Nutritionist Helps Client Lose 30 Pounds and 10.2% Body Fat in 90 Days!

“For this 90 day challenge, I set what I considered to be an extremely aggressive goal to try and lose 30lbs while keeping muscle mass. I knew if I set an easier goal, I wouldn’t push as hard. We leave in less than a week to go climb Kilimanjaro so improving my cardiovascular fitness was also a priority for this challenge.
The photos on the left are from 4/5 when I was at 240lbs. As of today, I weighed in at 209.4lbs. Just over 30lbs down!

My first Dexa scan was not until almost 2 weeks after the start, so I was likely closer to 25-26% body fat at the beginning. In the 73 days from my first Dexa scan, I’ve had a net loss of 23.8lbs in weight, a loss of 26.8lbs of fat and a gain of 3.1lbs in lean tissue. My visceral fat has dropped from 2.7lbs to 1lb!

I’ve noticed a small decrease in strength in some lifts but have maintained or gained in others. My average mile running pace has dropped by almost 2 minutes a mile.
Thank you so much Justin Murphy for setting me up for success with a framework to hit these goals, I can’t thank you enough!”