Nutritionist Helps Client Learn How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle After Being Diagnosed With Crohn’s Disease, Hyperthyroidism and Celiac’s Disease

Coach Justin: “Welcome back to iCoach Nutrition Radio, I am super excited to bring on another client, current client and friend of mine, somebody that i’ve known for a really long time. He was my manager back in high school when I worked at Pacsun. Andrew what’s going on my man?

Andrew: “Hey, I’m doing well man, good to hear from you again.”

Coach Justin: “Yes sir. Well dude, we’ve had quite the journey over this last year together in terms of nutrition, health wellness, business entrepreneurship, etc. I really feel the nutrition coaching has evolved into more like life coaching. So dude, can you kind of share really just like, I guess the beginning of our journey kind of working together?”

Andrew: “Yeah, I mean, you know, we’ve known each other for a good amount of time, but recently I started following your instagram and that’s how I got introduced to what you were doing and the business you have created. After growing my business and my name for myself and just really just hustling day and night, my health kind of just took the backseat in terms of my priorities until I had no option but to make it a priority. I knew that I wasn’t where I needed to be and I needed somebody who, I mean I hate to say it, but I needed somebody, you know, who generally, honestly, openly, cared and was willing to listen and take action on what you told me to do. I’m a sensitive case with Crohn’s you know, but my family and friends have been blown away by the results, hyper awareness and just education that I’ve received just in this past year and so. I’m finally to the point in my life where I want to go all in on living my best life and truly making the most out of this one life God has given me. Since working with you over this last year and learning how to optimize my health, i’ve been stacking goals and accomplishments and gaining momentum day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, absolutely, man, I mean, it’s it’s honestly just been one of the most incredible journeys that I’ve witnessed in terms of somebody that I’ve worked with because if we reverse back to the beginning, when we got everything started, you had been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, hyperthyroid, you know, sleep kind of like at that time in terms of biofeedback, like sleep issues like the acid reflux waking up throughout the night you know, we we talked about like dreaming and you haven’t had a dream in 2.5 years, you know like low energy, low hunger. you know, and then obviously like the work setting and, and kind of that environmental piece and I mean dude, you’ve just made strides like so many strides over over the past year. Can you talk a little bit about like, you know when you first got diagnosed with Crohn’s and like you know, just all the struggles of that?”

Andrew: “Yeah. I came back from Panama on a intercultural studies trip backpacking and then I started getting sick and ever since that, my immune system was never the same. The doctors think that it triggered the Crohn’s disease and that was in 2010 coming out of high school kind of thing and you know, I, I hate to say it, but I played the ignorance card man. I never really felt good and later on that ignorance of not taking care of my health started to catch up to me. After 10 years of neglect, it started to add up and just from my body not being able to properly absorb the nutrition and always being under attack, you know, living a life literally full of inflammation from head to toe, from intestines, mouth, gut, etc. That led to, you know, some of my hypersensitivity coming into play and celiac you know, probably I would say a lot of my neglect of, you know, Red bulls, rockstar, soda pops, man diabetes came into play because well I’m getting tons of sugar, but I’m not getting enough fiber, I’m not getting enough, you know, micronutrients. You know, you reap what you sow and my garden wasn’t doing very well for 10 years and I finally, you know figured out some of the problems with my foundations and my soils and stuff and now that I’ve got a different, you know, process of how I manage that and, you know I say now that I’m deeply rooted in nutrition as a foundation of my life because if I can’t, you know eat sleep and, and you know, feel good, then there’s no way I’m going to be able to do work, do good and you know, as I say, I love cleaning up the city one apartment unit at a time, but I’m not gonna be able to give back to others in a way that I’m, you know, able to, so it’s just that, that journey, man I mean, it’s definitely a roller coaster and it’s like Yeah, my health and wellness was never, you know, really solid. It’s like I spent my sweet 16 in a straightjacket and a padded room for attempted suicide man, you know and that was what, five years, you know, of just like dealing with mental issues before that, you know, that came way before any of this Crohn’s disease, but you know, researching on that charismatic, you know system and the stress levels and trauma, you know, and I can link certain traumatic events with ex fiancee’s, getting cheated on and all this other miscommunications and all of a sudden these health things go right along with that and so just full circle realizing that it’s not just somebody online giving me a meal plan, it’s like, man, if you generally care, you’re a friend of mine, you know, it’s like I consider you a brother at like that local, you know but also a mentor, I heed your advice, you know, and your guidance in that and so that’s where I, I didn’t have those, those people around me and I wasn’t surrounding myself with that and you provided an opportunity to start that and grow from that.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, man, well, I mean it’s just been such a humbling experience, man, I mean, as I always tell you, you know, I can, I can sit here and you know, give people all the answers and the perfect plan and, and really you know, it’s up to you to, you know, do the work because you know, that’s, that’s ultimately what it takes and I mean you’ve been a great example of that I mean you’ve done like, it’s, it’s been a journey right? And you know, there might have been a period of time where maybe you didn’t have the awareness or the environment to take action on, you know, really what needed to happen, but as soon as you put those two things in your life, like your life has literally started to change and it’s just, I mean, it’s a testament to you for, you know, reaching out and, you know, like I mean, you didn’t have to reach out to me, I didn’t reach out to you, you know, like, so yeah, you took that first step and that first step is really, really hard for people. So what do you like, what was it for you that finally made you reach out? I mean, how long were you thinking about doing it?”

