A Nutrition Coach Who Explains the WHY

nutrition coach testimonial
“I first started working with Justin after seeing more and more posts from my friend Stephany who was a client of iCoach Nutrition. Of all the people I know, her opinion when it comes to nutrition is one that I value the most. On our first call, I really just laid it out for Justin as to why I was looking to him for help.  

I had been on several “nutrition programs” from all sources for the past few years.  From Crossfit Games athletes, to RP, and other nutritionists that were well known or endorsed by other athletes that I follow on social media.

Quickly I learned that their program didn’t work for me.  It was getting to a point where my hormones, moods, energy, and desire to even work out or do normal day to day stuff was non-existent.

After working closely with Justin, my body, mindset, and mental health drastically started improving.  What I liked most about working with Justin was that he took the time out to explain to exactly “why” we are doing what we’re doing.  He laid out the progress markers we should see and when we should notice it.

Maybe it’s my background in medicine, but just having someone tell me why was a huge factor in choosing him.  I am no longer with Justin due to financial reasons but I still use his teachings daily when adjusting macros on my own.

I am still around the same weight and performance level that I was when I was with Justin and it is definitely because he took the time out to explain to me why we are doing things and not just telling me to cut calories or macros to lose weight.  I can’t thank Justin enough and I will definitely be back soon.”


Nathan Phan