If all else fails, focus on living a sustainable healthy lifestyle 💯

“I started my Instagram account in 2013 when I tried out for a popular weight loss show. (Still kinda bummed I never got to work with @realchrispowell) This weight loss journey has been full of loss and gains and learning since 2013 and even before. In 2019 I started working with @coachjustinmurphy and learned to be consistent with healthy habits and not just be on the latest diet, but then learning all the single mom/new normal things those habits became inconsistent and/or no longer done and I gained some. I have been working on getting back to healthier habits. While I know the number on the scale has changed in the last year and some clothes are baggy, I haven’t really felt it. In the past I took more pictures when I was losing weight so I could see progress that way. I haven’t really, as I have been trying to get back to consistent and working with my doctor. Recently, someone pointed out after seeing a picture from summer that I have lost a lot of weight. I kinda didn’t believe that it was that different. This is not the picture they saw, this is from last fall to last week, about a year and 2 months later. When January rolls around and you wanna get healthy, take some pictures when you start and along the way y’all!”