Andrew: No, that’s 100 percent man. That’s what I tell people every single day. The reason that it’s like, you know, I grew up in Dallas and you know, and the culture there and everything but the one word I would, I would say is, you know it was iCoach Nutrition is genuine, you know it’s genuine, like you’re, you’re, you’re on it, you’re open, you’re transparent, you know, you live a life it’s not Just 8 – five. Cranking it out on the scene man, this is what you eat, sleep and breathe like you honestly love the hustle and I know for a fact, if you could do this for free and just be as successful as you are today you’d still do it. But it’s just that genuine knowingness that you care, but also your team embodies that, you know, you can see it through the comments, you can see it through the interaction, you know, and not just like the bland open ended questions, you know? But the specific, you know, you know oriented to who I am kind of, you know, care that I receive because God knows how many doctors, I don’t ever get that from, you know.”

Coach Justin: “Thank you. That means a lot! Unfortunately, I see it in so many people that come to us, you know, that, that same situation, but you know, with that said, you know, it’s, it is hard from a doctor standpoint. I mean if I only have five minutes with a patient, I don’t know what I would do either, but that’s a whole other rabbit hole I don’t want to go down today lol”

Andrew: “Yeah, totally. But when I leave your calls it’s like, you know, you’re, you know, you’re you’re hundreds of miles away from me. But when I leave your calls feels like I Just got five pats on the back and the side hug and you know, and, and somebody just looked me in the eyes and time invested because I sit at these job sites. I meet people every day. I meet people in the stores, you know, growing my name and putting it out there and it’s like when I get a pat on the back, it kind of like I literally almost like shoulder shrug and I’m like, well somebody touched me but I’m like, you know what, that feels good because I get that same feeling from my calls with my buddies and when my friends call me, you know, bro, and like brother man and I’m like, wow, she just like, not like awkward, it’s unusual, but it’s comfortable and that’s what stepping out of my comfort zone and receiving things rather than, you know, always, you know, lowering my expectations. And that is just, it’s beautiful to be able to get that level of care because it’s like not that when I, you know, I get on my calls, I have expectations with you or anything at all, I jump on these calls and I take the horse blinders off, you know, open my ears and it’s just, I’m, I’m, I’m, you know, dish it out, you know, I’m ready to receive, I, I can, you know, only give feedback, but ultimately you know, I’m an open source and you’re, you’re, you know, you’re flowing out information growth to me.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, absolutely. Well, and I think if I, if I’m not mistaken, I think, you know, it just goes to show the power of like transparency and you know, trying to be relatable in these things because I think that you reached out to me just shortly after I shared my story for like the very first time publicly.”

Andrew: “Oh yeah, yeah, that’s right because that, I mean, you were at that time had just strictly went all in on yourself and your own and honestly that step, you know, knowing that him like, dude, you know, like that was one of my, like my good buddies, you know, from from school and I’m like, and I see all, you know, some of my other successful friends from high school that I follow, you know, running businesses and running shops and you know, cranking in figures and I’m like, man, if they can do it and I was right along helping them and with them at school, why can’t I do it? And so, you know, next thing I know, it’s like, hey, boom, ASAP you know, it’s like, I’ve got a name for myself, you know, like I have to file my taxes differently, like I legitimately I have to live my life differently at this point because I have to represent something, you know, I gotta stand behind my work, I gotta answer to uncle Sam differently, you know, and I have to answer to the law in my operation and workplace, I gotta carry myself full circle differently and seeing some, you know, you do that and then just literally explode and just take off from that. It’s like, oh, I want that I want that, you know.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, you know, it’s just, it’s cool to hear that because it was a very similar situation for me and how I kind of got inspired to, you know, to do that and I think that, you know, for anybody out there that’s listening that maybe is struggling with something right now, regardless of what the situation is, It’s like, you know, when you start listening to like podcasts like this, it only takes one time for you to resonate with somebody’s story and that story to be, you know, basically what you know, changes the trajectory of your life.”

