176. Losing 25 Pounds and 6% Body Fat in 18 Months with Amy Moes, iCoach Nutrition Coaching Client

In this weeks episode, I sit down with a client and now friend that I have had the pleasure of working with over the last 2 years. Her transformation has been incredible thus far and we’re just getting started!


Here’s what she had to say:


“Was it easy? Today I say, looking back the first 9 months was learning and resetting my mind mainly to do what I wanted and stop reacting the same ways I had in the past. To keep up the meal preps, keep up with the zoom calls to Murphy man who was coaching me weekly, bi-weekly to monthly now. Was it fast ? I’d say I didn’t put on the pounds overnight and it didn’t come off over might, but it was great to slowly watch my body change. Was I perfect ? Yes, I perfectly had donuts, beer, celebration of holidays and birthdays … I enjoyed life with vacations and friends… and then I went back to what was making me feel the best .. Getting the right amount of sleep , veggies, protein and keeping my body in motion.. WATER ! Just as I’ve trained to for many Triathlons – I think this is doable with the right coach .. I had coaches for running, swimming , biking – and now finally my best one for life…Justin. This feels great. I’m 4 lbs from my all time goal I set 18 mo. ago. I get a lot of people saying good job – I enjoy that I have a great support of work out friends & family that see how doable it’s is with consistency and planning.”


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