Nutritionist Helps Client Increase Energy Levels and Build Muscle

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Coach Justin: “Welcome back to I coach nutrition radio guys today I have a very special guest, a client of mine that I have the pleasure of working with for quite some time there and today I’m bringing him on the show to be able to dive into kind of our journey of working together. we’re going to dive into a few different areas, but hopefully we’ll be able to kind of have as much value through his experience as we possibly can and we’ll have a few takeaways that you all will be able to use to apply into your own nutrition and training. So without further ado Mr Scott Horton, what’s going on, my man, how are you?”

Scott: “Very good, how’s it going? Justin doing well, my man, you know, I just never think I’m gonna get used to it being dark at you know, five o’clock here, but here we are, I can already see the moon out outside my window, so I know I’m just gonna just like shut the blinds because I feel like it’s just like God five p.m. It’s already dark, it’s like so hard to be motivated and get stuff done when it’s it’s night out time. Oh yeah yeah try to hit the hit the workouts early before this, before the sun goes down. Oh yeah. I mean I don’t understand how people work out at night honestly it’s it’s crazy right during this time of year I have to get it done in the morning or I’m just, it’s just not gonna happen if not right. This is absolute energy.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah 100 well dude so let’s I guess kind of give the listeners a little bit, a little bit of context as to kind of who you are and what you do and then I want to kind of dive into really like what was nutrition and fitness and just kind of like your lifestyle that you’re living there kind of before we started working together and then we’ll take it from there.”

Scott: “Gotcha. Alright cool Yeah scott Horton my name. I’ve been In Dallas about 10 years or so professionally I’m a construction manager for public storage company. So I think kind of the reason how I was linked up with you as with some mutual friends I talked to and one of them I was asking about a nutritionist and he mentioned your name and you know recommended you so hit you up, gotta get your information started chat with you a little bit kind of got the basics of you know what you do and what you can provide and what I was looking for and it sounded like a good fit so decided to go with it. And so that was back in what june I guess. So here we are about five months later and yeah, so that’s, that’s the basics.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, so I guess when you first, I mean when you first initially were like okay I want to work with or I want to look for a nutritionist or like what, like I guess I’ve been a little bit more of that conversation that y’all are having and you know what kind of prompted this in the first place, right?”

Scott: “So I think initially I’ve always felt like the last several years I, you know, I’m a healthy eater, I don’t typically, you know go out and to eat too much. I eat at home, but it was getting to a point where it was work and you know I traveled for work quite a bit. So traveling every week, it was getting hard difficult for me to kind of figure out what is the best way for me to attack my schedule from week to week. So not only, you know, my schedule is pretty fluid. So it was, yeah, I’m gone at some point this week, maybe two days, maybe one day, maybe three days the following week and it can be, you know literally, hey I get called saturday and I got to be in Houston on monday, which that happened this past week. So,, I was just running low on energy from all the travel I felt like my eating habits were starting to deteriorate I wasn’t able to plan ahead as much side, you know I had hoped to, and where to, you know, eat healthy and, and feel good and you know, not just when I’m at the job site or whatever, when I come home, you know, I didn’t want to go out to play and just be dead and go home and pass out on the couch. You know I wanted to have some energy., I felt like I needed to make some changes, not just not just that, but just going through some things personally that kind of made it a rough patch in my, in my, in my life there for a few months So I thought the first step, you know, I was like, okay, I was looking at this room look like a broad spectrum of okay, I can change this, I can change this And my diet was one thing that I felt like, okay, if I can change that, get back on track there, you know maybe some of the dominoes will start falling into place. So initially that was my thought process and you know, like, like I said, I looked you up and sounded exactly what I was looking for, so decided to go for it.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, that’s awesome man. Yeah, I mean I I want to dive into a quick piece on there, but I guess two things to mention. So you you mentioned that you were you know the energy levels, right? Like that was kind of like you even put in your initial questionnaire like hey that was the number one issue kind of preventing you from reaching your goals and so That was a big piece and then also you know, you were sitting at like 158 when we first started and you’re, you kind of have like a goal way, what like put on some lean muscle mass and sit at like around 170 or so. so touch on like, I mean kind of over the last five months touch on those two areas and then we’ll kind of dive into the question that I had for you.”