Andrew: “Yeah and you know, I mean, well you know, on that note, you know, just I heard a podcast and you know, I think we touched on it before with the probiotics and you know, getting micronutrients and stuff. But literally I just heard this podcast, it just, it resonated to me and I’m like, whoa man, like dude, not only like the fields of what she’s talking about with her clients and her you know, her patient, but like the specifics of Crohn’s disease, you know, autoimmune disease, nutrient deficiencies. Like I’m literally like I just try to give this thing to everybody because I know how great it is for everybody kind of thing. But it’s just that that you know that one person that that took that time to put that care out there to to create that podcast and you know, I was I’m kind of, you know, I struggled a lot with even sharing my story because you know, with my past, you know with and you know, with my religious you know, understandings and stuff like, you know, it’s, it’s very, very important being a leader and a teacher mentor perspective, you can’t ever take your words back man, you know, you can delete this recording but people have heard it those things and so living the life above reproach, you know, it’s like, hey, you know, everybody around me was just like, are you serious dude? You need like, you need to kind of give yourself a little bit of credit here. Like the fact that somebody wants to hear that story wants to record it. Like you should, you should be appreciative of that, you shouldn’t, you know, look at, look at the negative side, it’s great to consider all perspectives but ultimately it was like, you know what, wow, I the fact that maybe I’m now in a position that, you know I have had a track record or you know, a little bit of success here that, you know, I can speak on it, you know, I might talk a lot to my friends and family they all know that, you know, I could run my mouth but until they see the fruits of the labor and they see my work and they see, you know, the hustle and they see the success that start to stack up, that’s when things really come full circle, you know, the glue and the brick and the mortar starts to really build a new foundation and you know, a new structure and that’s kind of, you know, I’m only in it with you, you know, a year or two years, but it’s like, this ain’t going away Andrew. So I’m always going to constantly kind of have to be adapting to my body and changes and so having, you know, an open mind and somebody else that, that you know, has that knowledge and, and is, you know, eager to share that. It’s just a winning combination.”

Coach Justin: Yeah, I 100% agree man, it’s been, it’s been an incredible journey. I mean honestly me just sitting here listening to you talk and, and, and on our phone calls just listening to you talk. I mean I wish I could plug in a recording right here from like our very first few calls, our first few months of calls, like you’re just, I mean you’re, you’re just different. Like everything about you is different. Like you’re just, I mean you can hear it in your voice, you can hear it in a way that you talk, I mean the changes are just so real and what’s crazy is like the foundation of all of that started with nutrition.”

Andrew: “You know, I look at it kind of like I view my life chapters. I’ve entered a new chapter in life. But now it’s like, hey, you can tell yourself everything you want to here but you know, you know the truth will catch up to you. I’m in a hurry, I’m in a hustle, I’m here to serve and that’s you know, my, my job is to, to, to do what I need to do for others and I realized that for me might not be in an office hourly wage setting, you know, but the service I provide, you know, when I, when I have people that that shake my hand and say man, you know, you were the only, you’re the only outsource contract in this entire renovation, you know, you’re the only person not on my team, you know, it’s not out of arrogance just to know that I have the skill that others need and if I find a way to present that and give that to others full circle, I’m gonna be growing and not just in my like bathtub and countertop re finishing you know, it’s more than that, it’s like I love, you know building and creating, you know, woodwork and stuff and so side hustles creating those hobbies again now in my mind going, you know what man, hey, I can I can start doing some of these things that I used to and the fact that now I can go out and fish again, you know, I tell people it’s like before I got on with iCoach nutrition, I went fishing 30-50 times, you know, I caught what, two fish, three fish and I didn’t, you know, I could never get into it. But it’s like I get so stoked to go fishing right now because I know how relaxing it makes me feel and the pleasure of escape that it provides for me. You know, it’s like I’ve had one day off this month, no big deal because that hustle is here, you know, I’m going to take advantage of it right now. But I know that that one trip I get to go fishing that is mandatory on my sunday, you know, and take my time that’s going to provide so much pleasure for me to be able to get back to it.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah. Well, and I think that, you know, a really big point is, you know, you talked a little bit there on you know, sonic Andrew, which is, yeah, I mean that that made up your diet, you know, it was sonic and it was red bulls and all of that, you know, really really not taking any action at all towards, you know the disease that you, you know had and so, you know I think that what’s so cool now is like, you know, you’ve, you’ve basically, you’ve, you’ve educated and equipped yourself to be, you know, to be able to you know, essentially be fit to serve if you will right you know, you, you have the ability now because you’ve gotten everything into place in your life in terms of nutrition, in terms of time blocking, in terms of you know, sleep in your house and like your work schedule and like all these different things to where you know you can be as productive as you want to be, you can pursue the goals that you want to pursue, but like you were in no shape or form to do any of that until you put these things into place.”

