The Story of A Seven Year Journey to Build Confidence With Her Nutrition and Training Through Working With A Nutritionist

Coach Justin: “Welcome back to I coach nutrition radio today. I have a very special guest, a client that I’ve been working with. I would argue you are probably the client that I’ve been working with now, the longest amount of time Well you and you and rob I guess, but without further ado amy, what’s going on? How are you? I’m good. How are you?”

Amy: “I am doing well.”

Coach Justin: “I was just reflecting back there for a second and I was like, wait a minute is amy like the longest client that I’ve ever worked with I guess there’s a few it has. It has. I mean I guess so you rob and and Michelle y’all are probably like the three that I’ve worked with like for the longest now because we’ve been working together now Essentially since I kind of like started in the field, like we started working together at 24 hour fitness when I was a personal trainer. which was how many years ago”

Amy: “Oh My gosh, it was probably, I want to say seven or eight years ago. It’s been a while”

Coach Justin: “wow, that is, that’s amazing. I can’t believe you still like me.”

Amy: “Well, you know, we have moments, I’m just kidding. Well I’m super I know on some of the workouts I was not happy with you, but I was very happy after.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, well and there’s definitely a kind of an evolution of like our coaching experience, right? Because it started off like in person during like personal training and and we did that for the majority of it, and then here recently we kind of, you know, switched into kind of more like this one line coaching role and we’ve been doing that for a little bit of time now, but yeah, it’s been a long long time and so I’m super, I’m super excited to be able to kind of dive into obviously our journey of working together, but what I wanna do here first, just to kind of give people a little bit of you know, kind of background, you know, as we build into the story so in terms of like your just like nutrition for you you know, growing up, like you know, where you into like sports and stuff for your athletic, like just kind of give people a little bit of background on kind of how you were, you know, as a kid growing up and and then also kind of like what your relationship was with nutrition.”

Amy: “Sure. Well growing up, I grew up in a very small town and my mom was a stay at home mom and I really had absolutely zero background with knowing proper nutrition or like what a good diet was because it was a very country background where we had a lot of fried food and you know, my mom just wasn’t raised that way and so we really weren’t either and I feel like it was kind of smaller school and we just didn’t have a lot of nutritional awareness. Just growing up, I did dual sports when I was younger, so my main sport was tennis and luckily that kept me pretty fit when I was younger and I could eat basically anything I wanted because I was probably just burning so much but whenever I started kind of getting into college and I didn’t, I really work out at all and I kind of kept eating what I wanted. I think mid twenties it just started really affecting my body composition and I was kind of looking for ways that’s how we met to just learn about nutrition and find out good like workout routines and just find out, I didn’t even know the basic building blocks and what should I do with nutrition and what should I do with a like habitual workout, because I just had never been taught those things, right?”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, I mean it’s it’s so crazy. I mean obviously I knew our podcast kind of coming up today and I’m like just thinking back like through, you know all the way back there, through, I didn’t even realize it has been seven years, but you know, like through those, that that period of time when I first met you at 25 Fitness, because I mean a lot of that stuff for you, I mean you’re right, it was just, it was like so new and, and honestly, I think that’s where a lot of people are at. You know, I think a lot of this stuff is really, really new because I mean, we were I mean like most people were never really taught this stuff, you know, growing up in school, you know, unless maybe their parents were living that that lifestyle already, you know, and so I think a lot of people are in that same exact position. I think the the cool thing for you, the exciting part for you is that you were how old were you again when, when we first started I want to say I was 26, Okay, so so at 26 years old, you know, at least you were able to, even though, you know, you didn’t have that stuff figured out before then, but at 26 you were able to start to educate yourself and kind of equip equip yourself with the tools that you needed, you know, and, and now over the last seven years, what you’ve been able to do, but I just think that, You know, at 26 at least it was 26 and it wasn’t later I mean there’s, I can’t tell you how many people come to me, you know at 40, 50, 60 and beyond and and that’s when they’re starting the journey and so obviously it just gets harder and harder and harder you know as you push this off, and and so I think, I think that’s a really interesting point is just like, You know, reminding people like if you are, if you feel lost with this stuff, it’s no different than like finances A lot of people don’t learn finances growing up either you know, and so if you feel lost in these areas, I mean it’s 2,019 now, so it’s like you can truly look on like Google and YouTube and like this information is out there everywhere. I think the difference is is like, you know, when you work with a coach, they can like individually, you know, helped to apply that into your life and then also hold you accountable and kind of, you know coach you along the way, which our journey has been, you know, extremely long here, which is awesome. I mean I think that, you know, will work for somebody, obviously the personal training you know starting with that was was kind of a little bit different than with the online coaching, but even with the online coaching, I mean now that I’ve been doing it for a year and a half, like we’ve had clients that have been working with us for over a year. And so if you think about in the grand scheme of things, it’s like if you live to be 100 years old, like if you work, if you work with a coach for one year that could potentially set you up for such, you know, a better life going forward.”

