Nutritionist Helps Client Improve Her Health, Aesthetics and Performance

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Coach Justin: “Cool, what’s going on guys, welcome back to I coach nutrition radio today. I have a very special guest as all of my clients that I have the pleasure of bringing on the podcast or special guests but super excited to talk with Joel today one because I’ve always loved that name and it’s been like the name that we said we’re gonna name our daughter forever so we’ll see if that carries out, but to, I got to meet her in person for the first time after like two years of working together, coaching kind of remotely here. So I got to work out together, that was awesome and now I’m getting to bring her on the podcast to kind of share her journey of us working together and so without further ado, Joel, what is going on, my friend, how are you?”

Joelle: “Hi, hi, nice to nice to see you again Justin, I’m just not used like a few weeks ago, like a week or two ago, something like that. I know it was, it’s been recent, especially for two years of not. Yeah, I know right. And even before we physically met, we caught up like a few weeks even before that and that was really the first time that we’d ever interacted face to face so over zoom. So that’s pretty interesting. Also first off, I just wanna apologize for any kind of sirens you might hear, I currently am in Jersey and there’s always sirens outside, so I apologize for that.”

Coach Justin: “All good, the audience will understand. We’re all good So awesome. So I guess first off, let’s kick it off with like, just give, give the list is kind of a little bit more background on, on you and kind of like what what you, what you do from a background standpoint there like with work and things like that, you know you just share where you, where you live here. let’s start with that and then we’ll kind of take it back to kind of the beginning of our journey before we started working together.”

Joelle: “Yeah, so I’m a physical therapist but I specialize in sports and particularly in soccer women’s soccer. I’m originally from Dallas and I was working in Dallas for a very long time and I, I’ve always specialized in sports and always been an athlete my whole life and you know, nutrition and working out has always been at the forefront of kind of my personal priorities. and I did I was very heavily involved in like academia after, especially after pt school and then like doing sports residency and specialized in all that stuff and then went straight into working in a very fast paced environment and then into an environment that was very much involved with professional soccer and so throughout the course of like, yeah, like my whole life, like I said, always been really into nutrition and working out and things like that, but as I really approached my thirties, I started just noticing, like changes in my body, but not even like not even just like weight and stuff like that, but more like aesthetics with my skin, I started just noticing like yeah, like, like different kind of breakouts and things like that, and then even later after that I started really having trouble with sleeping and again, I’ve always been very into like my nutrition and working out and things like that, so I, you know, I was just kind of at a loss really, and I started thinking about it and I started thinking how, what’s something that I could really, what’s kind of like a low hanging fruit here, like what can I maybe address two to make a difference and and how can I how can I make that difference? And you know, just through like instagram, I saw an ad or something. I don’t know what it was, but you came through my instagram and I thought, well this guy seems cool because I really, I really, I really enjoyed like your messaging and things like that about approaching it from the kind of human side of things, kind of addressing more like habits and things like that. So I thought, well let’s give this, give this a shot and see how this will come about. And so I reached out to you and we, we had like, one conversation I think, and it sounded, you seemed like the right in this line of kind of the way that I wanted to approach my,, kind of health goals, but at that time my health goals weren’t even like to be super cut or anything. My health goals were literally, I need to sleep because I have a very fast paced life and I was waking up at 34 am every night and could not go back to sleep and I was wide awake. So I knew my sleep needed to be adjusted and I knew that, Yeah, like I just felt like something nutritionally needed to be addressed in order to even kind of help out any kind of hormonal issues or really whatever was going on because like I said, I like growing up my whole life playing soccer two times a day, barely showered, especially in high school, I went to an all girls high school in, in Dallas. So like, never showered in my whole life, never had skin issues. Never until I was turning like 27, And so again, like, I just knew there was something, something more, right? So yeah, so when I first reached out to you, it wasn’t even to, it wasn’t really, it wasn’t performance based goals at all. It was really like, I need help. Like something’s going on with my body, you know? So that’s how, that’s how I first came about to find you.”

Coach Justin: “It’s so crazy thinking about, you know, you hear so many people like bash social media, right? And trust me, there’s definitely a time and a place for that for sure. But I also love social media so much, you know, especially as an online coach and just seeing like, things like this happen, like, I mean, I would have never met you in a million years if it wasn’t social social media, you know? So I think, I think that part of it’s awesome But so once, so we have these issues come up, we connect and what we’re kind of the steps from there. So we start going through the initial assessment process right? And what did we kind of start to uncover through that initial assessment process?”

