How Working With A Nutritionist Has Transformed A Couples Mind, Body and Life

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Coach Justin: So without further ado what’s up guys? How are you? 

Asha & Vivek: Everything good? Thank you for having us. 

Coach Justin: Absolutely, absolutely. Thank you for thank you for taking the time. I know y’all are, y’all are, y’all are super busy there. I see y’all, y’all, y’all dogs have come to make a podcast appearance, I love it. But guys, let’s, let’s dive right into it, basically You know, the point of these podcasts with clients for, for the listeners here is I want to be able to share the journey of working together, share the journey before we started working together and then kind of the journey of our six plus month kind of period of time. and and everything that they’re able to learn and incorporate into their lives. And so, guys, what I wanna do first here is let’s kind of dive into before kind of the journey before we started working together right, Why was it, you know, talk to me about your nutrition, your training, like, what were y’all current what were y’all doing from a nutrition and training standpoint before we started working together., you know, talk to me about the diets and the different the different workout programs and all that different stuff that y’all are doing there and what ultimately kind of lead you all to, to, to wanting to hire a coach and work one on one with a coach there.”

Asha & Vivek: “Yeah sure. And then that’s an, that’s an interesting question as well because we, we have been doing one or the other thing with respect to work out in order to keep in shape and, and be healthy. it goes back to my parents and they are, they’re really healthy. There are like 80 plus and 70 plus, but absolutely no health issues and they hardly go to doctors, they have really good teeth eyes everything in that age as well and they always owe it to the natural eating and workout. They do yoga and not more working, but somehow we are not able to keep up with that because with their lifestyle and social and I have always been trying to work out like something training yoga. We have done, we have done, we had even taken up swimming the racquetball We yeah, we run listen to something and keep running that one. And then on eating wise, I would say we were looking back completely confused. We have done so many types of diets. We have done every diet that you can think all right from everything from being only on the green juice for 10, 10 to 15 days to keto diet to polio like 100% protein and zero carbs, everything Oh, I was the latest thing like when we started talking to you, we were doing and honestly I did lose 15 to £20.03 to four times, but it feels good that when it comes back and it’s not consistent or sustainable. So we were wondering like how do we get back in shape fit body and mind, I’m very big on mind, we know that I mean that’s the root cause of everything and it can change or can make or break. We really wanted to get in that and, and we knew you through the podcast and through a common friend and then we decided okay, why we have been seeing just listening to Justin’s others podcasts and he’s been doing his nutrition, why don’t we just talk to him and understand what goes on there So many things we will really just hear from him. And that’s when we decided to call you. And I know if you told you, we that time we call you just to understand what you do okay. But the way you explained, we just ended up enrolling in the same call and it’s, it’s been great and after that we have never, we have never ever thought about nutrition and, and mind and bodies so much after that because it’s just the awareness after that.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, wow, that’s amazing. I mean, you know, as we, as we start to start to think about that and I’m kind of listening to it. You know, a lot of people listening to the podcast right now, like this could definitely resonate with them as to like all of the different diets and training programs and things that you all did, it’s like, it wasn’t necessarily like a lack a lack of effort or consistency or anything like that. It was just a simple fact that if I asked you the question, can you do this for the rest of your life? The answer was obviously no, and I’ve probably repeated that question multiple times over the last four or five months here with y’all as to like everything that we’re doing here, you know, can you do this for the rest of your life, You know, Because if you ask yourself that question right? And you and you can’t answer it with a yes, then what is the point of even doing it in the first place? You know? Because you’re setting yourself up to just keep repeating the cycle of starting and stopping. And I think when we think about living a healthy lifestyle, that’s not something that you start and stop, like it’s just something you keep doing for the rest of your life, you know? So I, I love that. I think that’s amazing. you know, I think, I think ultimately like most people kind of have to get to that place right where it’s like they’ve tried everything under the sun and they finally realize like, okay, like I, I need to get, I need to work with a coach. I need to work one on one with the coach. I need to get something that, you know, it’s individualized to me rather than me trying to like fit myself into this, you know, this cookie cutter box of a, of a diet. Right? So,, ASHA, I wanna, I wanna, we’ll kind of break down both of you all kind of initial assessments here. But, but talk to me a little bit about you and, and you know, obviously before we kind of started working together, right, we went through that initial assessment process and we started things off with that initial assessment call and in that call kind of like talk through some of those things that we that we highlighted like what what were some of those low hanging through as to like hey over the next six plus months we’re gonna really work on improving these things.”

