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nutrition coaching with Justin Murphy

Casey attended The University of Kansas where she studied Exercise Science. She holds a number of nutrition certifications and mentorships under her education umbrella with her Driven Life Certification setting her apart in the field of Nutrition Coaching. Sports performance and weight loss have long been Casey’s areas of expertise. She has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years. Casey has worked with amateur, collegiate and professional athletes throughout the United States, but also has a thriving practice in helping regular people lose weight and maintain healthier lifestyles. Casey has been a primary educator to other trainers and coaches from the high school level up to the collegiate level. She inspires clients, athletes, coaches, and groups to live their best and most empowered life. Finding the ‘missing piece’ with every individual or group she works with is essential to helping them reach their goals. Casey strongly believes that success lies within education, dedication, discipline, and commitment. Casey’s journey into nutrition began when she was competing in many facets of the fitness industry from bikini competitions to CrossFit. She noticed immediately there was a missing link with nutrition prescription. In fact, she fought for almost three years to get her body back from the rebound she experienced from poor coaching and templated programs. Casey’s ultimate passion is in helping you get the exact results you want.