Skinny to Fit

Being relatively “skinny” was my label all throughout high school and college. Everyone told me, “Oh you’re so lucky to be able to eat whatever you want.” So that’s what I did, I ate. Monday through Thursday I ate relatively healthy, and then the weekend arrived. Chick-fil- a, wings, frozen pizza, and CHIPS (chips are my true love) were some major staples of my diet that I couldn’t quite kick. Then about a week before I left for a trip to Europe this summer I decided that I couldn’t beat my body up anymore. I had plateaued on the amount of weight that I could lift during Crossfit, and I was fed up. I was tired of killing myself during my workout and taking care of my body in regards to recovery, but fueling my engine with food that didn’t sustain me.

What I knew about nutrition even though I feel like I’ve lived a “healthy” lifestyle for the majority of my life was pathetic. Justin was great when it came to explaining things in a way that I could understand. The hardest thing to do was to start, and to admit that I needed help with the direction that I wanted to go. Little did Justin know that the night before I started this journey to a better relationship with food, I was ending a relationship with the guy I had dated for 5 years. You could say that emotional eating was number one on my list and those moments came up multiple times throughout my time working with him. Oddly enough, I never caved even though I wanted to so badly. I knew that punishing my body wouldn’t get me where I wanted to, and I still have a way to go, but I couldn’t be happier to see the results. I’m hitting PR’s in Crossfit, I’m sleeping better, I’m making better decisions in regards to food, and I don’t hit that 4 pm wall anymore. While my personal life might be shaky, my nutritional choices have become much more solid. I can still say that I love a good cheat meal, but having consistency with my nutrition has been something that has kept me honest throughout one of the times in my life that has made me grow and change personally.

Justin didn’t know any of this was happening in my personal life, but I believe that he gave me some positivity to work towards. His approach was easy to implement and he was available for any questions I had. Simply put, he cares. He wants to make an impact and change lives. That’s what he’s done for me, and if you let him help you do the same you’ll see what I’m talking about.

– Lauren Hatch


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