nutrition coaching success

“I started working with Justin in April 2018. I was graduating nursing school in May and transitioning into night shift. I was nervous about my nutrition and not wanting to develop the bad habits you hear about. I found Justin’s IG and read the post about night shift nursing. I was also looking to optimize performance in the gym.

We started with assessment of habits and food quality. He challenged me with getting more whole foods and timing of meals. He introduced me to paying attention to my biofeedback. I worked on food quality and quantity, mood, energy, and digestion. I lost pounds and inches as well as increasing performance in the gym.

We then payed attention to hormones. I was able to get off birth control with no crazy symptoms. He had me check my hormones levels and I will be having a follow up panel in March. This was also apart of the accountability I was looking for.

The biggest takeaway is I have BALANCE!

Being able to enjoy the little things with family and friends and not feel guilty. I learned I don’t have to spend hours in the gym to get results! Justin and his team are awesome! They really put time into helping others whether they are clients or not.

I have been on night shift for 8 months and have maintained healthy nutrition habits. All due to the knowledge gained working with Justin. I recommend iCoach nutrition to everyone! It was so worth it!”