Amy: “Yeah, I think the biggest component for me too has been accountability. I just have such a busy active lifestyle as you know, my job to accept so much of my life and it’s, you know, I’ve gone through a lot of seasons in my life since I’ve known you, and it’s just been that source of having someone that it kind of like pings on my radar because I know I’m going to have to meet with you and then I know like if I did what I wasn’t supposed to do that week, that you’re gonna be disappointed, so it just kind of has helped hold the accountability piece of it because my lifestyle is so busy and active that it’s easy to kind of forget, like, or just take the easy way out and say, okay, well I’m not gonna do it this time because I’ll have time tomorrow and so just kind of became a way of holding myself accountable because I knew I had to speak with someone about what I did, right.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, I mean, like I, I tell you all the time, I mean I have a nutrition coach as well and it’s like you know, it’s 100% for the accountability piece, like there’s just something about checking in with your coach on a weekly or bi weekly or monthly basis, you know, that you know, accountability is everything, like, I think, I think it’s really, really, really hard for us to hold ourselves accountable, right? And and I think that’s where, like, coaches come in, I mean, you see all the successful people have coaches like, whether it’s with nutrition or personal training or that type of Phil, or maybe it’s business coaching or maybe it’s, you know, leadership coaching or speaking or whatever it may be, but it’s like everybody utilizes a coach at some point in their life. And so I think you know, start thinking about, like, for the listeners here, like start thinking about like, you know, who have I like in what area have I used to coach in my life before and as I, as I segment into, you know this area of my life, like have I worked with a coach and, and maybe you’ve been able to figure it out on your own and that’s great, but like, by working with a coach, you could really evolved in that area of your life as well. So anyways, I don’t want to get off on too much of a tangent here, starting to go super super deep, I love it, I love it. but I want to dive into, so when we first were going through those years at 24 hour fitness, like share with us, like a little bit of kind of and it might be hard to think back on, but some of those like early, like really big wins for you in terms of the nutrition side of things and then even into like kind of the exercise and lifestyle.”

Amy: “Sure, well, gosh, whenever I started I was extremely out of shape and luckily I was in my mid twenties so it didn’t show as bad, but I think it’s it was really telling, but I remember our first workout, even though it’s been that many years ago because it was just so it was so pathetic and it was literally, we’re just teaching me like a more dynamic warm up and I was dying just from the warm up workout and we started off really basic, where it was as simple as like gearing my mind to just like start something as a two week at a time habit. And I remember my first one was really simple but it really changed like and made kind of more building box for nutrition as a whole and it was just eating breakfast every day and it was so silly but I just was so nutritionally and fitness dumb, like whenever I went into it, that just the basic building blocks we started with that and just by doing like, I don’t know, it was just motivational to not put on so much like we didn’t try and tackle everything at one time so I didn’t feel like I was a failure when I came in the next week, like we just added in things gradually so I’d say after a couple of months I really had like full workouts going in, maybe I was doing it four times a week even, but we kind of gradually stepped into that and then my nutrition was like a full range of nutrition and it was from better sleeping too. Obviously I was kind of slimming down and becoming more of the body composition that I wanted to be and I just felt better, I had more energy, everything and it was probably within six months that we had a full routine built and I understood what I should be putting into my body like I knew what a good workout routine was, so it was just starting really basic and slowly building it in. So I didn’t get like overwhelmed with it and I didn’t feel like I was a failure. They were just very achievable progressions, right? I wrote the first year, like I would walk around and everyone was like what have you been doing well?”

