more cardio and keep restricting these calories down to these 1200 calorie diets and you know, it’s it’s still very, very, very common, so, you know, it’s it’s common all around the world. so when you, kind of kind of share, like before we, before we dive deep into everything here, kind of share what you’ve been able to do over over this last year, kind of, since we’ve started working together, like what, what have you been able to overcome? What have you accomplished What’s, what’s, what are all your wins that you’ve had?”

Carole: “you know, since since kind of our journey of working together, you know, we do a, we do a post call update right? Where we share takeaways after every coaching call and so if you had to like kind of sum up like all of your, all of your wins, all of your takeaways, all of your accomplishments over the last year, what what would be some of those things for you carol. Okay, I will start with the most important things First of all my mindset. Okay, it’s really changed Okay, I accepted myself, I now I accept myself more than before. Okay, I I love myself, I love my party ship, whatever it is, Okay, I don’t care about, you know about my shape about my way, So, and changed also the relationship with the food, my relationship with the food now I enjoy every bite I have every day. I my social life also, it’s much better than before because in the bus when I was dieting all the time, I always keep myself away from the people because I don’t want to together with them because this will make me it will make me eat unwanted food. So this is the first accomplishment I did it with you. After that we start with with I I started with my journey with weight loss So so we started with the calorie deficit. So I was consistent. I learned also how to be consistent. So I was consistent during my calorie deficit. Okay, I I met I met improvement improvement. I lost maybe around during my calorie deficit. I think I I lost almost four kg. Okay, and after this I start with you the most excited stage during home life, which is reverse diet. I loved it so much. Okay. And I’m standing now in reverse diet. It is my first experience in my in reverse diet. So it was really, really it’s it’s all right. It’s I it’s a nice time for me when I start reverse diet until now, because really now I can’t believe that I can have that much of food now, I can eat up to 2500 calorie and stay I maintained my way Okay, I don’t get any extra bounds at the same time I lost I lost fat and I start to gain muscle. So yeah, this is the most important achievements. I I did it with you, wow! I love that, That’s amazing. So carol give give the listeners a little bit more of a I guess a reference here in terms of like what before we started working together, what did kind of the weight fluctuation look like for you? And then you you lost about four kg through that first dieting phase of working into a calorie deficit share kind of like how many calories you’ve been able to now increase up through reverse dieting and and how your body composition As well as your biofeedback hasn’t has improved since Yeah, yeah, yeah. My almost all my biofeedback has improved. I especially sleeping okay, I my sleeping dramatically improved. I sleep every day between 8-9 hours. Okay. My energy, my energy increased, incredible incredible way. I I can do 2 to 3 hours per day workout includes cardio, strength workout, yoga walking jumping group. So I have a lot of energy to spend every day. Also my digestive system, I always have been I I always have been suffering with plotting okay when I was dieting before I start with you. But now my digestive system is perfect, okay, I don’t suffering with plotting us all. And I I always use the bathroom every day. Once or twice a day. Okay. And my mood, my mood It’s also improved okay in a huge way. And what else? I also my stress, my stress level is decreased Which which embarked on our word, my word. Because in the past, because I used to start myself, I all the time I was you know, stress, stress stressful and I couldn’t focus on my work. But now I my my mood is called I my focus is increasing every day. Yeah, this is the most important things. Yeah. My during my biofeedback.”

Coach Justin: “That’s amazing. And you were the reverse dieting scenario You you went up like about what, 15 or about 15. About 1000 calories. And through that reverse dieting phase and and through that, reverse dieting you like from a from a muscle mass and a body fat percentage number Can you talk a little bit about kind of the details there in terms of, you know, we’ve been getting our body fat percentage tested, you know, through this through this whole time. Through dieting and through reverse dieting. Can you kind of talk about how your body fat percentage has changed through dieting and then through reverse dieting.”

