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nutrition coaching with Justin Murphy

I am William Grazione, physique coach, IFPA & NGA Pro natural bodybuilder, and powerlifter with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. I live in Saint Petersburg, Florida with my beautiful soon to be wife Tanya who also shares a passion for fitness. We have a 9 year old daughter, and a new born baby girl who we are so blessed to have the opportunity to bring into this world to be the best parents and role models we can be. I started playing competitive sports at 12 years old, I excelled in football. After high school I received an athletic scholarship and played football for Bacone College in Muskogee, Oklahoma for a few years until injuries would plague me. After my third knee injury I decided it was time to give up playing football, and continue on with the passion that I truly loved which was weight lifting. Closing on my senior year in college I became interested in competing in bodybuilding. At the time I had no idea Natural Bodybuilding even existed. Eager to learn I quickly started reading more books based on sport performance, hypertrophy, and strength and conditioning. I also began researching the web, this was when I stumbled upon Layne Norton and his series on “Life of a Natural Pro” I was then more eager than ever to increase my knowledge. After my final semester at Bacone I moved back home to Saint Petersburg, Florida and would start preparing for my first natural bodybuilding competition. I chose the 2010 OCB Southeast States promoted by Nicole Weeks, IFPA & NGA Figure Pro. During my contest prep I utilized the knowledge I had acquired to that point. After dieting for 12 weeks I would go on to win the open short class and the overall at my first bodybuilding competition. Later on that year in my fifth show of the season I traveled to Coral Springs to battle it out to win my NGA pro card at the NGA American Championships which was won the year prior by my friend Paul Revelia. At the end of the show the NGA pro card came home with me and my dream of achieving professional status as a natural athlete would come true. A year later after a series of metabolic restoration, my girlfriend Tanya and I had decided to hire Dr. Norton for our 2012 season and would go on to achieve our best physiques to date. We have since become great friends Layne and Isabel and I look forward to helping Dr. Norton change the fitness industry. During my first season as a bodybuilder I became confident in guiding others around me that had aspirations of competing in physique contests. My knowledge continued to blossom as I became infatuated with learning more regarding science and metabolism. As I continuously helped more people, coaching become my passion, and I am blessed to be a part of the IFPA and the natural bodybuilding evolution that believes in the science, health, nutrition, and the science of weight training. Join me as we change the fitness Industry!