Scott: “Yeah, yeah, so I had kinda not just diet, but it was stress, it was, you know, just a lot of negativity going on in my life at that time, something that I really hadn’t experienced a whole lot in my life up until this year. you know I’ve been very blessed to have a, you know, a pretty good life, you know, there’s always rough patches, but this one in particular kind of hit me to where I was, you know, I looked in the mirror and one day, literally, like I told, like I told you early on I was wearing 100 £58. That’s the least I’ve weighed in since high school, you know? So I was just almost to the point where I couldn’t even recognize myself in the mirror. I was like, this is just, I don’t look healthy, You don’t feel healthy, you don’t feel right Not that I necessarily wanted to get, you know, just put on weight just to be way you don’t want to be healthy weight. So how do I do that? Right. So, and you know, everybody knows the basics of how to eat correctly, but to go in and have a goal in mind and how to reach that and and and have your body in a position where you’re still good about it as well and your energy level is good and feel healthy and strong That’s what I was looking for. You know, kind of how to get there. So that pushed me into looking tomorrow Ok, I can’t just do this on my own type of thing I needed to find somebody that could could kind of coach me guide me there. And yeah, I mean, I I started out at that weight and then today I just weighed myself and I’m right on the nose, 100 and £70. which that’s just a number, right? But I mean it’s the fact that I feel stronger all around physically emotionally. It was just I feel I look back at june and I’m like man from that point to here, I feel like I could do a new person.”

Coach Justin: “So yeah, that’s powerful. You know, I always, like I always say that to myself, I say that the clients which is like, you know, if you’re gonna compare yourself to anybody, compare yourself to where you were at six months ago, right? And I mean that’s basically six months of where we’re at now. You know, cause I mean we all we all fall through to it, right? It’s like we compare ourselves to other people, whether it’s because of social media or whether it’s you know brothers and sisters and wanna you know wanting to be the most successful in the family or whatever it may be, right We always are comparing ourselves to other people. And I think that comparison is like truly the thief of joy and you know, if you can just focus on you and being able to like compare yourself to you and you know, hey have I progressed in any aspect of my life or mult multiple aspects of life over the last six months or so, like you have to be proud of yourself for that. I mean you can definitely push harder, right But like you gotta be grateful that there’s any growth at all. So I love that man, I mean I think that’s one amazing. I mean putting on £12 is you know that’s not easy to do especially I mean come on guys we’re not we’re not talking about like Taco bell every day here like you know putting on body fat like putting on mostly mostly lean muscle mass. Obviously there’s a little bit of body fat. We we should have done like talking about it, we should have probably got some maybe some some decks if it scans done or something like that you know gotten some body fat percentage testing done. I would have been really interested to see exactly how much you know like lean mass was gained versus fat mass but you know looking at body composition pictures in the in the mirror, I think it was definitely weighing more on the muscle mass versus versus the fat. You can agree right? Yeah I had that exact thought I was I was wanting to kind of check those numbers and readings out, see where they lay. I have never done that. So yeah, yeah you should definitely do it for sure. You know it’s just always kind of cool having that data, I like taking like typically you can buy like a four pack of them and then you can just get them tested like quarterly like and do it for a year So anyways I digress here as we go off on this tangent but, so the, the energy level side of things. so, you know, that was something that, you know, that improved pretty fast, right? you know, I think that was like one of the thing that we, one of the things that we noticed the, you know, in the very beginning, I think it within like two weeks or so, as I’m just kind of like looking back on notes here. So yeah, talk about like the energy levels, like why do you think that your energy levels like improved as fast as they did like, out of what we did? What do you think we’re like kind of the things that made the biggest difference?”

Scott: “Yeah, I think, I think the two biggest reasons I can think of would be rob the bat. I think I realized from talking with you and going back and forth and you know texting, hey, if I go out to eat here, what should I get and just training your mind on what to eat. But you know, I think I was, I was in like, you would you know, a calorie deficit, right? So I was, I thought I was eating healthy, but which I maybe was what I was putting, my body was healthy, but I wasn’t eating enough and, or vice versa. I was eating too much of the wrong stuff and so, you know, you gotta hit your your calorie intake wherever it needs to be, you find that out as you go and you can kind of adjust on what you’re eating from there, but I think that was one of the biggest reasons I finally figured out, okay, here’s what I need to eat, here’s how much of it I need to eat per day to feel this way at optimal, optimal, lower right, and then so getting that kind of fine tuned right off the bat I picked up on it pretty quick and you know, I think it also, the second reason would be, it gave me a different area to focus my thoughts and mind on daily, right I was, instead of just, you know, I was able to track it and kinda one of those people that I have to have a goal in mind and I do a lot better with everything whenever I have something in mind that I’m specifically looking to do and so all the negativity that was going on around, I was able to kind of push some of that out and you know, kind of focus on, okay, well let’s let’s focus on me and getting this done doing this correctly and you know, that alone, I think took a lot of that stress and that just trash that was thrown in my body and just, you know, threw it out and then I was coming in with more positive thoughts, positive energy and eating correctly. So yeah I did definitely notice right off the bat my energy level was much higher so that that’s probably what I would, you know, .2 1st Off.” 