Asha & Vivek: “Yeah. I always, I wanted to be like lean and masculine and those things like I always even even like as we were told one of the other things we have to keep doing it like it was not like sustainable. It’s not like long term like can you do this for your life long Or you know can you maintain it like life now? You know these are not the things like the the answer was like no it’s like you you lose £20, £15 again. Used to get back again. It’s more than that. 20 5, 30 lb. Used to get back. And then I was when I started talking to you the time that was I was on my highest like weight wise and then not feeling good wise. Like your body can kind of tell you that you know you’re feeling good or you’re not feeling good. So those are the things like I always used to sometimes get bloated, we used to eat food but not like thinking much what goes in there. Like are you eating enough vegetables like 800 Find it to 800 g is like it’s not like enough. But you say that that much vegetables you have to eat. But we never used to eat that much. Your body needs that much of a good feel. So those were the things that you explain that that and the thing each call used to explain me like you have to eat this and you have to log in your food and then over the last five months it’s like what I was now, what what, how I feel and then you know everything it has changed and then Before maximum weight I think I used to just live like around 15 pounds but now I can like lift like 25, for just for the like upper body. Or I was telling the other day like barbell hip trice. So I started with £10.01 day. Somebody left with £45. I mean not somebody we were left with £45 that’s a total £90. And I did 6, 8 6 – eight reps like three steps. Then I was like amazed. That has never happened before. Never happened before. And today I work from home. I mean I did my gym workout at home because I didn’t get time to go out. So we had like 20 lb dumbbells each and I never used to lift those. I was so fearful that I cannot do that today easily. I was telling that this is so light, You know why am I feeling It’s so light, That feeling right Amazing.”

Coach Justin: “Your food and your body relationship that I have learned in the last five months. It’s amazing, wow, that’s amazing. I mean, I, you know, I talk about it all the time, but like when I hear clients talk about these things, I mean it just it just it makes me so happy because it’s like, I mean, this this is what I’m trying to instill in people and get people to to see and to realize. And a lot of the times it’s like, we don’t we don’t know how good we can feel until we start feeling that way, because we have a million other things going on in life and most people write, don’t have, like they’re not doing this for a living, it’s not like their career, like they’re not focused on this stuff all the time. Like for me, technically it’s kind of easy to to do this, right? Because I mean, this is obviously I work with clients and all of that, but it’s like, this is like, like part of my job is living a healthy lifestyle and leading from the front and studying that example, right? So it’s still hard for me too. But it’s one of those things where it’s like I it’s way more of a focus for me than for a lot of other people. but you know, when you hear something like doing a hip thrust, when you first start, you’re only doing £10 right? And then now you’re doing £90 for for reps. I mean, that’s that’s amazing. You mentioned in one of our, one of our coaching calls there in terms of, you know, bathing the kids or no bathing the dogs right? So bathing dogs, you pick the dogs up, you know out of the bathtub and you used to have the lower back pain. And then now, like when you do it, you don’t because you’re getting so much stronger, right?”

Asha & Vivek: “Like people really don’t think nutrition is really really a bigger key thing. You know how you want to look or how you want to feel. They just think that paying money and going to the gym and doing that and the nutrition and real nutrition is so much of importance Even I never had that thing, that it has to be so much involved in our awareness on this. But after talking to you, we say yes, nutrition is the utmost. It just shows the difference, right? You don’t have to, like after a point, you don’t have to have somebody like you to convince you see the difference for me also has been tremendous small, small points skin, the feeling of your skin, it feels so good. People, like they see now you’re looking like younger day by day, you know that compliments. I mean, you know that you’re doing something like it knows that it works.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, I mean I love it. I mean, and and it’s one of those things I mean we have like clear research showing and supporting and backing this and it’s just like, you know, my job as a coach is to take all that research and all that that’s coming out, which definitely people are not paying attention to write and to bring it and simplify it and apply it to real world people living a real world life, right? and and and you know, you had mentioned kind of along with the skin there, right? Which is a, you know, when you start eating better quality foods and and the nutrition and training and all that point like seeing that, seeing that skin, hair and nails improve, like that’s definitely a very common thing that we see. You also mentioned kind of like the digestive piece, right? So like we talked about a little bit kind of the digestion, the bloating before we started working together and then kind of where it’s at now just to, right?”

Asha & Vivek: “Yeah, you want me to go, oh ASHA, I was, I was asking you, yeah, it’s like, yeah, I always used to be like bloated and not feel good and it’s basically, you know, you don’t feel good the whole day, your head is not working properly. It’s clogged and you know, lightheaded, always, you know, feeling like just lying down, you know, but now after doing this food and then exercise and then doing all these things. I feel very active. I and I think it’s it’s good to mention that to help. We both had always like always like a gas like problems, you know that, but it’s gone. It’s just gone. And that those are small small things that just tells you that these things work differently on you. You are what you eat basically Right? That that’s how it is. Yeah, I stole her lines Yeah, no, I love it. I love it. No, that’s awesome So, so if any, if anything else comes up to you as we’re as we’re diving into the vet, just just let me know. I know there’s a lot kind of tracing back. Yeah One more thing you remember that when we were like talking with one on a call that whenever I get my period I get the ball back and that day I don’t work for two days. I don’t work. But doing all these things huh I I still go for jim and I still work out I don’t feel any pain or very light I mean I would say, but not like how much I used to have like before but even like some of them I the cycle used to be like 23 days ahead of like more like, but After doing this I was telling him the last 23 months. I see that’s correct on that day like 28 or 2090s, the cycle, It’s 28, 29 days, wow, I can add to that. I mean, she’s less cranky, she’s more normal, so I can spend more time.”