Joelle: “Yeah. So what I really found out was that I just wasn’t even eating enough And again, like I’m someone that has always thought of myself as like, well versed in nutrition and stuff like that, and like, I didn’t really have poor eating like I wasn’t eating bad, but I wasn’t eating enough is what we first found out because what you first had me do was just track and just log like, what I’ve been eating throughout, I don’t know, like a week or two weeks or something like that. And yeah, that was the first thing that we found is that I just wasn’t even eating like at all enough well.”

Coach Justin: “And, and so like, obviously you were having some, you know what we references like negative, like biofeedback or by, you know, these negative symptoms, right? In terms of your body, some some of the things you mentioned there. but I think also, you know, you being an athlete and this is very consistent I mean this is the same with me as an athlete and it’s the same thing that I run into with pretty much every athlete that I ever worked with or or or have a discussion with, and that is that you you hadn’t really like tract necessarily, right? So from an awareness standpoint, you really had no idea, you know, calories or macros or or really anything in terms of the tracking side of the equation, not even from like a habit based perspective, right?”

Joelle: “So yeah, I’m pretty much just focused on like trying to eat well, right? But no I never really tracked but in that same mindset like trying to eat well like you’re so ingrained especially being a female like you’re so ingrained of eating like this this this tiny amount and you think oh just be like I’m eating I’m eating you know chicken and I’m eating veggies and I’m eating like rice or something like why why am I not feeling well well? It’s like yeah you’re eating fine but you’re not even eating enough right? And and I know we’ve talked about this before and I’ve posted on it in your facebook group before about how yeah just how about the stigma especially being female and then especially being athletes still like there’s just this constant conversation about having to fit this mold but in actuality it doesn’t really work that way you know? So just kind of you you’ve really enlightened helped me which I always knew was the case but I guess going through it personally it’s really enlightened me in terms of just how we continued how we how we should we really continue to try to change the dialogue especially for athletes regardless of gender.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah I love that. I mean I I completely agree. I mean I think like if you think about the awareness that’s built through you know investing in yourself and reaching out and I mean that’s like the first step is already so scary right? So it’s like for you to to be vulnerable and to reach out to a coach and like want to like I think you as a P. T. And like coaching others in a in a in a way you know it’s kind of the same so you see the value in it but I think that you know that first step like that’s you have to commit That’s commendable and it’s up itself right? Because a lot of people are scared to like put yourself out there and to ask for help. And I think that like you know it’s one of those things where you’re not gonna like you’re probably gonna keep doing the things that like culture told us in terms of like I’m eating healthy right? But not like you can you can sit here and eat the best quality food in the world follow let’s say like a paleo diet right? And and eat super healthy super clean. But like if you’re an athlete or if you’re somebody that’s super active and you’re and you’re under eating right, if you’re not eating enough and then even more so you start having these negative symptoms you’re probably not going to start making changes until you have the negative symptoms right because you’re gonna be like oh I’m fine, you’re not gonna track, you’re not going to build the awareness, you’re not gonna know but then it you know it’s it’s kind of you wait too long, right? These symptoms start to happen They start to build up and then you’re forced with kind of one of those scenarios where it’s like, I have no choice but to to figure this out.”

Joelle: “Yeah, absolutely And then especially, I know, like, for me, my symptoms I don’t know why, but I just kind of had a feeling like nutrition was gonna go a long way, but I don’t think a lot of people think that way, which is kinda I wish more people did, you know?”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, that’s a good point. Yeah, I mean, I think you’re just being in the health, you know, space the health atmosphere here right? Like, we’re a lot more health conscious, right Just cause we’re in it a lot. but yeah, I mean, to your point, like, there’s a lot of people that wouldn’t go to nutrition first if they’re experiencing some of these issues here, and I think that’s a lot, I mean not to dive into that super deep here, but I think that’s another really great discussion that could be brought up, which is how many people are overthinking it thinking that it’s some crazy complex issue, right this crazy hormonal issue or a digestive issue and not to discount there’s definitely those issues out there for sure, but a lot of people that are, you know hearing these hormone experts on, on instagram or whatever and thinking that they have something a lot more complex than what it is, like, like there are plenty of times where people think that they have something super complex going on and really what it is, is like, they’re just not being basic right? They’re not doing the basic habits consistently. and, and, and so you gotta really you got to look at yourself in the mirror, you gotta you gotta have a coach or whatever it is to kind of have that 10,000 ft view, you gotta start to assess you got to start to build to build awareness because if you don’t do that, it’s gonna be really hard for you to like, start to identify what it is that you need to change and work on. Yeah. And you know, like you said, like, those diagnoses and things like that like, they are real, but like, typically what I found is that a lot of these symptoms and diagnoses are years of build up and so yeah, like what’s the foundational thing? Like, what, like, yeah, something’s might be contributing to that, but like, if you just may be addressed even like, your nutrition, lots of, lots of good things can happen, you know?”