Carole: “Yeah. Yeah. My my buddy 5%. It was before I started with you. I can’t remember It was around 23 or 24. Okay. Now it reached to 17.5% Okay, so we talked about almost five kg, right Or five I think. Yeah. And about my muscle, my muscle also increased almost four kg. Yeah, I can see in my shape and my body shape. my body composition. it’s improved Okay. as I I still can you imagine that I wear the same clothes that I used to wear when I was skinny, you know? Yeah, I wear the same clothes as most of the time. Okay. Not all of them, but most of them, but when I wear them now, I feel more confident. Okay, Because my body shape is now is improved. It’s different than before. So Yeah. Yeah. It’s a big change, wow that’s amazing.”

Coach Justin: “I mean, if you think about like you you being able to, you know, fit in some of those same clothes, but having even more improved body composition now, I mean, it makes sense, right? Because before right, you were basically having to starve yourself right? And you were you were doing whatever you were doing? Like what what what exactly were you doing? Like define that? Like, how many calories a day were you eating? And how much were you working out when you were kind of in that more unhealthy relationship with with nutrition and fitness?”

Carole: “Yeah. Before I I used to eat, I think 1000 or 1200 calorie. Okay. And some months, I can’t remember that I was eating around only 708 100 calorie. Can you imagine this? And I I used to do everyday work out okay, strength workout and a lot of cardio during the daytime. Okay. Which, you know, just put more stress on my body. Yeah. Yeah, I was starving, unfortunately. Yeah. And so now at a a body fat percentage, because because during that point you were at, what did you say the body fat percentage was That? It was around 23 or 24? Yeah. Something like this. Yeah. Yeah. So 23 or 20 for only eating that many calories, working out that much. Right?”

Coach Justin: “And then here you are, after going through a dieting phase and the now reverse dieting phase, your body composition the body fat percentage has now gone from that down to 17 17, 17.5%. And you’re eating 2500 calories a day right now. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, and that’s where the, you know, obviously before and after pictures and looking at body composition changes, right? I mean, that’s that’s where you’re seeing that. But man, just as a as a, you know, talking talking about your metabolism, I mean, that you essentially you know, when we talk about athletes and using food as fuel, right? You’ve gone from a place essentially a mindset where you thought that you had to, you know starve yourself and and severely restrict yourself to a to a place where you’re you’re you’re now seeing how you can use food as fuel and and and not only are you fueling yourself properly and you you’re feeling really, really good. Your your body composition changes have have built in a whole new amount of confidence and you’re looking really, really good and now you’re at a point where you’ve been able to kind of transition into more of these like performance and recovery based goals, which is truly, you know, being an athlete and we’re on the road now to getting your first pull up by yourself or on the road to improving our our running through, you know, getting getting improved five K times You know, we’re we’re working on so many different like performance based things now, which you never could have been able to do eating 1200 calories, 800 calories a day or whatever, you know? And so man, what a what a transformation. I I think it’s just it gives so much like it’s so inspiring, I mean to those listening to to be able to hear, you know, and and hear a story like that because I mean man, that’s that’s that’s such a transformation and and really to think in a in about a year’s time, which is Yeah, yeah, exactly I spent almost 15, yeah, yeah, exactly.”

Carole: “I spent almost 15 years years just starving myself and deprived myself from all kinds of foods. So yeah, it’s a big transition for me, yeah. Until now, I couldn’t believe that, you know. Yeah. Really, I couldn’t believe that I can eat that much of calories every day. And still I’m intend the same way and I I I make progress every day. I I I have this a lot of energy that I can use it during all the day. It’s a big difference for me because in the past I didn’t have the energy you know, I just spent all my day on my day just sitting on the couch and watching tv and do nothing Yeah, and there is an important thing, I forgot to tell you about it, that I quit smoking also, almost one month ago when I started to focus on my performance Yeah. Do you remember that? Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. So, yeah it’s also a big improvement for me.”