Coach Justin: “Yeah, so I mean you, you basically started like a legit like strength training program and working out consistently, you started reverse dieting your your calories correctly and and we slowly started working your, your calorie intake up, you also started eating a lot more vegetables and fruits with the instagram challenge for sure. and then just overall like just you know, as I always say it’s like nutrition and fitness is really kind of like the foundation, once you, once you start focusing on that then it allows you to start diving into like personal development right? And so for you like just with mindset and personal development and like self love and like managing the dressing stressors like all of that stuff you were able to start to focus on and improve on. And I mean I think for you, I mean obviously like of course it’s like cool to look at, you know if your goal is to put on muscle mass and you put on £12 you know, if your goal is to increase your energy levels and your feeling, you know amazing like of course those things are awesome but you know, I think on the mindset side of it, like like just getting into that, that mentality getting into that mindset of like simply it’s like an abundance mindset, you know it’s it’s this like victor versus victim mentality and you know, I don’t know, I just feel like when you get your nutrition fitness on point it it truly does allow you to start to focus on you and like like you know really start to fix the things that you need to fix with yourself which allows you to be able to show up as your highest self and all of these different areas of life as you continue to progress.”

Scott: “Mhm Yeah, I mean I totally agree you mentioned victor versus victim, I think that was right off the bat, something that kind of changed course for me, it was not looking at my situation or what was ever what was going on around me is oh poor me, it was okay now, yes this is happening, whatever is going on around me, it’s gonna be there, it could get worse it could get better, you know, but work regardless it’s up to me to change my mindset, my attitude and I control what goes into my body, what I do with my body where I go, who I threw them around. So yeah, I think once you get that first step of okay let’s let’s let’s get the nutrition correct let’s start feeling better about how we look, how we feel energy level and then you can be your best self as you go forward from there because you’re focusing on OK, how else can I develop this or that part of my life too, you know, improving, improving in other ways, you know So I think the personal development side for me was kind of, that was the first block of, okay, let’s start to focus on me and how do I get myself?”

Coach Justin: “Right, Right Yeah, I mean, and I think that, like when you work with a coach, I mean I’ve worked with tons of nutrition fitness, obviously like sports coaches, business coaches like tons of coaches and I’m a big believer and everybody you know, utilizing a coach and maybe it’s not all the time throughout your whole entire life, but you know, definitely multiple times throughout life, for sure. and I think that, you know, it, what it does is it gives you, kind of a 10,000 ft view of your life, you know, obviously it challenges you to, to think a little bit differently, it challenges your perspective on things and it really challenges, like just like your why, you know, because a lot of people will come in with a goal, right? But maybe they didn’t really establish, you know, a why behind why they wanted to accomplish it, like for you, if you would have just came and said I want to increase my energy levels and gain £12 of lean muscle or, you know, £10 of lean muscle or something like that, right? Kind of surface level superficial level. Like I’m like, okay, cool, you want to do that, right? We dive in a little deeper and then a little deeper and a little deeper. So, I want to take it back here real quick before I before I forget you know, to what you said in the beginning, I thought it was really interested. You said that, you know, before we started you, it’s almost like you had to take this step back and it’s almost like you identified like what, you know, I quote as like the big rocks in your life, right? And you, you understood that, hey, the nutrition was one of the low hanging fruit right? It was one of those like big rocks that was a low hanging fruit for you and you decided to take action on that. Do you mind sharing, like what some of those other big rocks are for you and like, You know essentially why you decided to choose that 1 1st Yeah.”

Scott: “You know, I think when things start to deteriorate or fall apart however you want to say it, you know it’s not like I was in dire need of life change, but I felt the need to change some things, you know, based on what was going on in my life. So, I think I started to realize, okay, what’s my day to day activity look like and it was go to work, I had no motivation to cook, I have no motivation to work out. I was kind of just going through the motions almost like, okay so if you’re just going to do that every day, your life, then, you know, your life is not gonna get any better. And so I looked at that and I said, well, how about we start by cooking some healthy meals, you know dedicating some time to better yourself. whether it’s going to church, reading books, working out, focusing your efforts on things that are healthy for your mind and your body. and I just, you know, you can look at all that and be like, okay, well today monday, I’m gonna start doing all this, right? And I think a lot of people do that myself included, we’ve always, we have a rough weekend then we say, okay monday, we’re gonna go start back and be fresh now, you kinda just gotta take it one thing divided up into categories and take, okay, well I’m gonna focus here for now in a long time, I’ll start focusing more on this and you can kind of build from there. So I felt like for me it was with the travel with the lack of motivation and everything else, it was okay, well let’s start by getting healthy and the first way I knew how to do that would be when I was put in my body when I was eating. and so that was the reason why I chose that first and then it’s like, okay then, then we can then we can work in the back in the gym and then we can work in the, you know, books and, and church and all the other things that I want to do with my life. and, you know, as time went on, it became easier and easier to do all that and it just became, now that is my life, you know, that is my day to day. So it’s just, it’s all, it was just all a mindset really for me, it’s, you know, the lack of motivation and whatever else, it’s temporary, it’s hard to see that when you’re in the moment when you’re going through it but will pass, it’s just but you got to have that first, you know, kind of, that moment that says, okay well I need to change this about my life and that was all kind of hit me all at once and I, that was just my, my starting block, wow, That’s powerful.”