Joelle: “So, because I know when I, like after looking back and really considering a lot of things, especially after working with starting to work with you. Yeah, that’s what I found was like this wasn’t just an overnight thing, this was over the course of my career as I started being like more in depth in my work life which is amazing because I love what I do but it definitely was over the course of that because I I can I can see I can see like I can see a transgression through that. So it’s not, you know, it’s not just a one day thing but what are your habits that have contributed to that? You know? And in that same note to like I think a lot of people need to have the understanding too that they have the control to make a difference because I think especially once people get slapped on these diagnoses and I see it in my my work too, you know people will get told oh you’ll never be able to do this again Well I don’t necessarily think that’s true, you know like you have the autonomy to look at what you’re doing in life and make adjustments to help you get back to doing what you wanna do. You know whether it’s adjusting things in one way or another but I think that’s important too for people to understand that you do have the control to make a change, it might be it might take a while. But it can’t happen.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah Well I think especially you know more more than ever in 2021 right? I mean the resources that are out there I mean it’s it’s incredible like think about 100 years ago and some of these issues coming up like you wouldn’t you wouldn’t have the resources you have now. but, but yeah, I mean, you, you made a great point there in that, you know, and this is what I really try to be super transparent with with every client that comes on from the very beginning. I’m like, look like this is going to be at least like a bare minimum six month process. Like for for some clients I work with, it’s it’s years and years and there’s no timeline on this Ultimately. Like when you graduate the program, we want to make sure that this is the last Time that you have to invest in yourself. You know, this is the, I mean, there’s nothing wrong with continuing to hire coaches. I’m all about that. But you should feel 100% confident in have developed the skill set of nutrition And I think that that’s something like as you’ve learned it’s like, it’s something that you can’t, it’s not gonna happen in a one time console. Right? I mean, think about how many coaches are, are that are out there that like they have like one and done sessions like it’s like you come, they throw as much information out here as you possibly can and that’s it”

Joelle: “Especially like in the clinical side and they come bedside and boom, you have, you have diabetes, they splatter all this out, here’s the diabetes packet and you know, go figure it out. And it’s like the accountability is is everything like the timeline is everything like it’s gotta be it’s gotta be a journey. It can you can’t just be like a quick fix there. And so I think that’s something people really have to be ready for the right I mean, you have to be ready and wanting to make that change. And I guess that brings me to a question for you is like, do you think that I mean surely when you first started, you did not plan on us working together As long as we have. I would have if I had to guess No, I I didn’t even realize it’s been so long Has it really been that long? It’s been I’m just trying to let’s see. So it’s easily been two years. Yeah. It’s been if not just under two years. May May 2000 and there is no sir. September 2018. Okay. So not not, I guess not quite two years. Right. Or Yeah. Yes. It’s been over Over two years. Over two years. I would I would have never I would have never thought that. And then No, I never would have thought that this would have. This would be I would not. No, no, I wouldn’t have no simple answer No. Not at all. And you know, what’s interesting about that. Well, wait, were you gonna ask me another question.”

Coach Justin: “Well, I was just gonna say, I mean, I think the thing that’s, that’s so important about that and, and, and again, the timeline is different for everybody, but I think like you’ve gone through like now multiple like seasons of life, right? Like through this journey and I think that’s a really big part of nutrition in these habits and all of these things because like, when, when, when you can put all your focus into your nutrition and fitness, like you can, it’s really easy to be consistent, but like life happens, right? That’s what we always hear and that’s what throws you off That’s what makes you get out of your routines, right And so to be able to navigate through these different seasons of life and realize like, hey, there’s gonna be times where I’m not going to be perfect, but something is always going to be better than nothing that is so powerful to be able to take with you for the rest of your life.”