Coach Justin: “And and I love, I mean there’s two points to that, but I want to highlight as one. Like, you know, first off the comment that you just said right there, I mean you’re walking around and everybody’s asking you what you’ve been doing and they probably think that you’re doing like some crazy strict program or whatever, but here you are just attacking like one habit at a time, you know? And I think that like I, I talked about it so much, but it’s, it’s just not sexy. You know, like most people out here want instant gratification. They want results right now or yesterday, right? And, and I think for, for you to look at something and say, hey, like I’m really gonna play the long game with this. Like I am gonna like try to enjoy the journey as most as much as I can and like this is ultimately like for the rest of my life, you know? And so it’s like, I think just asking yourself the question with like every single thing that you do is like, you know, with nutrition and exercise and all of these things, it’s like, and what are the goals that I’m setting right now? Like is this something that’s like sustainable for myself for the rest of my life? And, and, and I understand that sometimes people will do things for a certain period of time and that’s perfectly fine too. But if you, if you’re gonna do something that’s like crazy, crazy strict and restrictive and, and, and, and really honestly just unsustainable then I just wonder why people even do it. I mean like for me, like I’ve never even followed a diet for that reason. Like I’ve never like done keto or I’ve never done like Atkins or like I’ve never done any of that. Like I really tried to build like the diet that works best for me and like that’s what we try to do, you know, with you and, and all the rest of our clients that we work with is like, we want to we don’t want to try to fit you into this like cookie cutter box. Like we want to help build the lifestyle of the nutrition, you know, that, that you want to live right?”

Amy: “Yeah. I think that was always my biggest thing and obviously why I’ve stuck with it for so many years is it didn’t feel like I was making a stupid decision. It felt like I was, or like a, you know, like just a quick gratification decision. Like I was gonna look okay for like a month or two and then after that I couldn’t keep up with it because it was so overwhelming I, I felt like it was a, let’s step into what makes sense for the lifestyle that you live and this way you can like have like for your future, like a healthy way of living and feeling good about yourself and it was achievable and you know, obviously I’ve I’ve had my back and forth on it where sometimes I didn’t do everything I was supposed to and I definitely felt it and looked it for a little bit, but I always got back into it where it still was very achievable and the times that I got out of it were more because of life circumstances versus like it wasn’t capable of doing it right well.”

Coach Justin: “And I think that’s, you know, it’s such a great reminder for for everyone, right Like it’s the same with me, like, I’m not always perfect like, I mean, and we, when we go through the seasons of life, like we, like, we have to, like, you know I always say we have to know when to give ourselves grace And we have to know when we need to kind of give ourselves a kick in the butt, right? Like, and obviously a coach, you know, having that 10,000 ft view helps with that so much, but but I think, you know, just us thinking about that, you know, the listeners thinking about this to themselves right now, it’s like you really have to know and, and it’s a, it’s a fine balance of figuring that out. I think the wiser, you get the more, well, hopefully the wise you get the money, you figure it out. But, but yeah, I, I think that the thing for you though, which is so cool, is like, you know, it’s been 6 or 7 years or whatever here that we worked together and obviously you’ve gone through so many different seasons of life, but yet through the whole entire process, you never quit. Like you always had this one piece that you like kept consistent and like that’s what’s amazing and I think that’s what a lot of people need to understand is that you’re not you don’t always have to be working towards something and you don’t always have to,, you know, be at, you’re gonna be 100% perfect or be at your complete best that you’re gonna go through the seasons of life and to be honest, those lower times, like those, those times of struggle and adversity is, is honestly like when a coach and my opinion is the best, like that’s when it’s best utilized because a lot of it’s just, you know, walk, like allowing you not to like walk off that cliff and like kind of pull you back in and just give you that that peace of mind that hey, like I know this is hard, but like you’re going to get through it Right.”