Coach Justin: “That is yeah, it’s amazing. Honestly, I didn’t, I didn’t want to mention it because I didn’t know if you if you’re comfortable sharing that there. But yeah, I mean, that that is that’s I mean that right there. I mean, cause if you if you really if what we did is we really kind of broke that down, right? And we were like, look, look at everything that you’ve been able to do with your health, right? And the way that you feel and the way that you look right and and now transitioning goals into performance because you’ve you’ve you’ve been able to put yourself in an amazing position to be able to pursue these performance based goals. You know, it would, it really wouldn’t make any sense in the world as to to continue, you know, smoking cigarettes there and so good for you, you know, to be able to to be one month, you know, 11 month without cigarettes Now, I think, I mean obviously, you know, sharing a quick little story there when we had, when you mentioned to me that you wanted to improve your running, we used a five K run as a five K run time trial as they, as the benchmark as the assessment, Right? And you didn’t even finish that you couldn’t even finish the five K. And then that’s when you had told me that you were, you were still smoking the cigarettes there or maybe that was even like potentially the Yeah, No no, no, that was you just because I think like when I think you told me when we first started, right, and then I just kind of assumed that you stopped as you started, you know, improving improving your health But that’s when you had brought up to me that you’re still smoking cigarettes. And so as soon as you remove those, I mean, you’re, you’re running has significantly improved even even in in the last month, which is, so, I mean, it’s like obviously smoking cigarettes doesn’t help our cardiovascular performance, right Of course, yeah, Of course. Yeah, much, much easier said than done though quitting. Right? So, But that’s that’s that’s amazing. So this brings me to a point right? Because you said this earlier, you said for the last 15 years you’ve been in this place, right And over the last one year, you’ve literally transformed your life. Like you’ve transformed so many aspects of your life. And so the question that comes up to me all the time is, you know, how how or why do you or did you invest in yourself? Right. Like not over not not just the time commitment over this last year, but obviously a big pieces like the financial investment in yourself. what are what are kind of your thoughts around that, you know, like what like why why did you decide to invest in yourself and why have you continued month after month after month now for over a year to to invest in yourself?”

Carole: “Because I tried all the all the approaches for weight loss. Okay. And I I discovered that all of them were just for a short with the short term results results and unsustainable results. So I decided to to try something new which is which will give me long term results. Okay. So since I started with you and start to notice that I make progress month after month after month So that so I knew that, I’m now on the right track So this this bush me to continue with you and to, to move on and to to keep on and to be patient., and yeah, and to look for, you know, just I want to live my life with, with a sustainable lifestyle with a healthy lifestyle and enjoyable lifestyle. So, yeah, because I, I want something which gave me a long term sustainable results. Yes I love it.”

Coach Justin: “That’s awesome. That’s amazing. Well, carol so, I wanna, I wanna try to deliver as much value to the listeners here on the, on the podcast as we can So what, you know, if you had to give advice, right If you if you were to take yourself back to a year ago, three years ago, five years ago, right? And give yourself advice, right? If this future self, if this future version of you could go back in time, right And, and, and tell yourself, you know, give yourself advice, what, what would it be that you would that you would tell yourself, you know, what, what, what advice would you give yourself to, kind of, help you maybe, you know, start this transformation a little bit sooner.”

Carole: “I will give myself advice, I to stop follow fad diets okay, and try every kind of diet. I read about it because I was like this before, I, I used to see to see a lot of videos for influencers and to to try to find a way, to lose weight even if it will hurt me, or even it will be, you know, a hard way. So I will advise my to stop follow this fad diets okay? And just to look and to search to find really, realistic the lifestyle and, to find, find a way okay to to live my life with healthy and long term sustainable a lifestyle.”