Joelle: “ I’ve been recently telling you that I, I really only feel up until very recently, like it ready to change my habits in terms of logging food because I’ve, I’ve told you that Yeah, I’ve always kind of done it, but I’ve always kind of did it begrudgingly like kind of like, this is so annoying. Like I hate this kind of thing, but it’s really taking, it’s honestly kind of taken me this long to finally change my mindset in terms of no, like this is what I’m doing and this is what I’m enjoying to do and this is getting me to what that next goal is, which is now more like aesthetic and performance based, right? So in the past it’s been more so just and it involved around actual like health and getting to a point of, I think not only physically feeling ready because I think physically I felt ready for a very long time, but I think mentally I haven’t been and talking about life, like my life has drastically changed in this past year, especially right before the pandemic, I moved to literally the epicenter of the pandemic for our country. I moved there one week before the whole country shut down. and so really, even through the course of that, that time frame, I mean I know even one time I think I was pretty down and talking to you and I think you even just said you should talk to someone and and like I and I know that right, and like that’s something that’s part of what I do now too in terms of like health and stuff like that. And so, and I say that because like you said, there’s no timeframe, right Like people have these time frames and especially with templates and stuff like that and all this like access but in actuality you really need to make sure you are ready because if you’re not, it’s not going to really go anywhere and I’ve kind of experienced that because I know you and I have gone through like these ebbs and flows but yeah, it’s been this long and I, I’d have to say that I finally feel prepared like mentally to make it part of just like my lifestyle in terms of logging logging is terrible, but I love it.”

Coach Justin: “I think they’re I mean everything you said, I mean there’s so many nuggets from what you just said, but yeah, I mean, I think like there’s there’s so many phases to all this and not just for nutrition, fitness, but just like life in general, right? In terms of like being ready to, to become the person who you wanted to come right like because that’s, that’s really what it is right? We’re working towards our future self when you set goals for the new year, you have to ask yourself you know, what is it that I have to do right to become my future self because the goals that are accomplished a year from now or three years from now or five years now or whatever, like you’re not the same person right when you start and when you’re there and that journey right, that’s what builds you into that person who you want to become. and so I think for you, you know if we, if we truly think about kind of that triangle of awareness, if you will, it’s like, you you came to me and even if you had aesthetic and performance goals, we have to address the health based goals and and habits first, right? And then regardless of when the timeline is once that stuff starting to get, you know, to get carried out and to start to establish itself and get more consistent, and we’re not having the biofeedback issues and the habits are are are building then it’s like, awesome, like, our health in a really good spot. Cool. Now we can start to attack, you know some of these aesthetic based goals and performance based goals. And I don’t know, I think, I think the one of the biggest takeaways for people that are listening here, that, like, you can sit here and have, like, the perfect plan. I mean, 2020 is a perfect example of that. You could have set your goals for 2020 right And then Covid happened and it rocked your world, right So you can have the perfect plan, but you’re gonna have to kind of like, roll with the punches and bob and weave, as I say, you know, like, there’s gonna be you’re gonna have to navigate through things. and and that’s just part of it, but that’s that’s that’s just like the that’s part of the journey, that’s what you have to try to fall in love with, like, you can’t you can’t fight that just like with tracking on my fitness pal, right? Like I in the same way, like I’ve struggled with doing and I’ve I’ve like literally for so long battled it. But finally, you know how many years ago when I started doing that little Summer shred thing, I got into the habit of like, cool, I only have to do this three months out of the year. Alright. I won’t, I won’t, I won’t ditch and complain about that and I’m like nine months out there. No tracking like cool, like, you know, but and also to your point earlier that throughout this whole time of working together I’ve recently thought I do feel very confident. And let’s say that if you know, tomorrow we stopped working with each other for some reason I have learned so much with working with you that I feel very confident in my abilities to continue all the work that we’ve done.”