Amy: “Yeah. I, I mean I definitely can attest to that. I think it was big helps whenever I was going through some of my lower points and maybe I didn’t have, I guess 100% on I was hitting every single one of my targets for nutrition, but what we did is we refocused instead towards stress relievers and I think that in that time was what I needed most, so I could get back to like hitting all of my other targets and it was just, I needed a break from hitting a lot of like they have to do this every day, it was more of a, I need a break because I need to focus on how much stress is happening right now and when we focused on that it was really easy to get past that part. Not easy, but it was definitely, it made it seem like there’s a process to get through this, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, this is these are the things I can do and then it was easy to hit back into the nutrition side of it where I mean, and I guess because we did building blogs, I was still doing some of the nutrition I just wasn’t as on top of it is normal, but it was more of a okay, get the stressors out and then it’s easy to pick up on these pieces right well.”

Coach Justin: “I love that because it’s, I mean that’s why we try to, you know, for most people, when they, when they start on a journey, you know, for most people like they want to lose weight and and that’s what, you know, probably the far majority of people that come to us are looking for, you know, they want to feel better, they want to have more energy, they want to lose weight, those types of things, right? And so I think what’s so interesting about that is like for most people, they use this this piece of metal that’s on the ground a k A scale right to, to determine their their worth essentially. You know, they step on that scale every single morning to determine if what they’re doing is working and and I would argue that, you know yes, obviously we need to, you know, if your goal is weight loss, we do need to do weigh ins probably not every day., but I think that that’s arguably one of the worst data points to look at if that’s the only data point that you’re looking at. And so for you, it’s like we can look, you know, we we we looked at so many different things, right? We sat here and we were like, okay, there’s gonna be seasons of life where maybe we are doing weigh ins and maybe we are doing body composition, pictures and body fat percentage and all that, but maybe other seasons, like we’re looking into more like biofeedback and like looking into your stress and your sleep and digestive and energy levels and and all of these different things and then maybe some seasons it’s more of like personal development right? And building time blocking and morning routines and and so it’s just like it’s this evolution of coaching of like we we start with one goal, we accomplished it and then we, we set the next goal in the next goal in the next goal and sometimes some season during some seasons of life, like maybe we’re not setting a goal, maybe we’re just maintaining because there’s another area of our life that we’re focused more on right? So I think the more data points that you can have to be able to navigate through and remind yourself that hey, I am progressing, I might not be progressing in every last area that I want to be, but at least I’m progressing in one area if I can reflect back and look back six months ago and asked myself the question like, have I got better as I progressed in any area of my life in the last six months then you gotta be you gotta be happy with that, you know what I mean Right. That’s a definite for me. So one thing I’m, I’m, I always ask and I’m always super curious about is so before you, before you came up to 24 hour fitness that day, like talk me through your thoughts like how long did you think about you know, hiring a personal trainer, how long did you think about wanting to kind of start this process this journey? Like, like kind of reflect back there and what we’re kind of those initial thoughts, your fears or where, you know, all that type of stuff.”