Coach Justin: “Oh man, I love that, I love it, I love it Well, I mean, you know, I think the big takeaway there is this is that it’s amazing what happens when you start being more consistent with your nutrition and more consistent with your training. It leads to you having more consistent sleep. It has, it leads to you having more consistent menstrual cycles. It leads to you having more consistent digestion, energy levels hunger levels everything, right? And so it just goes to show it’s like consistency, right? I mean, everything affects everything, right? And so when you start getting when you start identifying the things that you’re not being consistent with, and you start being consistent with those things, there’s a carry over into all these other areas as well. and, you know, when you’re consistently working on living a healthy lifestyle, you will consistently fill and look and perform your best, right? And that’s the beautiful part about this, right? It’s like, you know, nutrition and, and, you know, training like nutrition and movement like it is medicine, you know, and we’ve known that for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years, right? We had Einstein or Aristotle or I don’t remember Socrates somebody like that, they said, they said nutrition be thy medicine, right? And and that was something that was said so long ago. So I love it. That’s amazing But they talked to me a little bit about your kind of your, your journey. So before we started working together, right? And then from there, we kind of started getting into the initial assessment before we kind of set up that game plan and that strategy for what the next six plus months are gonna look like. So what were some of those big kind of red flags for you when we first started working again?”

Asha & Vivek: “Yeah, yeah, sure. And then I remember some of those things, even now, it is kind of sad in my head forever. Like remember when we did the initial assessment, you ran us through, I think one week or so through the, through the eating habits like what we were eating, logging them and what I realized after that after the initial assessment is I was and I these are your words and this had in my head forever. Because later when we are consistent there’s just five years months down the line. That has shown a lot of difference. I was literally on a calorie roller coaster One day I would eat 800 calories Next day I would eat 2000 calories, the third day, another 1000 calories. And then amount of protein, which I had never focused on though, I, my, my my goal in life is always to be masculine. Have six packs. Okay. My goals will tell you in my life and I’m not shy about it and I want to I want to have muscles six packs and I want to be rich. And I remember that I know that I will get that. Okay. So Because I never focused on protein and that was an amazing realization I had when, when you were explaining that my protein intake was like what, 15 g per day, 20 g per day And then I was always wondering why is that muscles are not really even if I do work out. So all those things and that and then clearly through the body, calm the and then then we did the body comp analysis We saw the fat content was much more definitely. That’s where we all started. There are a few more things I would tell you a little before and after that, I always used to have constant headache because there and which always used to bother me that it creates that feeling of you’re not fresh, you’re not active, right? So those were some of the things that were happening and once regarded into this program, the importance of being consistent is it was the most important, the most important thing that that came to me. And that slowly has made tremendous difference for me by by nature. I always I always look at a cause and effect thing. So if you if you want to find, not only during nutrition or anything if you want to find, if something is really effective you’ve got to find out, go and find out whether it is whether isn’t making any changes in your life, isn’t making any difference, right? And for that you have to have a minute observation. You don’t want to be like get rich quick scheme. I mean all these diets diets are like that, right? You want to get rich and there’s nothing like that in life and we have we are entrepreneurs with, we know it, there’s nothing like that. So I saw some of the things after, after a couple of weeks, after a couple of months, right that my headache feeling is completely gone. I feel fresh and that was an amazing indication to me that what difference it can make, and that’s one. And then I started working consistently with the workout program and went exactly like getting the form right first and then go on increasing the weight. That just makes sense. Then getting into an injury because I have seen people getting injured I used to have elbow pain because I used to just go and just lift £40 and start doing things and then suddenly I have the elbow pain and things. So that’s all gone and I feel active, get good sleep and for me, I’m very big on mind and body because that’s the fundamental basis of life and and like my father always to tell me if you’re alive and healthy, you can do a lot of things, you cannot do anything if you’re not alive and not healthy, forget about it, right? So those are the basics, the values that we grew, it grew up with It was not hard to see the difference. It was almost like for me I was I was with the flashlight and I was always searching for these answers and these were coming to me one by one as an indication lot of small small things for me, like I should say, right, we love driving, we lo long drives and whether it’s a long drive or a long plane airplane ride always used to have this lower back, you know with the monkey tail bone is there. That that pain. So I cannot sit for a long time. And this time we went to district 12 hour drive zero, absolutely nothing. And we, wherever we got down we’re feeling fresh and they always not like that lethargic feeling and that’s the right word. You know, you feel like lethargic lying around somewhere keep not like that. We are always on the toes, keep moving and once you start seeing these differences there is no reason why we go back to what we had this is making difference. This is making in fact, I’ll tell you one other think that happened this, this awareness is helping us a lot in terms of even preparing food because we can make our food within five minutes now with earlier used to take a lot of time, you have the plan because Ashley is busy in the business side I’m busy, so we make our food like five minutes, 10 minutes and it’s still testing it, achieves your goals So what else do you want? Right? So those small small results is what matters. And I, when, when I take a bath, I feel my muscles and that’s a great feeling You.”

