We Are All At Different Points In Our Journey With Nutrition

We are all at different points in our journey with nutrition.

I used to eat frozen dinners, Taco Bell, and spend $300 on supplements at GNC when I was in high school.

We all have different upbringings and experiences with food, the kitchen, our relationship with food, lifestyle, etc.

One thing that holds true, it is amazing what the power of truly learning and understanding how to grocery shop, cook, and prepare food for our own family and friends can be.

At the end of the day, everyone eventually comes back to place of trying to find balance with nutrition & fitness. A huge component of that is educating yourself on and becoming efficient in the kitchen. The simplistic idea of cooking the majority of your food in order to live a healthy life is something that has been forgotten over the years. We need to bring it back!

If you find yourself eating out the majority of the time, try cooking all of your food for a week. Yes, it’s going to take an initial investment of time, but it’s going to be the best investment you can make for your health!

Your not going to be perfect…it’s ok. You will continue to learn as you go. Each grocery shopping trip, cooking experience, and meal prep will get a little easier and maybe even might become enjoyable as time goes on.

Just START! And let me know if you need help along the way!