Coach Justin: “Mm I love that. I hope, I hope those that are that that are listening to this, that, you know, maybe this story is resonating with you. I hope that I hope that that advice right there, you know, really, really, really find you and and and really opened your eyes and really challenges you to maybe think a little bit differently because, you know, again, this is this is so many individuals that come to me, you know, so many clients that I’ve worked with over the last 10 11 years here, that’s that’s what they feel, right I mean, looking even back to your initial questionnaire right now, in your in your in your coaching, your client folder, it’s like, you know, number one issue preventing you from reaching your goals, you’re like, I’m tired of dieting, right? And, and looking back in your coaching application. Same thing, Right? It’s like, I’ve tried every diet under the sun and I’m just tired of it. You know, I don’t I don’t like I want to figure this nutrition thing out. I want to figure out this, you know, how to live a healthy lifestyle and to not have to sit here and stress about, you know, the diet that I’m on or you know, that I can or can’t have this or that this is good or bad and you know, I think that so many people are, are in that same boat, you know, they they, when they finally come to work with me, you know what I always hear is is there ready to build out, you know, what’s sustainable for them, Right They’re they’re they’re tired of trying the diets that sound too good to be true. and they’re ready to to to find something that’s gonna work for them that’s sustainable. and and really it’s it’s about meeting you where you are in your journey of life, right? I mean, everybody’s different, everybody’s gone through so many different things that have influenced them and have gotten them to where they are today. And my job as a coach is to is to meet them where they are and to and to slowly but surely help to, you know get them the results that they’re looking for more importantly, get them to the place in life, you know help them to become the person that they want to become and I think that’s something that we’re all that we’re all striving towards, you know, that’s what life’s all about is continuing to evolve and into and to continue to work towards goals and get better and improve ourselves both personally and professionally there. So, I love that. I think that’s I think it’s it’s so cool just to be able to look back, you know, as we were talking before we started the podcast here, I was just looking back through through your, your coaching application and some of the things that we’ve heard today in the in the episode thus far. I mean looking back here, it’s like you’re having issues falling asleep at night you’re having, you know, low energy levels kind of that mid afternoon crash, bad mood, you know, your own kind of that calorie roller coaster there with calorie intake all over the place, right? And then if we look into even even biofeedback, which was something that we kind of started tracking, you know, after a couple of months in there, you know, digestive was definitely like much lower. We were we had some days we were skipping bowel movements. you haven’t mentioned, you know, like the temperature piece right body temperature. you know, the hair falling out, remember remember some of those things there that we also body temperature?”

Carole: “Yeah, I I used to feel cold I told you sometimes, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I I was suffering also with my hair, it was so difficult to, to grow okay, but now I have, you know, long hair healthy hair, not like before, yeah, when I start to eat a lot of calories, everything exchanged, even my hair, it’s yeah, you know.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, well, I mean, it just goes to show, it’s like, I mean when you’re, when you’re on these highly highly restrictive diets and and doing excessive amounts of of of working out there, you know you start to see kind of some of these symptoms, right You may start to see some, you know, potential, whether it’s, you know, not to go into the specifics there but you you might see some of these types of symptoms you know, for example, hair loss, for example, you know, always feeling cold and difficulty with regulating temperature and so those are just, you know, two of of many, many symptoms that can start to arise. but it’s it’s definitely something to watch out for, you know, I even see, especially on the female side, you know, losing menstrual cycle, and and things like that you know, kind of following up. So yeah, you gotta be careful, you gotta, you definitely have to be careful and you gotta, you have to have awareness around what some of these diets are doing to you, you know, carol talked to me a little bit about kind of the, you know when, when, through this whole time of us working together you’re not technically like a vegetarian, I mean, you you do eat fish, right? So pesca terry in there. So talk to me a little bit about like how you’ve been able to do such a good job with prioritizing eating an adequate amount of protein intake right? Because when we, like, even when we first started there, like you were, you were definitely a lot lower than you are now. Right. and so how have you been able to kind of do that? And and what challenges have you kind of met? And what have you noticed in terms of you know, obviously from a ability to build muscle with, with prioritizing eating an adequate amount of protein intake.”

