10 Facts You May Not Know About Cholesterol

    1. Cholesterol is a sterol, found in the cell membrane and essential to life.
    2. 25% of our blood cholesterol comes from the diet, and 75% is from internal synthesis. This is what determines our blood cholesterol.
    3. Cholesterol has important functions such as roles in:
      • Fighting infections
      • Digestive health
      • Endocrine health
      • Brain & nervous system
      • Growth & development
    4. Cholesterol deficiency can be fatal!
    5. Dietary cholesterol has little impact on blood cholesterol.
    6. Total and LDL cholesterol are not reliable markers for the risk of heart disease. However, LDL particle number is the more significant risk factor.
    7. Smaller and denser LDL cholesterol in the blood is more dangerous than larger and buoyant particles.
    8. Sugar and refined carbohydrates cause an increase in small and dense LDL particles, NOT dietary cholesterol or saturated fat.
    9. Omega-3 fatty acids promote healthy cholesterol levels.
    10. If one is on a statin to lower blood cholesterol, please ask your doctor to recommend a Coenzyme Q10 supplement as statins deplete Coenzyme Q10.