Coach Justin: “I mean, it makes me think back to 10 years ago when I kinda had my whole, like, transformation and I’ve talked about that a million times, so if anybody doesn’t know what I’m talking about, y’all can go listen to that, but yeah, man, I mean, it just goes to show right, I mean, you know, so many people like when we throw out this term of like nutrition coaching, like everything that you just talked about right there. Like, come on, I mean, that’s, this is so much bigger than just nutrition coaching. I mean, I, I hate the term like life coaching, but you know, in a sense, like it expands out into these other elements of, of personal development and, you know, I think that it’s such a, it’s just such an interesting topic. You know I think that it’s, it’s almost like this thing that can unlock so many other things and, you know, there’s a lot of talk these days with, you know, anxiety and depression and, and like, I think a lot more people are being a lot more open about mental illness and like just through social media and so,, you know, obviously we know that nutrition and fitness play a really big role in that and so what better starting block than starting with one or two, you know, both of those things So,, yeah, man, I think it’s, I just think it’s, I think it’s super powerful, I think it’s just so much more than just nutrition and fitness but I think if that’s not something that, you know for the listeners here, like if that’s not something that you’re prioritizing in your life, right? Like that’s a first, I mean that’s a great like step for like first step, right? Like that’s, that’s such a low hanging fruit and it doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Like just start with anything, just something right?”

Scott: “Yeah, definitely. I mean it, like you said, it seems drastic maybe, but it’s, it’s really not once you start getting into it and repetition day to day okay, now I’ve eaten good for two or three days in a row now I feel better now. You know, I want these things, I want to eat this, I want to eat this way and yeah, it just, it almost becomes kind of a, a challenge in a way, but also it’s you, you see the benefits right off through how you feel and as you move through. So it’s kind of motivating because you, you’re like, okay well I already feel better about myself so why not continue?”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, 100%. Well, I think when you think about it now I mean like, I mean, I know like even to this day there’s a million different times where it’s like, you know, it’ll be a weekend or it’ll be, you know go on vacation or whatever and we’ll get these like reminders to ourselves, like, okay, like I go back you know, just eating whatever the hell I want and drinking too much and like I feel like crap, right And so it’s like this automatic switch of a reminder that’s like, okay, I don’t want to feel that way all the time. Like I enjoy feeling good and waking up in the morning with energy and all of these things and so, but I think for a lot of people, right, when they get into this trap, just doing it all the time, right And they got into those habits of doing it all the time, they don’t even know how, like they forgot what it feels like to feel good. And a lot of the times what I hear is like, you know, I’m getting old, which of course age plays a part here, but like, it’s not so much about like getting old. It’s it’s all, it’s a lot more about what are the habits that you’re doing in your day to day life, right? Because that’s contributing so much more to how you feel and how you look and how you perform then your age up into at least up to a certain point, right?”

Scott: “Oh, definitely. Yeah, I mean you mentioned age, yeah, I definitely see some slowdown or I’ll call it bigger obstacles, bigger challenges you know, the older I get definitely 10 years ago, you know, I couldn’t, I couldn’t eat like that and drink like that now and have the same amount of energy and, and look like I did then, so you do have to make some changes. But, I always just took it as a a challenge, you know, to motivate myself to, okay well, yeah, I’m gonna have to do this obviously if I’m every day I get older, so, you know, I got I’m gonna have to cope with it and deal with it, and so you gotta figure out a way to do that.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, 100%. So as you think about kind of just kind of like reflect back on like last 56 months for you, like as you think about, I mean obviously you got a lot of life left to live here, right? So what are, what are, what are the habits that you want to? You know, we’ve worked on a lot of different habits, but what are the habits that you want to can continue to prioritize for the rest of your life? Like what are those big rocks kind of with you when it comes to, you know, for me, I always talk about sleep, nutrition, fitness, hydration and stress management, and then like, human connection right? Mhm. So like for you, what are the big rocks that you want to be able to continue to prioritize for the rest of your life? What are the things that you think that are that are most important matter most”