Coach Justin: “I love it, I love it. I love it. I mean man, it’s, it’s, it’s amazing. You know, when, when you first start this journey right for a lot of people right? It’s really, it’s, it’s hard, it’s challenging right? You’re battling adversity, there’s all these different things that are going on, but like to hear y’all, you know, five months down the road here and it’s like, hey, I used to spend this much time on grocery shopping and cooking and meal prepping and creating mills and planning my fitness pal it the night before and now it’s something that’s like super quick and easy, right? And it just goes to show it’s like anything when you first start doing it is hard. I always make the comparison of like buying something from IKEA and looking at the instruction manual and I’m like, oh my God, like, I can’t put this together, like, you know, and then, and then you and then you do it and you’re like, oh well that wasn’t that bad, right? We always blow things out of proportion. We always make things seem like they’re gonna be harder than, than what they’re gonna be and, and rightfully so when it comes to nutrition and training stuff, right? Because you’ve been sold a story of all these, you know, these these, these, it’s too good to believe true, It’s too good to be true type of type of situations and stories there, right? it’s kind of like what you said with the entre entrepreneur piece there with right? The the get rich quick scheme. So it’s, it’s just cool to see what happens when you trust the process and you play the long game and you, you try to convince yourself slowly but surely to fall in love with the process and the journey and everything that it’s going to do for you and help you become right, the person that you’re trying to become because that’s what you’re working too and you know, we can get really caught up on like the outcome, right? Like I want to lose this amount of weight, but if you don’t learn to like enjoy the process and the journey no different than anything else in life, then it’s just not like you’re not gonna stick with it, it’s, you’re not, it’s not gonna be something that transforms transforms your life, it’s just gonna be another thing that happened in your life. Yeah, Yeah. And I think you you have one life. You your body deserves this, right? You got to give this time and effort. And one point you may write this has been proven over hundreds of years. That’s how humans are born. That’s how humans are evolved So it cannot make sense that you remember that you had, I was like getting very frustrated with seeing the number on the way.”

Asha & Vivek: “So you made a point. It’s just a machine and that’s such a number. My world could be just logging, just see what happens. But not to worry on that number. You know, that really helped the numbers things same But seeing the pictures before and after. You see the difference, but number, it’s the same way. So that shows there is a change. But you know, don’t worry on the number on your skin, but you keep going. And I know that this has made me realize that I need to be really patient with my body Like I told you right it’s just the my cycle is 28, days. It’s just the last two months. But I have been doing it for five months So that three months after three months, this is a result. So your body also takes some time to get used to it. You have to be really patient man.”

Coach Justin: “I love that right there. That’s an amazing take away from your listeners right here. I need to echo that from the rooftops, patience, patience, patience and it’s so much easier to say than to do, right? But like, they’re a testament, you know, to, to, to what patients looks like and what it does for you. You know, I, I we talked about, you know, that you mentioned there like you have one life, right? And you know, a big thing that we talked about a lot and I’ve seen this even carry over is like, y’all are parents, you have kids right? I work with a lot of parents with kids. And you know, at the end of the day, I get so many questions around how do I, how do I teach my kids to eat healthy or this or that? Right? But like really what we gotta do is we gotta look at ourselves in the mirror and we’ve gotta ask ourselves, what are we doing How are we living our life, right? Because ultimately once you start to transform your lifestyle, the kids or the family or the co workers or the friends, like they will follow suit because you will lead, you will lead from the front and you will be that example and they’ll see what it does for you in terms of you starting to feel better and look better and perform better and they want to be a part of that. So, can you talk on that a little bit like what, how has this process and journey in terms of the transformation in y’all’s life, has that house that kind of affected your, your kids there.”

Asha & Vivek: “Yeah, definitely. And I’ll let you jump in after after I say few things. and this, this is the truth about, about life itself, right? that you become basically who you surround yourself with, Right That’s right. But there is 11 saying that I believe with my whole heart of today’s, if you are with four million ears, you will be the fifth one. If you are with four broke people, you build the fifth one and it is so true, it’s so true about these habits as well So our kids are seeing us now right in, in terms of what we eat, we work out, we make time for workout we plan our things around that and there it is, it has taken some time, but there’s no point forcing these kids, I mean it’s the same thing like doing crash direct So let them see, they ask questions while reading this and things and it keeps on going that way. And now everyone, she plays a lot of tennis, which which we shared with you, you gave us this video. So we sat and talked to her the same thing about protein veggies and the water and we are seeing slowly changes in their eating habits. So they focus on protein in fact apple a day has changed to avocado a day now, right? I mean some of those things, we always a lot of avocados at home now. they’re always there, we just line them up like raw and they’re right. So they just keep coming in line. So I would say the eating wise, their habits have gone up, they’re not fussy about about eating my younger one was has a sweet tooth. Always used to go heavy on ST now. That has changed too. Sometimes there’s one difference we made. I think you mentioned you mentioned that, I remember that don’t stop desserts at home, that becomes a food to go Out and eat then that has a value and then you can eat, which is true Otherwise you can end up eating 2000 calories in one dessert. That’s what used to happen with our kids. So that has changed and she has started appreciating it. In fact, she has started appreciating the fact that desert once a week or sometimes just a lot more yummy than eating it every day. So those small things and it has made Usher’s job easier in terms of cooking we all cook the same thing. It’s even faster now and easier. My kid being two girls. So I want the like during time of the month, right? So it has, it has to go like normally not like they have to sit. I always tell when my other one she got she got when she got her period and I said, okay, my tummy is hurting So I I take a bike and go, you know, that’s fine So she she does that. I mean from the beginning and now also if she has something, she won’t stop, she won’t sit at home. She she does, she go, she goes to tennis and she goes please and come back, you know those things. So I want them their life to go easy It’s like being their women like there period thing and then having babies and then having the later life and then, you know, I started all this when I was like 42. Now, see when they start now at this engage then look at the future, right, if that becomes their habit now that consistency and the lifestyle, I mean it’s just going to do great for them in the future.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah absolutely. Well and that was one thing, you know, we talked about a lot right with, with just women in general, you know, you mentioned the menstrual cycle several times, right? We also have like menopause that comes up eventually. Right? So we want to, you know like what those years leading up to menopause look like for you a lot of times determines how menopause goes for you. you know, and then the other piece, we talked about a lot was like with the string training piece and eating an adequate amount of protein and preventing things like osteoporosis later on in life there, right? And, and so you know, these are all things that are very undervalued, but if we can start prioritizing them getting and getting consistent with them and see the value in doing it, then, I mean it is truly life changing. the back, I wanna, I wanna ask you one piece I, I can’t believe you left out out of our assessment here. The sleep, the sleep piece when you first, when we first started working together. If I’m not mistaken how many, how many hours of sleep were you, were you averaging there about 4-5 hours, four To five hours of sleep. So, so how’s your, how’s your sleep doing now”