Joelle: “I’m not saying I’m gonna start working with you, but I’m just saying that you really, I really have learned a lot from you. It really has been whether I realize it or not, it’s in it’s improved, you know, just like lifestyle habits and things like that. so much so that I I feel even more confident just doing recommendations to some of my athletes just based off of the stuff that I’ve learned through my work with you. So yeah I mean, it’s been great, It’s awesome. I love that I mean, I think you’re absolutely right in that look like you you are the type of client that, like, you see the value in wanting to continuously, like if you accomplish the goal awesome, like now let’s set another goal, right? And that’s, and so you’re just going through these phases here, like, you’re just going through like, like accomplishing goals and setting new goals like, like what we’re about to attack here, right?”

Coach Justin: “We’re rolling through maintenance calories right now setting us up to really have a success, really successful diet here for that little summer shred, like, so you’re just, I mean, it’s just one goal after the next, right And I think that’s a good point for people to remember is that when you work with a coach, I mean, I saw this with coaches I’ve worked with even with business coach is is like a lot of times you’ll come to the coach with one goal, right? Or sometimes it’s, it’s it’s multiple goals, but once you accomplish those now, it’s like awesome, let’s keep building, let’s keep working for, let’s let’s transition from health to aesthetics to perform or whatever, right? But let’s start to really accomplish goals and all these different pillars of, you know, of nutrition and fitness when it comes to health, aesthetics and performance so that you can understand how to go about accomplishing those goals on your own moving forward as well because it’s it’s one thing like if we’re talking just simply health right? Like just habits alone, you’re probably going to be in a really good spot, right? But as we start talk talk about more aesthetic and performance based goals, like when we start looking into like tracking on my fitness power chronometer, like that’s gonna start to become more important because the numbers side of the equation is going to matter a lot more with aesthetics and performance and that’s just an example and honestly that might not even be the best of examples, but hopefully I’ll get the point. but so transitioning a little bit here as as you think about And you and you kind of reflect over this this time period, what are and this can be super specific or it can be more general, but like what are some of like the big like rocks that you feel like you’ve kind of established, like if you think like what are like the top 3-5 things that you feel like, you know you’ve you’ve learned and now implemented and truly see the value in wanting to do like going forward for the rest of your life. Like what, what would be some of those things.”

