The Regret Of Not Going ALL IN…

One life…

One opportunity…

No second chances.

What does this mean to you?

For me, it’s the scariest thought in the world. The fact that we only live once is crazy to think. Knowing that tomorrow is not guaranteed and that we could die at any moment is one of the most humbling situations that i’ve ever considered.

When I was 18 years old, I almost lost everything.

That moment in my life changed my perspective forever!

Can you imagine getting thrown in jail for the rest of your life at 18 years old?

Well, that was almost me 9 years ago…

I am so incredibly humbled by the second chance that I was given towards life. Unfortunately, I had to hit rock bottom before I finally understood this concept fully. I am so grateful that this happened to me at such a young age, because it gave me the opportunity to change for the better going forward.
That’s exactly what I did…

As someone that wasn’t religious at that time, I stayed up all night reading the bible in my jail cell. I prayed, and prayed, and prayed some more. I prayed for a second chance, an opportunity to turn my life around. The next morning I was released, it was a true miracle. I knew that I would not get another chance at the game of life.
I made a promise to God that night, I promised to dedicate the rest of my life to helping others.
It’s been 9 years since that day…

I am truly living my best life as I type this today!

But, it hasn’t been easy.

The day I got out of jail, I was lost. I was broken. I didn’t know what to do or what my avenue to help people was going to be. But I knew that I got a second chance and there was no way that I was going to screw this up!
I knew I had to just start…

But what was I passionate about?

How was I going to help people?

What would people think of my past?

Questions like these along with negative thoughts, demons, self doubt, etc. started to sink in…
I had to find something! Who would’ve thought that my avenue would be fitness!?

You see, I played sports my whole life. In fact, I was on a football scholarship when I got in trouble. I loved working out and playing sports. Honestly, it was one of the only things that I actually thought I was good at. That’s when it hit me! Maybe I should try to work at a gym? That day, I went to 24 Hour Fitness to sign up for a gym membership. I also saw that they were hiring. That night I filled out a job application and a few days later I received a call to schedule an interview. I received the job as a front desk service member making minimum wage folding towels and checking members into the gym.

A few months later, I was working out when one of the personal trainers asked me if I wanted to join the other trainers who were working out as well. Later in the workout, he asked “why are working at the front desk? Why are you not a personal trainer?” I thought to myself, what the hell is a personal trainer? That night, I started researching personal trainer certifications and stumbled across NASM. It was $750 at the time which was basically my life savings at that point. A couple months later, I bought the certification course and began studying to take my test. A couple months later, I took the test and FAILED.

I was crushed. I was defeated. I was scared. I felt like a failure once again…

I almost quit. I almost gave up, but I didn’t.

I realized that if I didn’t try again then I was going to be known as a failure for the rest of my life.
So after a couple days of feeling bad for myself, I started studying again. I got help from other trainers and my fitness manager at the time. A month later, I signed up to retake the test and I passed! I was also in school full time at this point pursuing my degree in kinesiology. After I completed my basics, I realized that nearly every personal trainer had a kinesiology degree. I guess I wanted to be different so I changed my degree to nutrition and quickly realized that nutrition was the missing piece for so many people. Over the next three years I grew into one of the top grossing trainers in the district. My last month I was there I generated $24,000, only to get paid about a third of that. I felt cheated. I felt like I had a ceiling over my head. I felt like no matter how hard I worked or how many people I helped, financially I was stuck.

This was a pivotal point in my life when I decided to take a chance and go all in on me! I put in my 2 weeks notice, rented out a garage at my apartment complex and began training clients. The first few months were amazing! Almost all of my clients left to train with me. I was making 100% of what I was charging instead of getting ripped off from a corporate gym. After a few months, I started getting into CrossFit and that’s when I found CrossFit Strong. One thing led to another and I began competing in and coaching CrossFit. I started sipping the kool aid and quickly fell in love with the sport. At this point in my life, I was pursuing my degree in nutrition at TWU, working full time as a trainer & coach, and competing in CrossFit. I continued this until I finally graduated in 2016. After graduating, I realized that I wanted to go all in on becoming the best nutrition coach in the world. I got a unique opportunity to build a nutrition company at CrossFit Strong. Let’s just say, I learned a lot!
The last 8 years have been summarized into a few paragraphs, but truly living my best life started back in February of this year. I decide to bet on myself and go all in on pursuing my passion and building the life that I have always dreamed of for my family and I.

But why did I start this company?

What impact do we hope to have?

We are currently experiencing an obesity epidemic that is taking lives across the nation. How is it that the fitness & nutrition industry generates 80+ BILLION dollars per year but yet we are more unhealthy than ever before?

One word…marketing.

People, companies, etc. target and market to consumers in order to trick you into buying their product or program. Many food and supplement companies are guilty of this as well.

In order to help you overcome your struggles once and for all, my team and I are on a mission to filter out the BS in the industry. Nutrition is not as complicated as most people make it. It’s time to simplify nutrition!

Sleep, food quality & quantity, exercise, hydration, etc. are the most important things to consider with any sustainable healthy lifestyle.

But, that stuff isn’t fancy. It’s boring. It’s a daily discipline that requires consistency and takes time to develop. That’s the truth!

iCoach is here to teach you how to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle. We want you to love life! We want you to crush your goals while finding balance and true happiness.

What’s wrong with the old school way of nutrition coaching?

There is a lack of individualization in program design and a failure to add real value to people’s lives.


Although technology advancement is great, human interaction is absolutely essential. The ability to text your coach and ask a question or do a facetime call at the grocery store is so incredibly powerful.

We can create the best plan in the world for the client, but the reality is that life will happen and the plan may have to shift…A LOT.

You will get sick, you will go on vacation, you might get injured or have to get surgery, your goals will change, etc.

People are not robots, we have feelings. People need community, support and accountability.
This is the foundation on which iCoach was built! We truly listen. We assess your situation and individual needs & wants. We incorporate your “non negotiables.” We create a strategy to help you reach your goals. We help you overcome your struggles in order for you to live YOUR best life once and for all!

Our goal is to make this the last coach or program that you ever have to hire. We provide a truly unique experience. It’s not just about the nutrition coaching, it’s about developing the mindset along the way.

You deserve to feel amazing!

You deserve to look amazing!


We are on a mission to help as many people as possible overcome their struggles so that they can finally start living the life they deserve. We truly believe that our new eBook will help to transform our your mindset and the lifestyle you live!

eBook coming soon…

PS The craziest part about this whole story is that if I wouldn’t have gone ALL IN on myself after jail, after 24 hour fitness, and after CrossFit then I would have never been able to build the team and create the positive impact in this world that I have always dreamed of.

PSS I made a promise to God back in 2010, almost 9 years later and I can honestly say that I am fulfilling my promise and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life!