How can you decide if dairy is right for you?

The good news is that there is a A LOT of research on milk and dairy. The bad news is that it’s extremely complicated.

All dairy is not created equal. All people are not created equal when it comes to their ability to tolerate dairy. Digestive health, intestinal microbiota, age, genetics, etc. all determine a person’s ability to digest and tolerate dairy.

While dairy is a excellent source of calcium, most people in other parts of the world get their calcium from leafy greens, beans, nuts, seeds, fish with bones, etc.

There is no magic food or demon food that will be the single factor determine your health, fitness, or body composition. Dairy is one small part of a much bigger picture.

What works for you as an individual? Your body is unique. Your life is unique. You may tolerate dairy, or not. You may like it, or not. It’s up to YOU!

If you do consume dairy, understand the differences between dairy products. Consider choosing fermented / cultured dairy more often. Keep things in perspective. Eating healthy & reaching your goals does not require perfection. If you mess up or decide to splurge, it’s ok! Enjoy it, and then get back to your normal routine.

Hope this helps!