Joelle: “Yeah, so I mean the first and foremost thing especially I kind of already touched on it is something that you and I have recently talked about is no longer really just having a strong sense of control, having a strong sense of control over what I’m doing and what my goals are and seeing how my body responds to it and no longer feeling like helpless, right? No longer feeling like a victim to what’s going on kind of thing and in that same sense, also like I said, especially being a female understanding that whatever weight I see on this scale, that’s just a data point, it’s nothing that like defines me or defines my life, right? It’s just something that okay if I if that’s the number that I’m seeing there, well what, like what was the equation beforehand that equaled that number, you know and then whatever that number is, okay, so then what am I trying to do next? And then how do I adjust that equation? Like no longer seeing it as like something which I never really, I never really took much stock in weight and I’m I’m I feel very fortunate in myself for that because I know that’s not the case for most people. but really almost feeling like an extreme sense of liberation from really not even considering it as anything detrimental, but other than a data point. so that’s been really awesome and like I said something that I’m really trying to encourage, especially with the female athletes that I work with is that, you know our goals are performance based, that number is a data point regarding our performance goal, you know, and really nothing more than that, That doesn’t, it doesn’t define you. so that I would have to say that’s the biggest thing, that’s been really great for me personally as of recent, but in terms of actual like tools, I mean really a huge thing that I’ve learned from you is intuitive eating things because again, my life is my life can be pretty hectic at times and I I do have to travel quite a bit or live in other places for weeks at a time where I can’t cook or can’t like I get stuff catered to me or whatever, but it’s been great to have the tools of intuitive eating something as simple as like the athletes plate, that’s been really cool to learn more about and like, again, that’s something a simple tool that I can now recommend to my athletes who are on the go or something like that. that would be a tool and then recently, like I’ve already touched on is focusing a lot more on habits as part of like who I am as an individual unless is like a chore that I have to do kind of creating trying to establish like, healthier relationships with the habits to help me get to my goals. that’s been something I’ve been really happy about shifting recently, that’s that’s kind of all the ones I can think about right now. Yeah, no, those are all great. I love it I as I was as you’re going through that first point there, I was I was even thinking to myself, I’m like you know, knowing like, you know, growing up as an athlete, especially as a female, as you, you know, brought up now multiple times, it’s like you in the position that you’re at working with these athletes that you know, again, if you see them following, I don’t know, died of the week, right? Or or trying to you know, do severe calorie restriction or whatever We just got to like realize that guys like gals were trying to be athletes here, right? So it’s like, you know, if if you have the goals of like aesthetics and you want to go stand on a, on a stage at a bikini competition or or physique comp or whatever like that’s probably gonna require severe restriction right? It’s gonna, you know, that aesthetic goal, that’s one side of the triangle of awareness here, right? And the performance goals on the complete opposite side of it, right? So, so we can’t, you know, going back to what you’re saying earlier, it’s like if your goal is to be the best athlete that you possibly can be and to really optimize performance and recovery you’re not going to be following some crazy strict diet that has you in a calorie deficit and all of these things because that like you’re literally going in completely opposite directions so you gotta you gotta identify what is it that I’m you know in search of here what is it that I’m focused on? Is it performance or is it aesthetics because those are two completely opposite goals with that said I love I love being an athlete and I try to still be an athlete in my own head I guess. But you know it’s like a lot of the times when we have kind of a lot of the athlete mindset our body composition can be a kind of a byproduct of the performance based goals which I love that. So so all about that and and not and not to say you can’t improve your body composition through focusing on performance based goals because you absolutely can. But yeah I love that for you in the position that you’re in because I think that you know hopefully we’re doing a lot better job with making sure athletes are fueling themselves I have a friend that she works at U. C. L. A And like she’s awesome and she she works with like all of the female sports teams. And so just just knowing that people like her and I’m sure there’s tons of others but that you know that they’re seeing this at the collegiate level, they’re seeing this in pro sports and hopefully we’re seeing more of this in high school and middle school and you know just with all females and all athletes in general right? You know I think that’s so important and I guess one other thing I would just touch on which really which really kind of encompasses everything that we’ve been talking about is just getting more in tune with your body and I feel like I’ve always been someone that’s been pretty in tune with my body but it just further demonstrates to me like listening to taking everything that your body is telling you and then really listening to it as to what’s going on and how you can adjust it either for whatever you’re trying to achieve right? So some even something as simple which is something we haven’t even touched on but like bowel movements like paying attention to your bowel movements and that gives you that gives you insight into what’s going on with your body right? So yeah just kinda that’s a that’s something that I have to say that’s been really great. It’s just continuously learning about my body and something that I know you you focus on and that’s a lot that’s you know I feel like being a P. T. I have a very holistic approach So it’s been great to just kind of get more confident in myself to then now help the people that I’m helping get more confident with that.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah I love it as I always say you know the the ultimate you know sign of truly learning, you know, these these things is to be able to teach it, right? And so for you to be able to like pay it forward and help you know, these other people, I mean that’s that’s not only amazing for for you, but obviously it it’s amazing for them as well Right? So love, love that. Alright, so I definitely wanna respect your time here. I know, as we could say when we had breakfast that day and we could probably sit here and chat it up all day. But let’s let’s let’s transition here into I always ask this question cause I’m always curious to know and you might have to think back a little bit on this one, but if if somebody is on the fence right about working with a coach or maybe maybe they, they just had their first console or maybe they had a bad experience before or whatever. Right How did you, like if you’re thinking back to hiring a coach? I mean, I don’t know if I was like the first person you saw on instagram or whatever, but like, I mean how do you, how do you reach out to a complete stranger? Somebody that you do not know Right? I mean most of the clients that I work with are like referrals, right. But I mean where is the headspace? That where is the mindset there? And like for somebody that is kind of searching through the instagram world and trying to find a coach that they resonate with and want to work with one on one. Like what’s the advice?”