Carole: “I always focus on animal products. Okay, because I couldn’t, I can’t eat chicken or meat. So all the time time, I focused on eggs and I yeah, exactly. Especially greek yogurt and I focused also on cottage cheese. Okay. And besides the fish, I I used to eat fish once or twice a week, sometimes once once a week. And I eat tuna. And I I also, I love this kind of wigan’s which is called Lucchini. It contains Allah Allah Allah of protein. I consider it as, you know, meat alternative So I used to eat it every day. I love this, this so I it’s a traditional here in my country. So we used to service as, you know, as a snacks as yeah, as a dinner. So yeah, this is my, my main sources of protein. Got it, got it. That makes sense. Well and you’ve, you’ve been, I mean if we’re just looking at the kind of the habit tracker, they’re looking at your protein intake. I mean even going back to, about a year ago, you know, you’re kind of like right at around 100 g or so and now and some days even below that, right? And, and now you’re averaging, you know 1 41 31 51 60 1, 56. Yeah. Now I have to eat 156. Yeah. So I hit the number and sometimes I I eat more than this number, Right?”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, so I mean you’re, you’re doing a phenomenal job with that for sure. I’m just kind of like looking back through the game plan and kind of looking through our notes over the last year, just trying to see if there’s anything, you know what’s, what’s really interesting, right? Kind of going back to you even the beginning here, there’s, there’s quite a few notes around like, you know what your biggest struggle was and a lot of it was mindset, right, wanting body comp changes so soon right? I mean like one month in, I think we were kind of getting in our head about that, right. you know social settings, binge eating a lot of that was kind of the you know, kind of getting through those, those mindset hurdles there in the beginning as to like how to create very clear expectations, you know realistic expectations as to what to expect, right? so but as we get into like november right, so after about two months I got a note in here feels amazing, confidence confidence is through the roof, mindset is on point right? So so starting to make some really good improvements with that, which is awesome. I also thought it was interesting that when you are you know, knowing that you were kind of scared of carbs and especially fruit when we first started literally the first thing, the first habit that we started, you know, working on improving was eating more vegetables and fruits and getting more of those into the diet and realizing why they were as important as they were so it’s it’s any time that you, you know, you go to start working with somebody and they and they tell you something that you’ve heard not to do from everybody else, it’s always it’s always you’re like scratching your head like wait what?”

Carole: “Yeah, yeah, exactly, because I used to hear that word that I shouldn’t eat fruits especially fruits because the fruits are contained a lot of sugar which make you gain weight and especially gain fat, so I had this before Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s it’s sad that that so many people, you know, put that message out there and and kind of scare scare people there. So when I’m, as I, as I kind of keep scrolling through this once we got into about february, so like four or five months, we really started kind of pouring into like education, right?”

Coach Justin: “We started teaching you more about metabolism, We started teaching you more about kind of these, these fad diets, right? Like learning more about keto and intermittent fasting. And so I think that’s been really cool as well. It’s just like seeing, you know, I kind of reference it as like I coach university and, you know, trying to help all of my clients that I work with, you know, get as educated as possible about nutrition. And then that way, you know, not only are y’all, like not only you as the client getting amazing results, but you’re able to truly understand how you got those results so that you can pay it forward and be able to share this with friends and family and help them to, you know, help them to kind of learn this and and get more educated and and be able to, you know, improve their quality of life as well. Yeah, so I think that was really awesome when you obviously we went, we went through kind of covid corona virus still going through that obviously but you know, even in the midst of that and even through kind of the crazy, I mean y’all had a pretty crazy locked down there for a while where I mean you were only able to go to the grocery store like one day a week, right for a period of time and it was like kind of announced week by week. So how are you able to kind of like navigate through that aspects of things too and and be able to not not let like how were you able to like kind of deal with stress through, you know, this time of maybe not having as much control over stress?”