Amy: “Yeah, well back at the time, it was more of a I was probably not in a very good relationship, but I was in one that He was starting to kind of notice that, you know, I metabolism was probably not not working. Like it was when I was in my early 20’s and it was just saying more of a, it wasn’t just about him, but it was also about me, like when he started saying something, I started seeing and noticing and I really just wanted to be I just wanted to look in the mirror and feel confident and feel like happy and you know, it was one of the it was it probably wasn’t like, it was probably over a couple of months that I just didn’t know what to do And so whenever I signed up for it, it was a matter of I know that I’m not going to figure this out on my own, I need help and I want to feel good, like I wanted to feel confident and I wanted to feel like I had better energy and so that’s what it was about and you know, I really oh, I so appreciate like finding that because it it did change my life, like 100% changed my life and, you know, it was it was simple things but it led up to I’m going to keep with this because it made me feel those things like, and it has since then, even if I have not done all 100% ones I still feel it’s like what you just said, I could always say if I look back six months ago, I’m doing this better this better, like it’s always been a progression since then. like even whenever I’ve gone through hard times like, gosh, you know those hard times sometimes, I’m like, well I could look back six months ago and I was at least happier than, but like I’m still like able to do this better and feel better about my life and that’s in that situation I guess. So I know it’s, you know, you know, I’ve been through that relationship has gone and passed and it’s so funny you say six months ago because I could say that right now six months ago I had just started a new relationship and it was stressed because I had also just started a new job and there was just so much and so that’s when we focused on life stressors and it’s insanely like cleaned up all the stress and pushed me forward with my career and helped me like get through some really struggled spots on kind of starting up and kind of cleaning up with the company and also on the relationship, I didn’t stress myself out of it so much that now we have such a good relationship and he’s moving in and we’re just kind of talking about building a life together now And so it’s it’s funny how what you’re saying, it’s like I can look six months ago and it’s like I’m a whole new person right now.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, I love that. Yeah You know, I think it’s just there’s Yeah man. Yeah I mean that’s just it’s amazing right? I mean you never ever, ever, ever know like there there’s some people that are listening to this right now that might be going through the best times of their life and there’s other people that are listening to this right now, that might be going through the worst times of their life. But again, it’s it’s like that’s life, you know and that’s the journey like theirs seasons of life for for for a reason and you know, I know everybody listening to this podcast maybe isn’t religious, but I mean I I know that that part for me is it is a great reminder and it helps me through kind of a lot of those struggles and a lot of that adversity and everybody, everybody that’s listening to this is knows my story and obviously Amy does. and I was, you know, I was a little shifted back back in the day and really had to kind of change my life around. but it just goes to show it’s like like everybody, you know for the most part listening to this podcast, you know lives in America and like you live in America, like there’s literally nobody holding you back except you and sometimes you need help and that’s perfectly fine reaching out to help is like one of the most amazing things in the world that you can do, but you just have to, you’ve got to start right, it’s gonna be uncomfortable like it’s gonna be a challenge. It’s like you’re literally gonna change your whole entire life ultimately and you have to be ready to do that, you have to be open to to do that and, you know, I just, I’m, I’m so proud of you amy just knowing you for so long and like just seeing the progression of everything. I mean it’s just, it’s just exciting, especially like where you’re at like present day in life and, and not just with this nutrition fitness stuff, but, but outside of that, you know, and, and everything that you’re doing there. So, yeah, it’s a, it’s an inspiration to, to me to see and, and, and just ultimately it makes me happy that you’re happy, you know?”

