Transforming Her Life At 54 Years Old with Karen Mitchell, iCoach Nutrition Coaching Client

“I thank God for putting Justin in my life!! I started working with him on March 5 of this year, after surgery. I was not eating, had no energy and was tired all the time. We started slow since I was still recovering from surgery. I have currently lost 15 pounds, eating more and better food. I am more active than I have been in years. Justin is always available to answer my questions and provides helpful information. I am enjoying this lifestyle change and can’t wait to see more weight gone and life getting better! He is truly helping me to Live My BEST life!”

NEW Podcast! 🔥🎙🔥⁣

In this weeks episode, I interview one of my clients that i’ve been working with for over a year. We chat about how she has started the journey of transforming her life at 54 years old. ⁣ ⁣

5:00 – Relationship with food & her body growing up as a child⁣

8:00 – Emotional eating⁣

12:00 – Pregnancy⁣

13:00 – Gallbladder & appendix removal surgery ⁣

14:50 – The start of our journey working together⁣

17:00 – Information overload⁣

20:00 – The art of finding balance in life⁣

21:30 – 30+ pounds lost ⁣

24:00 – Exercise after arthritis & a hip replacement ⁣

25:30 – Nutrition & lifestyle coaching⁣

27:00 – Increasing her daily steps from 2,000 to 12,000 (NEAT)⁣

29:00 – Reducing her medications from 7 prescriptions to 4⁣ ⁣

30:00 – The power of blood work and teaming up with a doctor⁣

31:30 – Biofeedback improvements ⁣

37:00 – Managing and addressing stress⁣

40:00 – Reverse dieting from 700 calories to 2,000 calories⁣

42:30 – Favorite “cheat” meal⁣

44:00 – Favorite alcoholic beverage⁣

46:00 – Cooking⁣

48:00 – Life changing transformation ⁣

51:00 – Mindset⁣

If you have time to listen to the episode, let me know your biggest takeaways in the comments section below 👇

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