Asha & Vivek: “And, and, and, and how have you started to prioritize sleep and, and why do you prioritize sleep now? Yeah I mean that was, that was another huge realization I agree, I left that out and has made a tremendous difference honestly, like we being an entrepreneur sometimes, things come in the night, so like we have talked about it many times, so having One time to sleep let’s say eight pm I sleep, it hardly happens for us So it’s very dynamic, but after we try and get the sleep some in the afternoon, but try to hit like seven hours of sleep? I’m averaging seminars every day. In fact, like I was, I was watching closely after coming back from vacation again that I’m till today consistently have, it’s at least like 7 30 minutes, seven hours 20 minutes. It is just going that way. What I found differences sleep, sleep, the good sleep has made me more active. I’m able to lift more weight. There have been days where I don’t get sleep and if I go to the gym, I’m not at the best of my performance. I don’t even know whether it really helps muscles, which I believe it’s not, it’s all connected. But I have seen differences in in lifting the weights. I have seen differences in focus. Like when we’re doing something the efficiency, like what you can do in what I used to do, let’s say in 23 hours now I can do it in one hour because the focus that gives so definitely a lot more, lot more small, small differences that I have seen that before after talking to her. Yes, sleep is important It just brings a lot more focus and and the active lifestyle for sure. So that has helped tremendous.”

Coach Justin: “Yes. Yes, I love That. I think it’s, I mean, you know at the end of the day, sleep is definitely one of the most undervalued, you know, factors out there and when we hear that we’re supposed to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night, most people laugh. They’re like, I wish right? Like that’s that’s the response and it’s like you wish like, no, no, like this isn’t an option, right Like you brush your teeth every day because you don’t want to get cabinets and spend all this work on dental work. Like I know you maybe don’t have the immediate repercussions, like you do with that and maybe it’s more of a long term thing, but like sleep is so important I mean, I cannot, I cannot talk about, I’ve had so many people come to me where they’re training, their nutrition was on point, but they’re sleeping for five hours a night and wondering why they feel like crap look like crap and perform like crap. And I’m like it’s like the sleep, it’s screaming at you. Like, it’s it’s like, it’s lighting up. It’s like, it’s like fix this. Like this is the, you know, so anyways I could run on sleep all day long. I, I had a, I had a discovery call yesterday with somebody who was enquiring about coaching and you know, that that was one of one of the things that was the biggest game changer for him that he had kind of figured out on his own before he even came to me. And we had that conversation yesterday was, he was like, I neglected sleep and I saw that what that did to my hormones testosterone levels. Like dropped significantly. Like sex drive dropped significantly And so it just goes to show like chronically living in a sleep deficit 100% it starts to affect you from a hormonal standpoint and then all these other kind of symptoms that we, that we’ve discussed there. So guys, I always ask this question to every client that I work with because I think it’s, I think it’s so important There are a lot of different training programs. You can go buy a meal plan for $99 whatever, right? But I’m a big believer in one on one coaching being the best way to go about it because again, it’s like if people think about all the money that they spent up into this point on all these different diets and whatever else, like, and they still feel lost and they still feel like they haven’t developed the skill set, they’re not confident in it going forward, then that’s, that’s crazy. You know, like I want, I want people, when they go through, I coach university after six plus months of working together to feel confident that they have developed the skill set and that they are gonna be able to stay consistent with this for the rest of their life. So when you think about investing in yourself right, there’s nutrition coaching out there for $100 a month, $200 a month, $300 405 $600 a month. I mean there’s a lot of different coaches out there, but when we, when we, you know, have that conversation around money and and price and all that investing in yourself when, when y’all heard kind of, hey, we’re gonna have to invest, you know, $3000 into the next six months of this nutrition and training journey, how did y’all validate that? Like why, why, why did y’all see the value in that?”