Carole: “Yeah. I did as you told me before you told me to try to to focus on things that I control on it okay. And and forget things that I couldn’t control I can’t control them. So I start to to focus on to improve myself during this quarantine. So I I read a lot of books I focused on yoga and meditation, especially meditation. I can remember when you told me that to start to to meditate because it’s gonna help me to relieve stress and it’s gonna help me also to to sleep during quarantine, I had issues with sleep because you know, because anxiety and the situation around us. So so 1st, 1st 1st was were difficult days, but I after your advice I started to to to follow your advice. So I focused only to improve myself, I forget the outward and focus on my, my N word. So yeah, yeah that helped me and I I could I also I was able to stay consistent with my calorie. Ii was an on calorie deficit in that period. So I was able to stay on to be consistent with calorie deficit and I was consistent with with with my workout. So yeah, so I tried to invest in myself.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, yeah, I love that. That’s awesome because I mean, it really could have been, you know the other scenario, right? I mean, it could have been that, you know, maybe maybe you let all of that stress and and things that were outside of your control, kind of get to you and that caused you to, you know, not not work out and and not eat healthy and you know, smoke more cigarettes and you know, drink more alcohol I mean, who knows? Like there’s there’s definitely you know, it could potentially be a slippery slope right? When they, things like that happen to us when because it’s a trauma, right? I mean, any time that we experience something like that in life, I mean technically it is some degree of trauma, so dependent upon the degree kind of depends upon the the impact that that it has on, on people there. So I think that’s awesome that you’ve been able to just kind of navigate through that as well as you have. so if if if we think about kind of the, you know like just more value here to to give, to give some of the listeners here, what what would you say were you know, like if you if you had to think about kind of all of those, I don’t know, beliefs if you will over the previous 15 years, kind of before we started working together, what would you say? We’re like, we’re like the top three or top five myths that you used to believe and now, you know, to, to be a myth.”

Carole: “Yeah, five top math. okay. First met as I have to do a lot of cardio Okay to lose weight. I have to spend maybe one hour every day doing cardio to lose weight. The second myth about carbohydrate that I should, I shouldn’t eat carbohydrates if I want to gain muscle and I want to lose fat And the third math is about fruits, that fruit is harmful for health. It’s a it’s a, it contains only sugar. So it will, it will lead you to gain weight and yeah, for metha eating at night, will it will cause you gain where and will you make you fat? and first one? huh yeah, also a first month that I shouldn’t eat any kind of fat.”

Coach Justin: “Gotcha. Gotcha. Those are all good ones. And and I’m sure for those listening, like as you can see, right when you hear all of these things, well, what ultimately starts to happen, you you ultimately think everything’s bad, you almost you almost think you can’t eat anything right? It leads to restriction, right? I mean, ultimately when you look at the good and bad and don’t eat this don’t eat that list of the of these fat diets, it’s like man, like, well, what can I eat? I mean, it’s like, oh, you can have an ice cube, but we’re here like lettuce, right? Like you can’t have anything. And so as we know, restriction leads to binging, right If I was to sit here and tell you right now that you weren’t allowed to have, you know, X, y. Z. You’re gonna think about wanting to have X, y. Z all the time right? So the restriction leads to binging. I guess the only time when that doesn’t apply is when you have to, you know, cold go cold turkey and do something like, like quitting smoking cigarettes there, right? So that that I’m sure I guess kind of falls out of the rule, but that’s a challenge. All of its all of its itself. And I think you’ve done, you know what you’ve been able to do with getting as consistent as you had with all these other habits. It’s only gonna set you set you up to overcome, you know, this, this hurdle there for you as well and I know it’s early, right, it’s only been, it’s only been a month there, but again, I think that you’re in a really good headspace and a really good mindset to keep prioritizing, you know, keeping that, keeping that out of your life there. So, so carol look, I wanna, I definitely wanna respect your time here. I know it’s, I know it’s late on the other side of the world here, it’s mid afternoon for me and and you’re, you’re getting ready to go to bed here, so I really appreciate you taking the time doing this I just have one more question., you know, I think back to before you reached out to me and before you kind of found me and before we started working together if there, if there is any anybody right now that, you know, it’s maybe listening to the podcast or you know they follow me on social media or you know, there there may be in a similar spot as to where You were, but maybe there’s kind of on the fence about reaching out to to work one on one with a coach. What would, what would you what would be your advice to them? You know what, what, what would you say to those that you you know?”