Amy: “Yeah. Yeah, no it’s, it’s crazy, it’s so funny, it’s all of the things like tie together for how you’re able to like have like a full life and a productive life and if you kind of build some of the, like the basic building blocks whether it’s like sleep or nutrition or like your workouts or whatever, It may be like if you’re doing those like basic pieces right, it’s so much easier on like the functionality of your day to day lives and I mean it just leads to having a little bit more successful career or not being so overstressed that I’m like, I feel like I’m just in the best relationship I could be in in my life and I, I think it’s, it’s always a two way street in relationships like, you know, I’ve had in the past, I was shown over stress, I probably wasn’t treating like another person right to and so I think when you start to clean up like the basis in your life you’re just, you’re happier like, internally.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, absolutely Well and it, and it just goes to show, I mean everything’s interconnected, everything is intertwined You know, it’s, it’s not, you can’t just like separate one aspect of life, like everything affects everything you know, and I think that it’s just, I’m a big, big big believer. I mean obviously it’s been such a big part of my life for, for pretty much my whole life but I’m just such a big believer when, when you’re when you’re right with yourself mentally, physically and spiritually, I think, you know, everything else in your life is going to be going pretty damn well and there are gonna be, you know, seasons of life and and you might have all those things in check and and life just happens and that I get it, that happens too but, you know, I think a lot of it breaks down into into the day to day and and not getting, you know obviously you have to set goals and have a vision going forward and all of these things, but it’s like a lot of people will get caught up in that and it will become paralyzing and you have to really start to reverse engineer things back and focus on the day to day. You know, what are the things that you’re doing every single day that you don’t want to be doing that, that you know that aren’t serving you and then you know that aren’t leading you forward, you know and what are the, what are the things that you are doing that, that are you know that are moving the needle and so I think just that reflection and being very very, very honest with yourself and it’s it’s really hard to do, I mean looking at yourself in the mirror and having these conversations can be tough but yeah, I’m getting deep there on another tangent but we’ll shut it down there. So amy, I wanna, I wanna bring things kind of full circle here and I want to give people some, I love kind of giving them like real application here at the at the end. So I wanna give I wanna, I wanna get your advice here on a few different few different topics, so first off with nutrition, if you could just give out a general recommendation like what’s the number one thing that you’ve learned over the last 6 or 7 years here in terms of nutrition that you think that everybody needs to know.”

Amy: “I think it’s mostly just whenever you come up with a nutrition plan you do have to cater it to your lifestyle and it has to be things that you’ll enjoy eating because if you do that, there’s always a healthy version, like on a menu of something that you would enjoy. And so it’s whenever you start to like, I guess like know what those things are that build like a healthier impact It’s like I can go out to eat and I love chicken because you can flavor it so many different ways or salmon even well, it’s just a matter of knowing, hey that’s the healthier choice. So instead of picking like a burger on the menu or the pizza on the menu or whatever, it’s, it’s just about picking, you know what, I’m gonna pick that healthier choice. I like it just the same amount. So why would I pick that or pick the unhealthy choice versus this one? If I know it’s going to impact my body in a bad way. So it’s just knowing like finding things that you like that are healthy. So when the option even comes up, you’re saying, I know that that bad option is going to make me feel like crap and I’m gonna look like crap, so you know what, I’ll just pick the healthy option that I like the taste of.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, I love that, I mean it’s like it’s like I always say you know it’s like it’s not hard to eat healthy at a restaurant, it’s hard to make the healthy decision at a restaurant, right? And you know obviously like for for you and I and then everyone else, it’s like of course like there are gonna be times when you go to the restaurant and you do want to make the unhealthier decision or whatever and that’s perfectly fine too You know, if if we’re talking like 80 20 balance here that so many people are striving for well then you know, let’s call it 21 meals in a week, 80% of that is 17 meals, so that means you have four meals to you know do whatever and so it’s just like, I mean obviously you can take that to the extremes, but you get the point so I want to dive into on the stress side of things and especially cause that’s been kind of present day here, what’s like the most useful thing that you’ve done to help you manage an address stress?”

Amy: “I know for me it was I get into a habit, I’m very, I guess once I have a project, I am absolutely 100% determined Does he get through and get it done and that’s good but I do tend to lose side of you can’t overwork yourself too. And so one of the biggest things I did to kind of start noticing that I was doing that and is I Fluid set an alarm on my phone and it reminded me take 10 minutes, like I didn’t have to take a long time, I just needed to step away from everything for 10 minutes And just give myself a meal break, like whether it was let me have a cup of tea or I’m going to go walk outside for 10 minutes and come back to it and it’s it’s funny he’s made my work more productive and I was less stressed because I came back with a fresh mind and so that was a big piece of it on the stress relievers and then whenever I got home I would do something that was just for me for a little bit and it could be whether I listen to music, I love music and so it was either I listen to music for a little bit or I would make myself a glass of tea because I really enjoy t or just do something that was like take my mind off of the whatever work was like and come home and make it about home, don’t be overthinking work and that piece of it helps me sleep better because I tend to be one that if I didn’t have a project done that day that I’m thinking whenever I go to bed so I can do this this and this tomorrow and that’s going to make it go better But then I don’t sleep well. And so I did that whenever I got home and it helped where I was kind of just disconnecting from work and then whenever I went to bed I for a long time I haven’t done this lately. But I would I mean I honestly think now that I’m talking about that’s going back on it is I was playing like Headspace noises from the app that you had talked to me about but it’s just kind of like a little bit more of a serenity sound versus going to sleep to the T V. Or like reading something that kind of engages your mind again and that kind of was just helping me sleep better. Which always helps with stress. Yeah.”