Andrew: “Oh totally, and I mean it’s it’s all trial and error you know, I view that whole process and journey as a, you know, one year, two year long science experiment dating back to fourth grade when you got to create poster boards and graphs and make tests and stuff, you know, and trying to figure out what works for my lunches and okay, this is working, but oh gosh, this is 200% of my sodium daily sodium but it’s still working I’m eating, I need to make changes in this, you know and it’s just coming at it from a perspective of those who want to be successful have to be willing to make changes and this entire journey has just been changes, does this work? What works? What doesn’t work You know, and now it’s like, you know, it’s cool to know that I can have a lunch box and you know that that my cooler pack will stay cold all day because I invested in quality gear, but on top of my lunch box and a little compartment is a jet boil, you know and I’ve got a little skillet, so if I want to heat up some, you know vegetables, grill something and you know, take a break and get back to myself, I can do that and also I might, you know have to get a call from a friend and you know, need to go help out another job site for somebody else. But yeah, okay, I’ve got some food with me that I’m able to eat because unfortunately I’m not able to eat out anymore, you know, it’s like eating fast food is not even an option. It’s literally physically not possible for me to eat fast food anymore, you know, with my celiac, my reaction is a cross contamination is my list of food allergies, you know, everything from wheat, pretty much all grains, peanuts,the list goes on and on, it’s just I realized is a kind of not a negative aspect, but I just got to bring my own and if I just bring my own and then a little bit more I can provide for others and that’s kind of where the change of, you know, perspective that I had to bite the bullet and no, why I mean it’s a rollercoaster every day isn’t a winning, you know, scenario for me but I’m trying to play a game to keep winning and not just win for, you know, one specific time. So if I have a bad few days, I have to analyze that, what happened why did it happen? What can I do? And if I want to be successful, I have to be willing to make changes and I have to change this. You know, if I want to feel good tomorrow, I’m going to have to double down and you know, realize that put in a lot of work yesterday I burned a lot of energy, Let’s kind of add a little bit more, try and get some more protein in our diet today because we’re feeling our legs burning a little bit, we can’t just do our usual, you know, routine kind of thing. Well I think that’s just it, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s like the awareness that has been created, you know, in your life through this time of, of, of coaching and you know, this is for anybody out there.”

Coach Justin: “This is why it’s so important and why I’m such a big believer and everybody needing a coach, coaches need coaches like everybody needs a coach, you know, it’s it’s because we need to bring the awareness, like we need to have somebody look at our life From, you know, that 10,000 ft view and help us to, you know, really just create the awareness in our life that we need, because, you know, again, it’s like you got, you got diagnosed with you know, a disease, right? And yet the environment like the friends and family and these things, you know it’s, it’s there’s been a lot of kind of guilt tripping and misunderstanding in terms of nutrition because you know, you’ve had to turn down a lot of different things, you know, you’ve had to take, you know, action towards, kind of, you know, an extreme approach towards nutrition, but again, it’s because you have a disease it’s like, it’s not that you don’t want to eat your friends food that they cooked for you, or or go do this or go that go do that, you know, it’s just like you’ve, you’ve created the awareness now that hey, I can manage, you know, these symptoms and feel pretty damn good and live a life inspired, but I also have to take, you know, steps that the majority of the population don’t have to take in order to allow me to live my best life.”