Asha & Vivek: “So I was, I have always seen one thing Justin and it’s, it’s with respect to, I mean, it’s the same, same is true with the nutrition and the work out of the body, right That I’ve always seen people who invest in themselves have always been more successful and whereby success I don’t mean always money. I’ve always seen them happy consistent and ongoing and I mean the examples are out there, even you look at the most successful athletes to even the actors or even the writers, they all say the same thing., and having tried a lot of things and some of those things, including taking subscription to those Youtube workout programs, we have done that too. She’s laughing because she took one and I was following that, that just does not work because I think I after this awareness also we realize that more is everybody is different and it needs some time to go through and see how, how tweaking needs to be done and it just works right? So for us, it didn’t take much time to think because we knew for sure that what we needed was a little bit of deep dive on each one of us, like separately for me and for Russia to go through and understand what’s going on with my body and the goal being that like I said, I just want to be muscular and fit throughout and it has and now I can see that I’ll just get better and better. That’s it. I’m very confident on that one. So unless you invest in yourself, you’re not going to get whatever you want to do. I mean, irrespective of anything that you want to do in life you are, if you are is just not going to happen and that can happen only through a proper focused one on one coaching so far as It was not about $3,000. I mean the R. O. I. On this is much more higher. We know that whether it’s a body or it’s a business, in fact it is helping us in our business is so much we cannot tell you, okay, it’s a small, small thing, I would say that if you go on the internet and find, so I want to be lean and muscular I want to need a lot more things that come up. That’s what we read and we do crappy things and we screw up our body and everything right? So investing in ourselves and then having this nutrition coaching with you is like small small things that you explain everything is not what you go and read in google, right, google It’s like people like us, we don’t have a nutrition knowledge, nothing about it. And they go, right, right and we read that and we try to follow that now, what are you going to achieve in that? Right? So there are things even we have found that somebody says that, hey, all these good and other guys says it is not good for you, so many everything is they’re going to follow like yeah, see that’s what people have to prioritize in their life, is like investing in themselves. It’s such a big thing that we realize, right, we’re so many we buy good clothes, we buy those things and we go eat out like once you go out in every week, Every week we spend around $92,000, it’s like $400 per month. Why can’t you invest in yourself? Right and that’s your health, your life you have to invest on. So yeah I mean, I would, I would say when it comes to investing in in in themselves, for people, like for us it was not a second thought, it was not about that 3000 or anything. We just knew that it has to happen. It has to be focused, it has to be something that works for me, it has to be something that someone listens looks at me and then what needs to happen. I mean those are very important things. So I would say they should not be even second thought on investing on each body needs like different inputs or different tweaking, everything is not available on google, one size does not fit all so well, I, I, you know.”

Coach Justin: “If we think about I coach and and and where that name came from and and how it was developed and it’s like that I, and I coach stands for individualized, right? So that’s what, that’s my goal is. Like, you’re 100% right? Every single person in this world is different and in some regard, right If not multiple regards. And so, like, we have to, my job as a coach for, for both of y’all, there was like to meet you where you were in your own journey and of course there’s some similarities, you are married right? I live under the same house all of that, but even within that there’s tons of differences, Right And so I think that’s the beauty of one on one coaching and that’s something that group coaching or an e book or a meal plan or any of that’s not really gonna be able to do. and so I think that’s an amazing takeaway there. So, I, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna leave leave off with this and I might be putting it on the spot here if you haven’t thought about it, but I’m sure you’ll probably thought about it quite a bit, I’ll start with you if you’re thinking about, right, we’re coming up on, on five months here coming up on on on six months, right? If you’re thinking about what’s happening in these last six months and you think about what’s gonna happen over the next six months, the next year, the next three years, the next five years, What are you most excited about for this new lifestyle kind of going forward in terms of everything that you’ve learned in the habits that have changed and and just the goals that that you want to continue to work towards an accomplished because as I’ve mentioned to you all many times, right, is like, I’m so excited of everything that you’ve accomplished thus far, but it’s just the beginning, right? I mean, this is the beginning of a very, very long journey. We have, Y’all got 50 years ahead of you, 60 years. I mean you got a long time ahead. So what are you most excited about as we move forward?”

Asha & Vivek: “So for me, the most exciting part is like the day we started this and the goal I want to reach Like, people have to stop and ask me. So what did you do? Right, how did you, How did your body become like this? How did what made you like you’re looking like this in your 50 years, like 50 year of age, 45, whenever I reached that goal. Right? So that would be my rewarding thing and the most satisfying thing like people asking me, you know, what did you do to reach looks like forever And the, and the beautiful part about that will be is when they come to you and they ask that question you’ll be able to give them an honest true answer of what it truly takes not. Oh I did fit tummy tea or detox this, you know what I mean? Like because because that’s, that’s what people think when they go and they see these, these things happen. They’re like, oh, they must have done jenny craig or whatever, right? And so, it’s just a beautiful opportunity, you know, for all of the transformations for people to be reminded that hey guys, like we do not have to make nutrition and training and all this stuff like super crazy complicated Like I know your life is complicated. So let’s try to simplify this, you know, simplify the process and make it work for you and your specific lifestyle that you live. So I love that. I think that’s amazing. It’s like in a month I became like this, I mean patients right? And consistently in patients, they have been seeing like how I was and then slowly like 23 years becoming like that. So you take a stain.”