Coach Justin: “I tell you what that Headspace app if if if those that are listening haven’t ever heard of that. Like just search in the free app store. It’s called Headspace. H. E A. D. S. P. A. C. E. It’s like an orange and white app and like I literally you know I I love it myself anytime that I’m I’m I’m too stressed. Like I literally just like lay down on my back here in the office and put on a little three minute Headspace and I’ll open my eyes and I’ll fill a lot better or I’ll go outside and I’ll take a little walk or whatever It’s so damn hot in texas these days that I’m not really doing much of those, most of those walks are happening in the morning or at night. But yeah I I love that I think that you know there’s so many different things that you can be doing and just so you gotta find what works best for you. But every single day it’s like you gotta have that that reset, you gotta fill that cut back up and so what you know what are you doing on a daily basis? I think a lot of people are letting that that well go drive for for weeks on end and months on end and you know that’s when problems start to arise So I love that they’re on on the the I guess the last piece here then on that the exercise amy what would you say for you? You know, knowing that everything was so new and it’s you know it’s not like you’re like some crazy exerciser these days but obviously it’s a it’s an important part of your life. You know it’s part of you know living a healthy lifestyle. So we were like just like the one thing with exercise like the biggest takeaway there that you’d share?”

Amy: “Yeah. You know I think it’s just about having at least some form of a routine with it and making it easier to access was for me and you know when I first started seeing you, I was just at a different point in my life, it was a little bit more probably structured and manageable to go to the gym multiple times a week or I’ve had really close friend that lived close by that when I wasn’t going to the gym those days a week, I met up with her and we were kind of motivating each other so maybe whether it’s routine consistency, having someone to partner up with to help you more be more motivated about it and make it more fun Today I think where I’ve become in life is you know I just sometimes my job is a little bit less structured and I’m having to go in last minute and so now it’s been a make it more fun so I want to do it and make it more accessible so it’s not like it’s not like a production and trying to go work out like I mean I’m a girl so a like I have to like get you know my workout outfit ready to go and then I’ve got to like drive wherever and then whenever I get home like I have to shower and get ready and it takes me a lot longer so like it’s just one of those, I started overthinking like going out and working out and how much it takes of your day. And I would have to schedule it where I wasn’t doing anything after or I would have to schedule it so early that I was waking up unlawfully early. And for me it just didn’t work with my lifestyle. And so what I did is I set up a gym at my house and for me, what was the easiest and what made it fun for me and I’m definitely back into my workouts is I got a peloton and it’s just, it has so many kind of personalized classes and I guess maybe it’s like a shiny new object, so it’s really fun to use. I feel like it was for me, it was about creating an environment that was easily accessible and that was fun.”

Coach Justin: “I love that. I love it. I love it amy. I just want to thank you so much for taking the time today and for sharing your story and and all of this information especially heritage to the end. I mean, I think there’s some really good actual items they’re for real and for those of you that are listening. you know, make sure that y’all like, let us know, kind of, you know if you resonate with any of these topics. I mean, just feel free to shoot me a DM and I want to know because I think that, you know, the point of us doing this and and bringing clients on and sharing their stories is is to allow these stories to resonate with you all and, and maybe you’re gonna hear something in a certain way that’s going to spark that light for you and it’s gonna be that inspiration and that motivation for you to start your journey today. So,, Amy, I loved it. I thought this was amazing and yeah, thank you so much for taking the time.”

Amy: “Sure, thanks for the invite!”