Joelle: “Yeah, so I kind of have multiple I would say I have a couple of different things to say to that. So, first off in terms of even getting a coach, because again, like I said, I’m someone that has spent my whole academic career and professional career invested in especially holistic approach to sports medicine, so not only modern medicine, but also you know, incorporating like nutrition and things like that. Right? So I would have thought of myself as very well versed on it prior, but it came to a point where no, I need help, right, I need to, I need someone else to help me. And I one time was working with a friend who he was helping me out I think with my ankle or something and I don’t know what I said to him, but I said something along the lines of like, yeah, is this weird that I like, or no, I said something like whenever I get injured, it’s as if I only see red and like, I don’t know what to do, but this is my, this is my life, how do I not know what to do? And he said, he’s like, he looked at me and goes, well what do you expect? Even Tiger Woods has a coach, I was like, wait a second. Yeah, you’re absolutely right Like even the best of the best have people that help them correct their form correct there. You know, mechanics Like I was like, duh, like why did that not even occur to me? Like everyone needs a little help. You can only see what is inside your face and like or what’s inside your head, right? And we get inside our heads sometimes and you need that outside perspective. Even me sometimes treating, you know, working with with some people, sometimes I need to reach out to a colleague and say hey, what am I missing? Because I, there’s something right? Like I’m so zoned in on this, what am I missing So I think just understanding that everyone could use a little help in some shape or form, right? And then in terms of reaching out to you, that’s probably one of the most easiest things for me. I would have to say everyone that knows me as a person. I’m kind of known as a bit of a nomad. So like reaching out to a random stranger is not a challenge to me at all. But because again, I am very, I am, you know, I know a lot of people in this world and what really stuck out to me with you was like I said, just your overall messaging., was your messaging of like treating the person as a person and, addressing more than just, Yeah, like here’s a template kind of thing. And it just seems like you care, you know? But I do have to say you do have a way of delivering stuff like very cut and dry. But I also respect that because you won’t like necessarily beat her on the bush, you’ll just be like, look, you gotta do it for this long or you can’t do it kind of thing. Which now I know what it feels like when I tell people that. So I now understand their frustration, but like, I appreciate that about you. But yeah, ultimately it was your approach to the person as a person. That’s what really made me reach out to you. But yeah, like I said, reaching out to somebody randomly. It’s not a big not that challenge for me, but I will have to say if you are afraid or if you have any apprehensions about reaching out to someone, just do it, just reach out to them. You know, If it’s not a fit, it’s not a fit, but make sure that it’s a fit for you, right? If you’re not feeling the person, if you’re not if you’re not trusting the person, if they if they don’t seem to be in line with what you truly want, move on, you know? But but make the step of reaching out, that’s the that’s the biggest step really. I would have to say no.”

Coach Justin: “I love that. I think that’s I think that’s amazing. You know when we met, right? We talked about that for the majority of the of the conversation which was like that human connection piece and that building relationships and how important that was and you know, and what we do and our and our practices here. So, I love that. And I think like, I tell people all the time, I’m like look like very openly when people reach out to me. I mean, I I tell them and I asked them like, here you can you can have these resources because like, what I would tell people is, look, if you’re looking to hire a coach, follow them on social media for like three months, right? Sipping the kool aid as I say right? Like all their content, read their post, all of that. And then if if if like that stuff one if you like that, then from there at like send them a DM or an email or whatever and ask them for like five testimonials or or five people that you can like, like ask questions to talk to write real people. That’s great. I think that’s really great. Yeah, I mean, anybody can create a fake testimonials or whatever. So, so see if you can talk to like, I don’t know, like three of their clients that they’ve worked with, like, you know, real people. and that’s that’s one thing that I would say about you is that I’ve never felt just like a number. I’ve never felt just like someone that yeah, you handed out a template to and you don’t even know me, you know what I mean? So that’s, I think that’s the difference. Well, thank you. I I appreciate that because it’s definitely something that I mean, I I know you as well, right? It’s something that’s like super important to us and our practice and what we do. So I I appreciate that. and I think that like it’s it’s it just goes back to like the importance of, of one on one and like individualized coaching, you know like how could a meal plan or a template or a one size fits all approach me. You are in this journey Yeah. And I know that stuff that we’ve talked about even for me personally, like my grappling is with, you know, modern day, how people work, right? Like just passing out templates and things like that. And I’m the same way where there’s just philosophically I need to have a connection, not necessarily have a connection, but I want to make sure that it’s addressing what the person needs, right., so yeah, I appreciate that about you, that it’s it’s not a one size fits all model and granted some people can get away with that, right? Like they can get away with following some sort of template or program for a bit, but also understanding that most people need needs specificity right? Yeah, I mean different things work for different people, right? So if you follow a meal plan or a template and like it works for you and work works for you means that like you’re sticking with that for the rest of your life and you feel great and you look great, you perform great and all those things. I’m packing my answer. I want, I want you to find success and whatever works best for you, right? But if you’re trying things repeatedly and and not accomplishing things, not sticking with it constantly, you know, starting and stopping then you’ve just got to be honest with yourself and realize like all of these things that you’re trying to do and trying to fall this cooker cookie cutter boxes of a diet you’re trying to fit yourself into it’s not working and you need to individualize your approach like you need to meet of where you are and you’re your own journey, which is different than everyone else and you’ve got to like just literally create habit one habit to habit three, you know, and like start the process of stacking habits and building confidence and building back to up that like integrity with yourself and and following through with the things that you say that you’re going to do. I love it awesome. Well this has been great. I knew it was gonna be a good podcast. I’m excited too. I hope it’s good. I hope I hope you get something. Get out of it. I don’t know, it’s gonna be good. It’s gonna be good. Lots of lots of little nuggets here for everybody well, cool. So final thoughts, I guess first off joe where can people, I’m pushing Joel to get on social media more and start a podcast and all this stuff. So where can people find, you know what I mean? Most are you most active on, I guess instagram would you say?”