Scott: “Yeah, I think I learned you know, the nutrition aspect of you can still eat things that taste good and eat things that you enjoy to eat? you know, you find different ways to get those items in your diet and you you know, maybe don’t eat as much or you can eat sometimes you eat more of what, whatever that food maybe. but I definitely, you know, I realized that it’s okay to have a day here and there where you’re, you don’t eat perfect, you know, you go have a pizza or whatever you have to feel bad about it, you know, it’s just it is what it is and you get back on it the next day and then you continue continue on, but and the fitness app was really something that I’ve enjoyed using being able to hit my marks and it’s kind of just a tracker for me reminder. and it’s been, you know, it’s, I’ve learned a lot from from, from using that as well, as far as some food that I thought was maybe not so great for me as not quite as bad or vice versa. so that’s something I’ll continue to use and moving forward. I think the human interaction part is huge, It’s who you’re putting your time and efforts into and, you know, realizing who needs to be one of those people and who doesn’t I don’t know why that all kind of goes hand in hand with what we’ve been going through this these last five or six months, but it kind of just worked itself out that way, I guess. you just things start to get more clear as far as kind of people you want to be around and maybe it’s because you want to be around people who have that same type of lifestyle as you do, who are, I don’t know what it may be, but you know, I just realized being around more people who I have my best interests in mind, friends and family you know, focus my efforts on them instead of trying to please the masses and trying to, you know, be hanging around with people who don’t show that that love to you, so I don’t yeah, and I’m not sure how that kind of all worked itself out to become more clear across these past five or six months, but it did so and then yeah, the books, I hadn’t read a book and probably 15 years honestly until I kind of started before we met, but I probably read about 14 or 15 books since the beginning of the year and that’s kind of become a way for me to, you know, use my time and and fill my head with stuff that’s useful whereas I don’t even remember what I did when I was on a flight before you know, whatever I’m whatever I was doing that, I wasn’t listening to books, I don’t remember, so it’s like why not use that you know, and learn some things and things that you can apply to your lives and that’s been a that’s been a huge thing for me kind of self development I guess Yeah, I mean dude, I love all those points, I mean I mean starting off there with like the books like you know, I told you like 10 years ago I had a mentor that you know gave me this list of books to go by about 50 of them that night And it just started hacking away at it and over the last 10 years a minute of priority where it’s like Alright one book a month and since podcast that came out now, it’s like now I listened to a podcast every day on top of that as well. But yeah, there’s so much value out there and audiobooks and podcasts and you know, regular books obviously as well that it’s just I mean there’s some people that watch you know, family guy nothing against family guy, like nothing wrong with that people that watch family guy and there’s people that are like you know like further in their education so I don’t know I think that there’s just an opportunity for it now and so you know, it’s one of those things where it’s like there’s no right or wrong but definitely just don’t make any excuse because there is this huge opportunity because of just the day that you know, the the age that we live in where you can really prioritize personal development which will do so much for you in every single aspect of your life.”

Coach Justin: “So I love that and you know, going back to kind of like the whole human connection interaction relationship thing, it’s like, you know it’s the old thing of like you’re the some of the five people that you spend the most time with and like that’s definitely true for sure. you know, and if you have toxic people, if you have anything toxic in your life whether it’s people or anything else at all, like it’s gonna negatively affect you and when you’re trying to level up as a human being and you’re focusing on all these different things. Well if yeah, I mean if the people that you’re around aren’t doing that as well or or if they’re if they’re bringing you down in any way, then it can just make it really, really hard because it’s, it kind of comes down into that situation of your environment versus your own willpower which is really hard battle to fight. so anyways, I love all those points there. you know I think those are all great takeaways and and like lifelong lessons and for you, it’s like just the beginning I mean, this is like, you, you started this whole thing 56 months ago and now, I mean there’s unlimited books and podcasts and audiobooks and workout days and you know, days of nutrition and sleep and all these things ahead of you and so you know, I think that’s exciting like, you’ll continue to be able to develop and grow and just embrace the process and like the journey and it’s something that lasts a really, really long time rather than most people’s mentality of, you know, A little quick fix, 30 day thing or whatever. So man I think the mindset, I mean people always always jokes like people come to me for nutrition coaching, but what they leave with is like the mindset that’s developed along the way because that’s the thing that you know stays with you for the rest of your life.”

