Creatine 101

Ahhh another supplement…

Is all creatine created equal? Not necessarily…

Have you ever looked at the back of your creatine supplement?

What are the ingredients?

How much did you pay for the product?

Do you know what you’re looking for in a creatine supplement?

Creatine is actually one of the most researched supplements on the market. Our bodies actually produce creatine naturally. The kidney, liver, and pancreas produce about 1-2g per day and then it is degraded into creatinine and excreted in the urine at a rate of about 2g per day.

Creatine is extremely important for individuals participating in sports that require 10 second or less powerful bouts of rapid movement such as sprinting or olympic lifting. More creatine leads to a greater potential of ATP aka energy to the cell to generate power. Long-term use of creatine has also been seen to increase muscle protein synthesis.

For those following a plant based diet, creatine supplementation is extremely important because of the lack of creatine coming from dietary sources such as red meat. A typical omnivore consumes about 1g of creatine per day, benefits of creatine consumption come from about 3-5g per day.

Continual, low dose use of creatine is a very well researched protocol for both longevity and performance. Low dose use would be described as 3-5g of creatine monohydrate per day. Although the research isn’t conclusive, creatine has also been shown to have an amazing regenerative effect on all tissues of the body including the brain.

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