It’s Never Too Late To Start w/ Pam Sherman

In this weeks episode, I sit down with a fellow coach to chat about what it means to live a heathy lifestyle and how it’s never too late to get started on your health journey!


More about Pam…


“I’ve loved fitness my whole life! I started running at 11(my dad was a stud runner and went with him to a track and ran 2 miles – best feeling ever!), ran X-country/track in high school, and was very middle of the pack. I went to THE Ohio State University and not at that level to compete, so then my highschool friends and I started running the Columbus Marathon every year. After college I moved to CA and my roommate was a group X instructor. She saw how much I loved taking her classes and told me about a course at the local jr. college- how to become an instructor. It was the best thing I ever did(except ask my husband out). Then a few months later I got PT certified. Teaching and training was the perfect job for me as I was born with motivation dripping out of my pores! I never wanted to work ft raising kids and teaching/training let me be a mom and still do what I love to do. I also trained women for half marathons and marathons. I was born to be an instructor. Currently I’m on the FitRadio app as a cardio/strength coach as well as the TerraCore app as their active aging trainer. I want to spread the word of health and wellness to as many women as possible. I (and I’m sure you do too) see too many women taking care of everyone else in their lives and not themselves. There is nothing more important than our health. I want people to know they need to start now, not after vacation, or the weekend or the holidays! Yes, I am super passionate about self care=health care!”


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