Scott: “Mhm. Yeah I think I just trained you too, be cognitive of things that maybe you didn’t think of before, you know, like Mhm. Another thing I just thought of as like planning ahead your day, right? So I have this, this and this to do tomorrow. Okay, well then how do you structure your time around those things that you know, we’re gonna have to happen that day to get in what you what you need to, you know, whether you’re eating the right spot or if you’re out of town, where am I gonna go to eat where you know, what am I gonna put my body there? It’s not, it doesn’t really take that much time to do if you just think about it and you know, be a little bit proactive with it. Okay, well I have a lot of time here for an hour, 30 minutes or whatever Okay, getting a quick world work out, go, go get in a quick relaxation, listen to a book, you know, anything like that. So that was a big thing as well that I’ve definitely, I think I did somewhat before, but now it’s like okay well I plan it all out, I got I know what I’m doing tomorrow and you know things come up obviously but as much as you can, it just takes that that much more stress and decision making away from your day that you can just focus on doing what you need to do to the best of your ability and so that was huge as well.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, I love that. I mean and what he’s referencing referencing there guys is like the time blocking, you know, whether it’s on google calendar or whatever you want to use, but being proactive with your life and planning, you know the next week out, you know planning each day out and and time blocking the things that you need to get done and what you want to prioritize and just builds awareness. I mean it brings awareness week by week and you just become more and more and more productive. So I highly recommend that also quick thought previous on what he was talking about later with the fitness earlier with the fitness tracker guys. this was just he was referencing my fitness pal and like tracking like weighing and measuring logging food, tracking macros on my fitness pal. So I just wanted to throw that out there real quick. But, so scott the one question I wanna, I wanna ask you here is like for the listeners obviously there is, there’s a lot of people that listen to this podcast and I’m sure there’s, you know, quite a bit of them that have worked with a coach before and there’s, I’m sure just as many, if not more that haven’t ever worked with a coach one on one before For those people that maybe are on the fence and, you know, we’re coming into 2020, right? We’re coming into not only a new year, but a new decade, which is insane And you know, obviously we’re gonna have the new year’s resolutions and all the marketing and, you know, lose £50 in two days and like all the gimmicks, right? So obviously we know after working together, like, you know, these things, if it sounds too good to be true it’s, it’s too good to be true, right? But for the people that are on the fence and thinking about, you know, I want to work with a coach, one on one, you know, maybe it’s the financial investment component of it or maybe it’s they’ve worked with somebody before and it wasn’t what they thought it was or whatever the reason why,, what, what would kind of be your advice you know, if somebody came up to you, maybe one of your friends and was asking, you know, kind of like what you did before we got started, you know, looking for a nutritionist nutrition coach, what would be kind of your advice to them?”

Scott: “Well, I think, I guess the financial aspect about the bat people think, oh, it’s it’s so expensive to have a coach, you know, this much per month, whatever the cost may be, I kind of viewed it as ok if I’m not using that money towards like the best money spent is to better myself, right? What, what better way could I spend money than to make myself a better person feel better about myself, you know, be more healthy. and then, you know, if you’re, if you’re just looking for the gimmick quick, you know, whatever you’re gonna buy online, it’s supposed to make you feel this great for you know, for this long, okay, you’re just wasting your money on that. Okay, there’s the chunk of money that you could have been using on a coach, you know, so I think it over time and then you’ll probably as you go, you’re not going to be eating out as much you’re gonna be eating healthier, you’re gonna be feeling better. so the time, excuse me, the money part of it is, I think the benefits far greater than the cost of it, you know? So, I guess you’re spending your money more wisely on things that are gonna help you rather than things that okay, it may make me feel better for a day or so, but it’s it’s not gonna last and I think yeah just, you know, it was more than just nutrition kinda like we talked about earlier it trains your mind to think about things on how, how you’re going to better yourself, not just by what you’re putting in your body but you know self development cutting out anything that’s toxic in your life and it was it was a real experience, you know, it was, it was one on one deal I can text you, I can call you and we had our weekly or bi weekly calls It’s a way to hold yourself accountable more than anything I had kind of lost that before I had started this journey so that kind of brought that to light that you know nobody’s gonna do it if you don’t do it yourself, you know, so and having you there and knowing that I had a call with you the next week or you know and I don’t wanna you don’t wanna look at your numbers whenever on our call and be like man, you know what did you do this past week or you know look at look what you did, you know, it just gives you something to track hold yourself accountable and I mean I have I have no regrets, every dollar spent was well worth the time and effort and like I said judging how I feel now as compared to six months ago, it was night and day, so and that’s just in six months, you know, so it’s something that you continue for the rest of your life as well so I mean yeah, I just don’t think I can’t think of a better investment than to invest in yourself.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, I love that man, I think that’s I think that’s super powerful, you know if we sat here and and reflect back on, you know the last 56 months it’s like let’s say for example we would have done another route, like a template ID approach or a meal plan like what would you know like if you would have got that that first month, there’s no way right? Like and that’s why like I’m so big and I talk about it so much of like the one on one, like the the individualization, I mean it’s like of course there’s nutrition education, like of course there’s an education component, right? Of course there’s like the individualized application right? And then the third component being like in the biggest component being the accountability, right? And so like those are the three components of, of the coaching process and you know like no different for for you than me, it’s like accountability, Like I hire a nutrition coach to work with me, like I’m not really learning anything, it’s like 100% for accountability right? I mean, it’s just one of those things were we are not good at like as human beings holding our own selves accountable and if you really think about it like go back, I mean, even like with job now, right it’s like we have, we have everybody has people that tell them what to do, whether it’s in your career, whether it was in school, whether, you know, kind of growing up, like we’ve, you know, playing for a sports team, like we’ve always had somebody tell us what to do. So like self accountability is extremely hard. and you know, like you said, I think like through working with a coach, it’s a great opportunity for you to gain that back with yourself, like gain that integrity back with yourself, you know, I think we talked about a few times, kind of the integrity bank account example But so anyways, hey, I I think those are all, you know amazing, amazing highlights there for sure and big takeaways. one more thing, I definitely want to respect your time here. One more thing I did want to ask you about though is obviously, you know, we’re using a few different tools, right? So we use my fitness pal we use a habit tracker as well, Can you talk a little bit about kind of just the three, obviously you talked about my fitness pal and everybody kind of knows what that is with tracking calories and macros, but we we did the habit tracker and then we also did like, food pictures for a period of time as well. So can you talk about like, the main, the habit tracker and just kind of like what you got out of that?”