Andrew: “Oh totally man, you know, and that’s one thing that I realized and over the journey it’s how to come about that from a winning perspective of, not to guilt to others to or make them feel bad you know, but how to just bring to perspective and to, to bring others or you know an understanding that like, hey this isn’t, you know, this isn’t, I’m just playing games, you know, and it’s like, you know, the definition of diet, some people will go on a diet, I have a diet, you know, it’s just, it’s just awareness and trying to, to bring that to attention, but for me it, it got real simple when it’s like, oh involves emergency room visits and possible death. So that’s just that, you know what I mean? But in reality dude my my best friends right now are not the people when I met you, you know what I mean? But my people that I surround myself with right now refer to me as a brother and that to me is is great, you know, and I’m constantly meeting new people and growing my you know little circle of friendships and and you know and having people to to kind of a man when I need some help or like yeah, I may have like kind of slipped up, I had some corn chips the other day bro, like I’m not dead but like what am I doing? You know, and to have people other than yourself now, not to be rude, it’s just I know you’re busy, I don’t want to take up all your time, you know, I want to be able to use my opportunity of living a life of approach to and you know provide an opportunity of my friends to give also back to me now to where we have a deal our relationship of exactly what you started to do with me, but now I can do that with my other friends, you know, and together I can be like chris man, can we go out for the second time or can we like really get serious, so I’m like I want to see sprouts on my table, you know, not just talk, let’s go hit up the city and next thing you know, we’re going to sports and the warehouse, we’re shopping around for new stainless cutlery, that kind of stuff, it’s like, hey, you know, but just having friends to do that with, it’s, it’s, it’s just a great feeling, man.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah, absolutely, man, it’s such an essential part of the process and the journey and, and really of the evolution of you, right? You know, I talked about this a lot in terms of, I think one of the best things that people can do after finding some type of success for themselves is pay it forward, right Because when you pay it forward now, it, it almost it just allows you to really take that next step up the, up the staircase of, you know, like, you’ve gone through a journey of your own and you’re gonna pay it forward and you’re gonna help others and share others you know, the things that have helped you and, and then it’s also going to inspire you to keep living that life right? It’s gonna be, you know, a situation where you have other people looking up to you and just like you said at the very beginning, it requires you to, now, you know, really live your life in a way that you know, it’s, it’s a lot less selfish, you know, as you and I both could probably relate and, you know previous time in our life and and allows you to become a lot, you know, more selfless, right and paying it forward and and really dedicating your life or realizing that, you know, the reason why we’re here on this earth is to help other people and when you start doing that like dude, it’s it’s just you’re so happy. I mean it’s it’s the most fulfilling thing in the world.”

