The Life Long Journey of Self Love

nutrition coaching with Justin Murphy

I was born and raised down in good ol’ Austin, Texas. I graduated from the University of Texas in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and a minor in Architecture. I grew up on fast food in a family that didn’t understand the importance that nutrition has on our bodies. Plagued for years with anorexia that eventually turned into bulimia, by the time I graduated college I was in an unhealthy state of eating as little as possible, while doing as much cardio as possible. In an attempt to leave my past behind and start anew, I packed up and moved to Dallas on a whim and never looked back. My journey with physical fitness and nutrition began when I hired a girlfriend who had just become an online coach.  Still overweight and unhappy, I was desperate to lose weight and love my body for the first time in my life. With nothing left to lose I told my coach I would do whatever she told me to do because I had no other options, I had hit rock bottom. She introduced me to weight training, counting my macros, a flexible diet, and I fell in love with my new fitness focused lifestyle. In 2013, I became certified in Fitness Nutrition because I envisioned myself giving a sense of freedom to others who felt as desperate as I had. Who knew that you could actually create the body you’ve always dreamed of by simply EATING MORE, and fueling yourself properly? And how have so many of us been programmed to believe the answer to our problems is to starve and overwork ourselves? I have always known it was my duty to educate and lead this movement, to create the change in the world I wanted to see.

– Kelly Collier