Scott: “Yeah, so yeah, the habit tracker, I think it goes back to the Planning ahead and being able to make the best use out of your 24 hours of each day. I had kind of always done something similar which basically said a here’s my week, look ahead of what I, you know, I had to do on this day and this day, but it got more in the depth of okay, did I hit my goals for for each day or each week? so whether it be the amount of water you drink that day, the amount of vegetables and appreciate that day. Did you get your protein mark? Did you did you work out that day? Did you, you know, hit your strength training or whatever, whatever, maybe you could add and make it your own, you can personalize it too, whatever goals you have, and something that you want to track on a daily basis. It just gives you a nice quick, easy reference of, okay, did. I do that check, yep, I hit that day, hit that day, hit that day and I missed that And then at the end of the week you can look back and say, man, look what I did or look okay, I can improve here and there. what can I do to make that better, you know? so I think sometimes if you’re not tracking that you can forget, you’d be like, oh well sunday, I did pretty good monday and not so much Tuesday and Wednesday, but you don’t really, if you’re not have anything to compare that to how, you know, if you’re getting better week by week. So,, I kind of took that and put it in my own little use. I, I’m more, I don’t know for whatever reason I like to write it out, handwritten sometimes. So I got a calendar and basically made that habit tracker into a calendar to where day by day, I’m making notes. Maybe not every day, but I can go back, you know, every couple of days and filling in and make sure that, you know, that I’m hitting my goals and if I’m not okay then what do I got to change two to hit those goals? and so that, that was maybe the best thing that I got out of everything was. it just gives you a way to, you know, plan ahead track yourself and you would be surprised at least I was anyway of the days where or if I went a few days straight of doing real well in that habit tracker and everything looked clean on there. I could feel it, you know, I could see it, I could, I was like wow, okay. So it really it’s not just a check box, you know? you see the results, you feel the results and it just motivates further to continue that, you know? So yeah that was, that was big for me.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, I love what you said there. I mean I think it’s the saying of awareness proceeds change right? Like the last 56 months we’ve built a lot of awareness and you know we did like the habit tracker builds a lot of awareness, tracking your weighing and measuring, logging your food, tracking that on my fitness about that. That brings a lot of awareness. Like the more awareness that we can bring Like once we have the awareness. So then it just comes down to like whether or not you want to do it or not right? But I mean if we thought that if we, you know through the last 56 months working together like what if right? And this is why tracking data of some kind is so important for those of you listening right now is like what if for the last five or six months you weren’t tracking habit tracker, you weren’t doing my fitness pal, like we weren’t tracking anything, like we just got on the phone, I was like, hey, you know, how, how’s, how’s the last week then, right? Like there’s no way that you’re gonna be able to progress like that because there’s, there’s just no data to be able to assess. There’s no awareness that that’s happening there. And I mean, trying to think back on the last week or the last two weeks or the last month like that’s so much to sit there and and, and try to discuss, you know? So yeah, the data is, is definitely needed. It’s not to say that you have to, you know for you, like, you like my fitness pal, there’s a lot of people that hate my fitness pal, right? So,, it’s not to say you have to do 12 or the other. It’s just more of saying, hey, like you have to track some type of data somehow some way because if not, you’re you’re basically just like guessing right? And you don’t have anything to go off of. And so if it’s working for you, great. But, if you’re plateau, you know, you’re you’re having trouble. Like I would definitely encourage you to track data so that you could have something to be able to assess to be able to make changes accordingly So yeah, I think that just add one thing to that is if you’re not tracking it in one form or another, however you want to do that, you know, I think what you suggested the things, the options you’ve given me have been great but you’re just basically looking back at, oh well I had a good week or you know, there’s so many things that go on that you’d be emotionally, something terrible may have happened and so you’re not feeling real good about your week, you know? But the data says that okay well I I ate good, I did this, I did that real well it’s just so it’s it’s more of okay, the numbers don’t lie type thing. So it’s it’s something for you to build off of and so if you continue to do that week by week, like now I don’t fill out my app for my fitness app every single day anymore because now I know from tracking it for so many days for for such a long period of time already know exactly what, you know, I eat this and this and here’s what I can eat for the rest of the day, you know, so you just, you learn it becomes knowledge and becomes a tool that you can use, you know, for your life. I love that you hear that guys, you don’t have to track your food for the rest of your life, right? It’s just it’s a tool, you can whip it out when you need it It’s just, it’s like I always, always joke, it’s like I think of it kind of like an imaginary like tool belt right? You know all these things that are on your tool belt that you learn and yeah, in the beginning of course it takes time to learn it, but once you learn it you can put it in your tool belt and you can just, you can reach for it, you can use it whenever you need it. and I think that, you know, that’s an empowering thing because in the beginning we can kind of get stuck in this mode of like, oh my god, this is so stressful it’s taking so much time, you know, of like just this whole negative headspace, but you have to kind of switch that and reframe it and say, okay, I have to build the awareness, right? So in the beginning here, I know it’s gonna take this extra time and effort, but it’s not gonna be like this forever, right? And the awareness that I’m gonna, you know gain from it is gonna really allow me to stay consistent moving forward. So yeah I think that’s a that’s a great point. So man, I could probably keep going here and and and asking you questions, but it’s been a, it’s I want to respect your time, man, it’s been a good good conversation here, we’re almost at like the hour mark. So any any final thoughts that you have for the listeners, anything at all, anything you want to share with them, Any any final thoughts at all that you want to you want to kind of finish off here before we, before we finish off.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, I think overall, you know, whatever is going on in somebody’s life, you know, everybody has ups and downs kind of like I mentioned earlier, but I would just stress that this is so much more than just tracking what you’re eating. You know, it holds you accountable. It puts your focus on on healthy things in life, you know, not just the food, everything that’s that’s going on in your life gives you a way of just voicing that and having somebody to talk to about it Somebody’s gonna hold you accountable, so you can hold yourself accountable. and it’s it’s not it can kind of be overwhelming I think, to jump into something unknown, maybe you’re embarrassed, you know? However you you’re looking or feeling or whatever maybe, but you’re not going to get better unless you you put in the effort and mhm. you know, so that was my wake up call was I need I can’t do it by myself, you know No, I want to I need somebody to kind of show me the path and then from there I can take it and run with it. So yeah, I mean I think I would just recommend this journey to anybody, whatever, whatever, regardless of what’s going on in their life, and to not give up on yourself, not say take the easy way out and say well it’s just reality, this is what it is, you can change it, you know? and sometimes it just takes a little bit of kicking the gas to get you going in the right spot in the right direction, get your head in the right frame of mind, and yeah, so I would just encourage anybody that may be feeling like they need to change really anything about their lives to give it a shot and really dedicate yourself to it. And I thank you, the results will speak for themselves and scott.”

