Living My Best Life! (1 Year Later)

“I am the worst criticizer of my body. I nitpick every little thing about myself daily. I also have genetics working strongly against me. So when I was at my heaviest, I never could see a day would come where I felt comfortable and healthy in my own skin! I went from being 110lbs to 175 in 6 months. Then, I didn’t even see results for the first YEAR of my fitness journey. It took daily determination, balance, and will power. Finally, I started seeing the fat start to fall off and muscles take over! Even now, I critique my body in every picture and angle, but then I look back at old photos like this one and I think “wow! I’ve come a long way!” It’s never too late to start. Where do you want to be in the years to come? Shoutout to David who’s also shed a lot of weight since this pic! Photography by the amazing Meg and thank you Justin for helping me get my nutrition right!”

-Bridgette Hernandez

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