Andrew: “You know when I started thinking about it, you know, and the five people, the five people, I surround myself with, the five people I’m heeding my advice to and also, you know, are like five people that I’m trying to, you know, not like give advice or just be a mentor but just genuinely care about, you know, and I look at it now and I’m like, hey one of those five people twice my age and they’re my best friends, hey, one of those five people half my age and I call them one of my best friends, you know, where my good buddies and it’s like, you know that, you know, like you say that I’ve, you know, kind of, you had to cut here, you had to subtract here, you had to adhere and then you had to back off a little bit of that over here but to know that that balance, you know, a balance of where it’s at that, you know, of of having, you know, somebody that I can reach out to for, you know you know, certain areas as far as relationship advice you know, or whether it be, you know, dealing, you know with, you know, my my kitchen aspect, you know it’s like I I could I could use as much, you know teach a technique, chef skills, you know, that kind of thing as possible and if I wanted to to gain those skills, you know, I learned best fight from others I kind of had to put myself in a circle where somebody around me had a skill that I needed to provide and wanted to learn with, you know, and and when those things just naturally happen, they just happen and you know, when, you know the karma flow, when you’re just trying to do good man, good things will come from you and when you’re trying to do good and you’re in that momentum, you know, something bad might come your way, but you’re, you’re positive momentum, your foundation and just, you know, the the success of doing that continually over and over. It’s like I tell people I have so much patience, it’ll tissue off, watch, let’s go to the D. M. V. My friends, you know, those kinds of things and it’s like, oh I drive so old man because my work van and needs to be cared for, you know, and those kinds of things, but also when I know, you know how to get down and and hustle at work and put the crank it out, it’s like I can do that, I can do that at home now too and having that routine time blocking and getting all those things in order. Now, it’s like I’m able to really, really just crush on the games because I’m not spending so so much of my personal time and energy focusing on keeping my picture just half full, my routines, keep my picture somewhat, pretty much half full and my successes and momentum, you know and the ability to provide for others is what’s keeping that picture 75 100% full now that I’m constantly able to pour it out, You know, it used to be for, I tell people, dude, I’m at 50% every day for every 10% I give, you I’m not really getting 10% back to return myself to 50% because my foundations, my taking care of myself weren’t there, you know, now that I’ve got my routines, you know, and my locks on my doors, literally my home from front to back, my security aspect, my own health, you know, I don’t let bad things in my home, I don’t let bad things in my life, don’t let bad things come across my ipad, my tv, you know, I lived, you know, that life and kind of having to do that. It just, it brought it full circle now that, You know, I feel good that my picture has a routine to stay at 50% and when I give you 10% my friend I’m getting 10% back because I get the pleasure of giving now because before it was so hard for me to give, it wasn’t pleasurable. you know, and and watching somebody else just like throw down with one of my knives that I just, I learned almost obsessed about my kitchen cutlery and my stainless steel in my wood and stuff and when somebody else just throws down to sir please and cook for me, you know, and they’re willing to do that gluten free celiac, you know, diabetic and Crohn’s disease perspective dude, it’s like, it’s not like take my money, give it to me, but like, dude, what can I do for you? Like just, I don’t even care just I just want to keep this continuing kind of thing and it’s just that it that for me is what really keeps the fact that I have a life full of inflammation in my body at bay and I’m in control of that and I own it now and it doesn’t own me. If anything, it’s not like I use that to my advantage, it’s like, yeah I took advantage of the negativity, ease of my life and my, as people say an opportunity to make changes and I made an opportunity now I own that and I use that in my advantage of, I can’t go, it’s almost impossible for me to go through 2 $300 a week on food anymore because I can’t get out, I can’t spend it on unnecessary junk food in the center island, forced to just scan the perimeter and You know, go home and throw down But I can’t do $50 group of meals twice, three times a week anymore, you know, and so I just use my opportunities to, to control and make gains and you know, own that in my life and like I raised my bar, it’s like I’m working in all these places. But dude, my goal is to own it, you know what I mean? Every job site that I’m stepping foot on and it’s like what can I do to maybe possibly own this property later, you know, to provide an opportunity for somebody else to come in later and do work and do good and renovate it later on kind of thing. I want to own every aspect of my life. You know I love camping, What’s the way I can, you know own that where I can maybe take some friends of mine now you know, I thought about it, I’m like, man, what if once a month, once a year I just got all my family together and we took a group of like, You know, disabled guys out, you know, some veterans and just took them out camping again. Like, Hey man, you haven’t been camping in 30 years, let’s go have a good time. That’s me, he’s like, dude, let’s do it, how do I create that But you know those goals long sets, but like, you know The other day talking about my goals in a decade, you know, 15 years from now with you, it’s like there’s no way I could have done that on my first call, I couldn’t even get out of sonic routine, come on. Yeah, dude, it’s if only again, I, I really just wish I had the audio through our first few calls, I mean it’s just been, I mean, honestly, dude, it’s been inspiring to me to see the growth, I mean, it’s just been on like you said, I mean literally every level, like so many different avenues and it’s, it’s just been cool man, it’s, it’s it’s been very, very inspiring to see you know, not only changes, you know, in people’s life from a nutrition standpoint or from this, you know aesthetic standpoint or, or