From Student Loan Debt To Lawyer, To Financial Planner, To Success Coach + Entrepreneur

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The short version is I used to be a lawyer and certified financial planner with massive student loan debt. I was stressed and overwhelmed in an unfulfilling career. Now, I run an online business full time where I help creative ambitious women with personal development and online business. I did this knowing nothing about online business. In fact, I always wanted to be a lawyer. But everything changed when I started a blog. The fact that blogging turned into my full time job is truly a testament to what is possible when you start a blog and go all in on your dream. So, what do I do exactly? I help women like you and me who want more. More personal development. More success. More money. More freedom. If you want to go on a personal development journey and join over 20k+ creative, ambitious woman, add your email to the form below, and I’ll send you weekly tips on personal development, online business, and money.

– Natalie Bacon