Coach Justin: “That’s, I mean, and that’s and that’s such a great point because again like, you know, people aren’t gonna come up to you and start asking those questions right? Until they’ve seen you follow through with the process and you’re like, not just talking the talk, but you’re walking the walk? Right? Like anybody, I mean, we know, right anybody, anybody can lose weight, like it’s not hard to lose weight. What happens though is that they lose the weight and then they gain it back plus more and that’s the vicious cycle there. I mean, nobody wants to lose weight, get all the compliments, feel good about yourself and then gain the weight back plus more I mean, what that does for your psyche there? I mean that’s, that sucks. You know, like, nobody wants to like, you’re in your own head about it, right? So it’s it’s, it’s just one of those things where it’s like yes guys, patience, patience, patience, it’s gonna be reminded to you a million times in this podcast I’m I’m sorry if if you get tired of me saying patience but I promise you it’s it’s a great reminder and it’s a great reminder for myself with being an entrepreneur right? Or any of my nutrition and fitness goals, like with y’all being entrepreneurs, it’s it’s the same thing, right? Like nobody, nobody changes their mindset or changes their life or any of this stuff overnight It takes it takes time, right? So I love that. So what are you, what I know we’ve talked about a lot of a lot about this, but what are you most excited about as you, kind of, as you, kind of look into the next six months? The next year? The next three years. Next five years.” 