even from a health or performance standpoint, but from, you know, really getting into that next level of, you know, like we reference, kind of like the whole body being balanced business, you know, and so people come to us, you know, with these body goals and as we accomplish those and expand into you know, the other pillars of being and balance and business, like, I mean that’s really taking extreme ownership of your own life. Yeah, and you know, it’s like, I feel like, you know, ownership, you know in that and like almost like a definition of terms is, you know, I was just having to control and being in control of it. And so it’s like when you want an item, you know, I’m a window shopper, I go out the window shop I find the exact thing I want, I looked at all the brands, I found the price point, I want this, that’s my plan. My goal is to own it now, I gotta go work, I gotta budget, I gotta do my finance, I gotta hustle the process and then when I buy it, I get to use it, you know, and it’s like, can I like apply that same aspect of, you know, it’s like, hey, I’m not winning at my lunch is how you know, like I want to have like I see, you know, people sitting down there and then they’re like on their work rigs and they’re nice trucks and they’re laughing on the phone, having a great time on their lunch break and I’m like, man, I wish I could enjoy my lunch like that. How do I own that? But dudes, talking on the phone to somebody who wants to listen to him, hey, maybe on lunch breaks I should put a phone call and a good buddy or somebody wants to listen to my, you know, I need to check out a work mode and then I’ll look at him like he’s got a lunchbox, he set up a little chair. I’m like, hey you know what, I don’t bring anything but well you know, a quick little bag, like let’s let’s upgrade that, you know, I looked at him like, oh he’s got a cooler in there, hey, I should get a cooler from my van, you know, and just seeing what others are doing and just trying to, you know, take, take, take my advice to that, you know, and now that it used to be like walking around the grocery store was, you know, a pain I didn’t like it, you know? And now it’s like, it’s so pleasurable. I, I enjoy bringing my bags and you know, I’m in work mode, I’ll bring bright orange, Home Depot bags but it’s like they draw attention, people look at me, you know, and it’s like, not that I’m trying to get attention, but I know that with what I’m doing is it good things so might as well see if it can create good things for others, you know? And so it’s like, yeah, I try to, I might spend another three or $4 on the nicer, you know, reusable shopping bag that I can, you know wash because I get compliments on it Dude, it’s weird. It’s like people like that’s a nice bag and I’m like dang, I really like it. I kind of like, I love the blue and the green, you know, those kind of things and like my stainless coloring my dear my, you know, my, my thermos and stuff. I realized how important, you know it is to keep, you know, my smoothies and water cold and I might not do it all the time. Like I should be, but at least I know I’m I’m continually wanting to, to do those things, but just being able to own it and, and you know, like said instead of like feeling like I’m down and low and just getting beat up all the time and you know, feeling like a comma, it’s like, hey, I’d rather be an ownership I’d rather be the bigwig, I’d rather be the big guys I’d rather walk around and go, I’m doing with all these other guys are doing, but I own it, you know, it’s like, I want to be up top like an apostrophe, I don’t want to be down here feeling low and getting run over like a comma. So it’s like, how am I going to do that? I gotta change my perspective and I, you know I have to wake up knowing that I’m gonna be happy today and what am I gonna do to change that. Yeah, this job right now is horrible. This place is disgusting. I don’t even want to photos and so nasty, but it’s like I can’t let that one unit bring me down, I got to work the rest of the day, you know and those kind of things.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah I mean you know I think it’s it’s the mindset shift from living a life with us. You know essentially a scarcity mindset right? And and now living life in a much more you know in a way of much more abundance c and so dude I love the transformation here and I think we could probably dive into you know the story and the journey you know for a few hours here but I do want to respect your time. I know it’s a busy day for you but I do have one more question for you. So let’s reverse back to before we got started together. What would you say? Two? Excuse me, what would you say to the Andrew back then? Right before you got started like what would be the conversation? What would be the statement that you that you would say to your you know your previous self?”

Andrew: “Oh you know I I would like to honestly view myself as you know like an ambitious Andy growing up perhaps some days always wanting to work, always wanting to you know do things but it was really living a life of trial and air and knowing I wanted something but not having any general idea of where I was I would consider myself before really you know of owning myself realizing who asap Andy is is I was painless Andrew you know I was running around aimlessly I was trying jobs you know you look at my resume and you’re like what in the world you’re like those are all really good jobs man successful things you know great hourly wages but they don’t all correlate together at all so I was just running around aimlessly but now that I’ve got some control and some guidance you know I kind of use that aimless ambition to kind of capitalize that.”

Coach Justin: “Yeah I love that man, well dude Andrew it’s been it’s been a pleasure my friend. I always enjoy our conversations and you know again it’s just been such an inspiration to see the journey you have been on and committing to living a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. This is for the rest of our lives, like we’re gonna have struggles and you know it’s not just going to be easy forever, like there’s going to be struggles every single day. It’s about taking things one day at a time and you know that’s kind of the beautiful part of the process. Dude, I just want to say thank you again for for taking the time today! For everyone listening, you know hearing a story like that, seeing a transformation like that, like hopefully that inspires you to go out and take action today! Andrew, thank you so much, my friend, I really appreciate it.”