Does Meat Cause Cancer?

Is meat bad?

Does meat give you cancer?

Is all meat created equal?

Should I go vegan?

These are some of the questions that have been popping up over the last few months between the media and certain Netflix documentaries. So what’s the truth? Well, it depends. There is no question that eating good quality meats in quantities that support our lifestyles can be considered a part of an overall healthy diet. Protein, B-vitamins, and iron are extremely important for health and muscle building / preserving. The key is in the sourcing of the meat in terms of quality and the quantity of consumption relative to the individual.

The big question is, what exactly is the cause?

If you think about it, the problem is more so that some meat eaters eat way too much meat and and as a result end up eating a less than optimal amount of vegetables and fruits. Therefore, they end up eating a diet high in calories, saturated fat, and low in fiber, micronutrients, antioxidants, etc. This is why a balanced diet is so key, going to extremes can sometimes cause you more harm than good.

Another big argument against meat is in reference to the carcinogens, hormones, and antibiotics that are found in some meats. There is evidence showing that heavily charred meats from grilling can introduce carcinogenic compounds into our bodies. Processed meats like certain lunch meats, beef jerky, and canned meats have also been linked to colon and stomach cancer. Another argument that comes up is in regards to the hormones, antibiotics, and environmental pollutants found in meats. I would suggest buying natural hormone free meats, grass-fed is probably best. There are over 100 epidemiological studies showing the correlation between meat and cancer so the thought is more than just speculation.

Am I saying meat causes cancer? No.

Am I saying don’t grill or don’t have sandwich? No.

Am I saying eat more vegetables and fruits? Yup.

But, try to avoid over grilling and keep your processed meats to a minimum. More importantly, make sure that you are eating an adequate amount of vegetables / fruits for the antioxidant defense and dietary fiber to help protect you from GI cancers.


Live YOUR Best Life!

Justin Murphy

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