Carole: “100% it can help to transform their life, but maybe they’re just they’re just not pulling the trigger Yeah, okay, I I say that stop stop, follow the fat diets, stop trying to find the right diet because there is no right diet. Okay., and I I passed them to to start immediately with icons and nutrition and invest in their invest their money and their in their health rather than spend their money and you know, on and, and, just a fad diets. So, and I I encourage them to to take the step and get into I crashed and nutrition and I I’m I’m sure, and I promised them that they will find a long term sustainable results and they will enjoy their life with healthy and healthy and, they will have a lot of fun because they will not, they will not put a lot of stress on their bodies when they follow the the fat diet. So, so I I advise them to invest in their health, invest, and start immediately with the Koch administration, wow! Well, thank you so much. I I’m humbled by that and and I, you know whether it’s with me or or or any other great coach or program out there guys. I think that there’s there’s a lot out there, but there’s also a lot that you gotta be, you gotta be careful of. Right? So, you know, just like any other profession, just like any other specialist you are my coach, you are my wonderful catch. So, yeah So I advise anyone to just to start with you. Yeah because I I I know you I I started with you and I met a big transition during the last year of my life So yeah, so I so advised my, I advise my friends, my my neighbors, my family, everyone.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, well, carol, thank you so much. I mean, that means the world to me. I, you know, that’s why I do what I do right, is helping people to, to transform their lives, like, like you’ve done over this last year and so you’re an inspiration to me, Your, your inspiration to hopefully everybody listening this year as well And, yeah, I’m, I’m excited as we move forward here and and into this new phase of of, of prioritizing performance and, and being able to, to really see what your body is capable of and, and, and really being able to accomplish things that maybe you never thought were possible. So I’m excited for the journey moving forward and, and again, thank you so much for for taking the time today. I think that this, this podcast was phenomenal and I, and I, I can’t wait to get it out and to allow people to listen to it and and allow them to, to inspire them and and educate them and motivate them to to want to go and, and, you know, work towards living and transforming their lives into, into the life that, that they want to live. And so, I love it carol. Thank you so much again for for taking the time today. Any any other final thoughts, Anything any any final words you want to share?”

Carole: “Their yeah, I wanna share something that before I knew you I I use I’m a kind of person who loved love traveling a lot. Okay, I forgot to mention this point, so I can remember when I start with you. Okay. It was the first time for me that I traveled okay and enjoy all the trip because I didn’t feel guilty. Okay, I didn’t stress on my on my body in the past when I used to travel all the time. I feel guilty when I have food when I trying new dishes or something like like this So this year I traveled before five months and I told you about that it was the best trip for me because it’s the first time that I enjoy every minute and every hour during the trip without thinking about food without feeling guilty or depressed or any kind of this emotional feeling.”

Coach Justin: “So yeah, yeah. This is also a big achievement for me, wow, well thank you for for for sharing that I mean again, you know, that’s what what this whole whole process and journey has has been about. You know being able to you know create more confidence and more freedom and flexibility and in in your life and You know, put you in a in a place where you feel confident in being able to live your best life and not have to feel, you know, as restricted around as around food and exercise as you have over the last 15 years here and so. you know, not only to get rid of, kind of the, you know, the fears around food and fitness there but but also to empower you and to to get not only the, you know, the body composition results that you’ve been able to achieve, but also the health and, and and now performance results that you’ve been able to achieve and we’ll continue to achieve. So yeah, it’s all kind of coming full circle, you know, it’s just it’s just triangle of awareness between health, aesthetics and performance and you know, you you truly are maximizing your potential and and every single one of them, so it’s it’s awesome to see, it’s it’s awesome to coach and I’m just excited for, for everything going forward there, so carol again, thank you so much for taking the time today and yeah, I I’m super excited to share this podcast. I think it’s gonna be very impactful to so many.”

Carole: “Thank you for you, Justin it’s my pleasure and always, I thank you for pushing me towards the success. Really, thank you so much.”