Coach Justin: I really appreciate those those kind words man, and I, you know, I’m super proud of you because you know, like I always say I’ve been in the field now for 10 years and worked with literally thousands of people and it’s like, I know I have the ability to help anybody that I, you know, that I work with but, You know, it’s it’s a 5050 equation, right? It’s like me putting in 50% of it, of the effort that that needs to get to the 100% and you putting in 50% of that effort to get to that, that full 100%. So it’s it’s truly a team effort. and so I just commend you man and you know, over the last 56 months here and your dedication and consistency and everything you’ve been able to do because I mean I could sit here and tell you what to do all day long, but if you don’t do it then it ain’t gonna happen right. I think a lot of people sometimes, you know, it’s, it’s one of those things like when you pay, you kind of like, you pay to play right? Like when you pay, you pay attention and you know, just because you, you pay to start working with a coach, you make that investment, like they’re not going to do all the work for you, you’re not going to solve your problems, like they’re going to coach you and help you along the way. But it’s one of those things where, you know, it’s twofold, it’s definitely the investment, but then it’s also like, all right now, it’s, it’s time to go, like it’s time to change my life, time to transform my life, it’s time to accomplish the goals that I set out to accomplish and do the things that I said that I want to do. So, dude, just super proud of you man appreciate it, thanks so much and yeah, it’s been a fun journey for sure and you know I’m looking forward to implementing all this for, you know, the rest the rest of my days. So yeah, I’ve learned a lot and I appreciate you as well. Love it man, awesome Well scott without further ado, congratulations my man for graduating out of I coach nutrition, super excited for everything you have going forward man and who knows you might even be able to pay it forward and help somebody else out someday yourself. So super excited for you man and, and yeah, I just wanted to say thank you again for taking the time tonight.”

Scott: “Yes sir, appreciate it brother. Thank you.”