Asha & Vivek: “Yeah. And I’m like, you and I spent time right talking about it. I’m always this big picture guy. I always see myself six months, one year, 10 years down the line. And that’s why I tell you, I I look myself to be more masculine with six packs and a lot richer. I’ll tell you that we’ll have, did she make fun of me for me? What excites me a lot is what we have achieved through these last 4.5 5 months. It just shows me that those dots are getting connected. I’m getting there and I am seeing that picture more and more brighter and clearer and crisp now and where this is going to take me is I mean every day or every month, I just see better myself when we do the body calm when I’m, when I’m brushing my teeth I see my muscles when I see that like my posture, my standing and I don’t know how people whether people realize this or not having having a good body and being healthy, just boost your confidence in all areas. And that is that I’m very big on that because particularly like we being entrepreneurs, that’s a big thing for me, I want that. And if my mind and body gives me that I’m taking it, no matter how much effort I have to put in it. So over the next five months, six months or one year, I, what excites me is that it’s just gonna get better and better. I see myself clearly. I see myself. How am I how I’m gonna look like how I’m going to operate in the business or, or anywhere or even if I’m standing somewhere like she said, like on magazine it will look Just like me and my two daughters feels good. Okay? Till I became 42. And that’s another thing. Justin I’m 42, I’m able to build muscles. I was told that you cannot build muscles after I remember I had asked you this question in the beginning and that’s amazing thing what you can do of course might take a little more efforts. That’s fine. I mean, and again, I was just saying when you’re talking, nothing comes easy. Whether it’s a body, it’s money, your effort Okay. It’s just that keep working through. It has been proven over time, over the years. Just trust the process You cannot be exporting everything. Just leave it to someone who knows and just follow it. That’s what we are doing. Honestly. I think, yeah, it happens. I think after 40, it’s starts you know, it starts saying, right, you know, the age is going down then I okay, you will see me after a few Yes, I want one more thing we had Diwali. It’s a indian festival two weeks back and and Asher and I we take it’s about family get together and we both took pictures and I think she put it on her profile and we got a lot of comments that these two guys just getting younger and younger. Okay. So like, okay, there you go. It’s getting started. And honestly, I mean that came from her physics. They said like, okay, you guys, I don’t know what you’re doing, but you guys always look happy younger and younger every year. So we’re getting there. Thank you. That’s amazing. That’s such, I mean, you know those types of of compliments and and and seeing ourselves in the mirror and like I mean these are all things that that drive us and motivate us and make us happy and and and and push us to want to keep doing it right. one question came to mind when you all were mentioning all of these amazing things, which was like when you when like if we’re thinking back to like the whole weight piece, right Like we talked about being patient, we talked about like, you know, trusting the process, right? All of this stuff. So when you see something happening with the scale there, right? I mean, I always give the comparison of like, especially if you haven’t been doing string training consistently, you could lose £10 of body fat and gain £10 of muscle and the scale show is nothing a zero change. Right? So how did you kind of like, trust the process, right? When maybe you’re seeing these things with the scale kind of not going in the way that you wanted to. Like, I mean because for a lot of people they see that scale number go up and automatically, they’re like, you know what, screw this it’s not working. I quit. No. Yeah, but I think every week that call happens, so I used to tell you that I know that my weight is not going down, you know, it’s just like that I’m doing it. But then you mentioned just stuck in my head think that that’s just a machine Just see the number, just log, see the number, just like, you know, there is no second thought. So I just blindly trusted on your belief that but you’re losing you’re losing the fact, but you’re gaining the muscles I just blindly. Yeah, believed in you. And then after a month when I took a body calm, my weight was still that. But I could see my fat has gone and I could see the muscles coming up and then I could see when you touch here, I think I could see that muscle building up. You know, those small, small things like I told you that Yes, no, you have to trust this process You know, just blindly trust this process and be patient be consistent and keep going, keep going and you will reach your result in in society and I know I’m not wrong by saying this, I’m sorry, I’m adding this one in our society, there is a misnomer that being healthy is weight and hey, I mean, and people always, and we were like that, right? We always wanted to lose weight but why, I don’t know, I just want to lose weight. But I think the greater thing, what we realize is it’s not about the weight, it’s about how you feel and can you make it part of your life? So now, so muscles are good, they’ll let you stand even when you’re 90 years We have seen so many people that do that, right, that it’s about that, it’s not about that, that short thing just to lose weight and you will look good. You might be crappy even after losing weight and I’m no doubt on that one. So it’s, it’s about there, it’s about building that lifestyle and making yourself overall healthy is very important. What’s important. I think that’s what people don’t understand.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, no, absolutely I mean I couldn’t agree more. I think it’s, you know what we’ve kind of mentioned a few times as to like what’s defined as kind of that triangle of awareness if you will, right? Like to your point, you can lose weight, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s gonna make you feel better or perform better, right? And so really the goal here as we’re, as we’re going through this is like we want to start feeling better, we want to start looking better? And we want to start performing better. We want all three of those things that happen because that’s ultimately what leads to you having a better quality of life, right? And wanting to, you know, seeing the value in it and wanting to continue to prioritize and going forward. I mean, for me, I think to myself, I’m like, man, I’ve been in the, in the fitness industry now for 10, 11 years and, you know, it’s, it’s it’s it was the, probably the greatest reminder ever after I finally stopped being an athlete and stopped competing in crossfit, because I was the first time I I wasn’t playing sports my whole life since I was like three. And and in that first year I saw myself like letting go of things like not working out as much, like eating worse, drinking more alcohol not prioritizing sleep, all those things starting to happen, and I thought to myself, I’m like, wow, you know, you it is so, so, so easy to not prioritize living a healthy lifestyle, it’s so easy to fall into that it’s so easy to choose everything else over that until you have that scare, right? Or you have the grandchildren whatever, but something happens, and you have that lightbulb moment of like, oh my God, like, I gotta start prioritizing this, right? And it’s it’s never too late, right? But why wait, why not start now? Why not start start working on this now? Because it’s gonna leave, it’s gonna lead to such a better life. And I think it’s just a great reminder for all of us that you know, don’t take your health for granted, right Because the worst thing is, you need to reduce, you need to start working on your way to friends and then they, is that now you are in that fear and you’re, you’re frantically trying to work your things and to the nutrition and whatnot, right It’s better to be proactive. I mean, human bodies are designed like that. So you just better take invest and take care of it. That’s all it is. Yeah, absolutely much, much easier said than done, right? But hey, if you can, if you can start doing it and it doesn’t have to be crazy, crazy changes or something extreme. It’s it’s, if you can slowly start making small changes start stacking up little wins, it will lead to two big wins and into a much better quality of life there So guys, I can chat with you all day. I want to respect your time and no, no, we’ve got other things we’ve got to get to here, but thank you so much for taking the time and doing this podcast and sharing kind of, y’all’s journey of us working together. you know, I think that there’s so much value in this episode And so I’m excited to be able to share that with the listeners. any final thoughts that you all have, that you wanna, you wanna share here before we sign off.”

Asha & Vivek: “Well, I would certainly one thing that, and I am a big believer on this is your mind and body is everything It’s a fundamental basis for your life. No matter what you want to do, whether good or bad, it is the fundamental land, then I think it’s one life. It at least deserves some investment. That’s what I believe. I would say that women should not think that strength training is just for the men and for us by doing all the work we get the body workout. So we should not do strengthening anyway. We work. Yeah, they should prioritize on their nutrition and strength workout. They should not feel less that, you know, compared to them, the men, so equal importance, right? For your nutrition and taking care of your health and doing strength workout. It’s it’s it’s very important. Absolutely. I mean, I couldn’t agree with that more, I think for, for, for both men and women, but especially for women, it’s like the strength that comes from getting stronger in the gym what that does for every other aspect of your life is amazing. There’s such a, there’s such a carryover in that. And so yes, like take up space, don’t be afraid Don’t let that guy say, oh, this is my squat rag, kick that dude off, take the squat rag, put on the weight and get strong, you know, like it’s, it’s it’s an amazing thing that will do for you and I, if I’m, if I’m blessed with a daughter, I know for sure that is definitely gonna be something that, that I work to instill in her.”

Coach Justin: “So guys again, thank you so much for taking the time and yeah, until next time!”

Asha & Vivek: “Thank you so much!”