Joelle: “Yeah, I’ve recently been thinking about twitter but I’m more of a visual person, so I’m feeling instagram You can find me at Joel morose O J E L L E M U R O that’s my instagram. yeah, follow me. And if you have any questions about, you know, getting into the sports world, I’m in soccer, so you know, that’s my world, but I know plenty of people don’t ever hesitate to reach out or if you’re in the jersey area, I’m currently here. So let me know, I just realized also I’m wearing are like our be true shirt that we got. So I thought that’s kind of cool. You just realize that yeah, very cool. I love it. Love it.”

Coach Justin: “Very cool Hey real quick. One other question I had. So, and I know you’ve kind of been in and out of there over the over the years here, but the for anybody that’s like interested in, you know, we’re coming into a new year right? And so I think like the whole human connection peace and building relationships and like community is a huge part of people finding success in this new year. the team I coach, nutrition facebook group, right If you search, if you search for that on facebook, it’s, it’s our kind of, you know, team group, if you will, that has all the clients that I’m currently working with and that I’ve worked with in the past. and then anybody else that just kind of interested in, I coach what, what are, like, what’s like the top thing, it’s a free group, right? So request to join you can, you can, you know, I’ll add you in there. What do you think Like the number one thing people would get out of that group would be?”

Joelle: “ I think just community in general, I know you and I have talked about it before in terms of just treating each other like, you know, humans and treating each other. I mean nothing, nothing beats having a sense of support, right? Like, especially in these days, everybody could use a little sense of support, anybody can use just a little positivity and I think that’s something that I know I always try to do regardless of whatever I’m doing. and that’s what those kind of groups are, I think best for is that it’s a place where you feel, you know, you’re with your peers, your it’s a place where you feel it’s a safe place. It’s a safe place to ask questions to post your videos, to give each other some feedback to give each other possible notes for the day. Yeah Right now what, who can’t, who can’t take more of that you can’t use the other day. Yeah, it’s definitely key. Yeah. And I think like just, you know, like, so so for those listening, like clients that I work with one on one, they’ll go in there and like they’ll share like what’s called the post call update. And so I think like for for you to be able to go into that group read post call updates from clients that I’m working with and just like what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna you’re not going, you feel alone, right? You’re not gonna feel like you’re the only one struggling with this thing. Like you’re gonna start to realize, oh wow, like there’s a lot of people that are struggling with this or this or that. And and hopefully you can start to learn through reading these post call updates you can learn from their takeaways, right from our coaching calls, you can learn from what their focus is are and how they advance kind of week to week to week there. So lots of lots of value in there and whether it’s from an education standpoint with the facebook lives or whether it’s just from being able to have a community like, like Joel said so I love that. I love it. I have a question. Am I still the only person that’s done a video? No, there’s been, yeah, no, there’s it’s, it’s so funny there. I mean there’s some clients I work with that. They’re like, can I just do a video I’d much prefer to do a video and I’m like, yes, please do video, definitely, definitely way more clients. You know, they just, they do written. But yeah, anytime that I can get people to do a video, I’m like, yes go for it for a while. I was the only one that did a video. Right? Yeah, you are. I think you were like the first and only for for a while. Yeah, not shocked. I appreciate it. Awesome.”